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Visit Prague’s Heartbeat, Old Town Square

By Dwaraka - May 21, 2020
Old Square - Prague
Old Town Square Aerial view

Source – Unsplash.com

Yes, we are writing about just Old Town Square in Prague and not about the whole of Prague. We will tell you why – this is because this square is insanely beautiful with its magical pulsing atmosphere and architecture that makes you go awe! Informally called as ‘Staromestske Namesti’ or ‘Staromak’ in Prague, this square qualifies as the most beautiful squares in the world often. 

Something is always happening here as this place and all time is the best time. The old town square is often packed with visitors especially quite colourful during the festive seasons during the Easter holiday, Christmas and New years. One can easily say Old Town Square is the heartbeat of Prague

Tip: We attempted a visit to the Old Town Square to go for a walk early in the morning and this was one of the best decisions made in Prague. Winters, especially in Prague, has a different atmosphere in the early mornings. 

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Go Inside the St. Nicholas Cathedral

We speak the truth so here it is, the St.Nicholas Cathedral in the Old Town Square is not quite stunning on the outside, but what you’ll find inside is absolutely amazing. And bonus! – Photography is allowed in this cathedral and entrance is free. Thank us later 🙂 

St. Nicholas Church at the Old Town Square is famous for its classical music concerts at the nights. If it interests you, we would suggest you book ahead as it’s likely to sell out always. 

Gorge on the Trdelníks

Image credits: Google

We are not kidding when it comes to tasty food! We are talking about the really nice ones. Trdelníks, made from rolled dough cooked on a spit and then sprinkled with a generous amount of sugar, spices and nuts is a pastry that once you taste, you are most likely to eat this for all three meals of your days in Prague. 

Though originally from Hungary, this has become Prague’s most loved delicacy. Well which means, it’s commonly found everywhere but something just so especially about trying out your first one at the Old Town Square joints when you awe at the architecture while the sugar crystals melt into your mouth. 

Astronomical Clock Chime the hour

Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, Old Town, Czechia
Image Credits: Unsplash

Old Town Hall in Old Town Square is one of the most famous sights, specifically at every hour chime.

The astronomical clock chimes every hour from 9 am to 11 pm and a little show is performed here 15 times a day. The “Show” is windows opening up to unravel the 12 apostles moving and then you have a funny skeleton ringing a bell just when the clock chimes the hour. This is 

A few minutes before the top of every hour from 9 am to 11 pm, a huge crowd gathers beneath the astronomical clock in anticipation of the show that is performed here 15 times a day. This is surprisingly less interesting than the hype (truth) but if you’re in Old Town Square anyway, you might as well enjoy the show and see the crowd gathering!

Bird’s eye view of the square is a treat to watch and marvel at the architecture.

The Old Town Square is a rightful place in every European itinerary Start planning right away to unearth some gems of Prague or if you find any difficulty in planning, we are just a click away at Pickyourtrail.com.

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