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Ile Des Deux Cocos Island
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Visit Ile Des Deux Cocos Island to see magic from Mauritius

Ile Des Deux Cocos is an island with paradise views just about 3.2 kilometres away from Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve. A Private island with the highest standards of comfort and facilities along with world-class services and friendly staff. Blue Bay Marine Park by the South-East coast of Mauritius is the exact location of Ile Des Deux Cocos. One of the highlights of the island is the villa constructed by the British Governor Sir Hesketh Bell, which has been restored recently to attract more tourists. When you set foot in here, you can witness Europe and Moorish architectural amalgamation while the interiors beam with the Mauritian style. Famously known for water sports, Ile Des Deux Cocos has numerous water sports facilities like snorkelling, diving, fishing, solarium, etc and the villa boasts spacious outdoor pools along with a private beach.

Ile Des Deux Cocos Island
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Experiences in Ile des Deux Cocos Island

When you’re in Ile Des Deux Cocos Island, you can take a walk along the coast and all around the island or plan a visit to the underwater nature reserve, Blue Bay Maritime Reserve. Our travellers felt that this is the perfect place in the world to discover the lively underwater marine world filled with corals and hundreds of species of brightly coloured tropical fishes namely Butterflyfish, Clowns, Surgeonfish and more.

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Given Ile Des Deux Cocos Island is just a few feet away from the clear waters of the Blue Bay National Maritime Park, the backdrop of the island is always a lush experience with a tropical setup. While the whole island appears magical, the south coast of Ile des Deux Cocos provides a rather dramatic view with the ocean waters hitting the reefs and famous Mauritius’ east coast mountain ranges in the backdrop.

Fishes in Ile Des Deux Cocos
Image Source: Unsplash

The best part about exploring any island is about understanding their vegetation and cuisine. Ile des Deux Cocos is no less a wonder with rich native vegetation inside the small island. There are multiple walking trails arranged to explore and respect the island’s vegetation varieties. You can end your tours by resting beneath the ever so famous and tall palm trees with the sight of the sparkling ocean waters.

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Another magical experience in Ile des Deux Cocos, as we have told earlier, is the “Follies Villa” built by Sit Hesketh Bell, the British governor during their rule in Mauritius. The villas stand true to its magic and beauty with glamorous parties happening year around. The Follies Villa in Ile des Deux Cocos boasts about their barbeque lunch buffet with a menu providing multiple options of the authentic Mauritius cuisine coupled with some fine drinks.

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Not just the Follies villa but all the resorts in Ile des Deux Cocos is known for its great hospitality and luxurious experience provided for all the guests. So much that Ile des Deux Cocos is also a developing wedding destination nowadays. Ile Des Deux Cocos Island’s crystal clear white sandy beaches and the calm pristine waters would guarantee a magical getaway from Mauritius for anyone who sets foot onto the island.

Most of our travellers have planned day trips to Ile Des Deux Cocos Island from Mauritius during their week-long stay. With just a 10-minute ferry ride from Blue Bay, Ile Des Deux Cocos Island would be the ultimate island castaway fantasy to fall in love. At Pickyourtrail, you can customise this day-trip with our consultant’s suggestions to plan your magical Mauritius Tour Packages. A getaway from a vacation is way cooler than you would anticipate it to be. So start planning your trip to Ile Des Deux Cocos Island!

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