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Panoramic view of Vienna
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A Memorable Walk in the Vineyards of Vienna

Vienna just sits on the top of the list, If you consider all the capital cities and rate them based on their wine culture. The city has around 1680acres of wine yards in Vienna City limits making it the only metropolitan to posses vineyards in the city limits. Austrians refer these Wine yards to Heurigenadn. Emperor Jose II passed an edict in the year 1784 which allowed farmers to serve wine in their own backyards.

Back in the days, this Heurigen was mostly available on roadside lodge where travellers halted to eat and drink. A small branch hung outside the door indicated that the place was open to serve. This culture was kind of lost its charm when the city started to thrive and expand. The wine culture picked its pace recently and started to leave its impact on the overall experience of normal Tourister. This very same culture is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. This is one of the reasons why we suggest you take a walk in the vineyards of Vienna

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Types of wines

The quickest way to cover these Vineyards of Vienna is via Heurigen Express which will take you through the city and across 180 wine taverns. You can also visit these places by walk but ensure that you wear proper shoes and gear. While on the trip, don’t forget to try these wines like Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, and the Gemischte Satz. These are the best wines in Vienna not to definitely miss on. My personal suggestion would be to try the Gemischte Satz no matter what. The main reason being the way it is prepared, unlike other vines this is not made blended after fermentation but is farm blended.

This is made from a variety of grapes. Sometimes it varies from three to twenty different types of grapes. These grapes are grown at the same vineyard and also harvested at the same time. In recent times, the popularity of these vineyards has significantly increased which has led to these places been overcrowded on overrun by tourist busses. But few places like Nussdorf, Sievering, Zimmerman, Kierlinger, and stammersdorf are less crowded. These places are frequently visited by the Viennese and not by tourists.

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Vineyards in Vienna
Image Credits: Pixabay

Heiligenstadt is one more vineyard which I would recommend to tourists who are inclined to nature and music. This place is known for its musical heritage too. It is said that Beethoven Haus composed the ninth symphony while residing at this place. Nussdorf is also quite famous among the tourists as the view from the vineyard is just amazing. You get to see the entire Vienna city from the top.

Vineyards of Vienna typically serves wine in the yards which just improves the overall experience of wine tasting. These vineyards have also started to raise cattle and chicken and also grow vegetables thus ensuring that visitors don’t go empty stomachs.

Sunset view through Vineyards of vienna
Image Credits: Unsplash

So, next time you visit or suggest Vienna make sure that you add the above-mentioned vineyards to the list of must-visit attractions like the giant Ferris Wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Boys Choir or the Lipizzaner. If you still find it difficult to plan for your vacation, do feel free to reach out to us at Pickyourtrail and we would be more than happy to assist you to help you create your own Europe travel package at a very competitive price and with the best customer support. You can always reach us out on Whatsapp too.

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