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Walking Tours in Thessaloniki

Walking tour in thessaloniki
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Walking tours are one of the most authentic ways of exploring an unknown city, what better way to learn about a place, if not from a local person who knows the city like the back of the hand. Going to the hotspots of the city on foot with a diverse group of people from all around the world, providing more knowledge and Instagram worthy pictures, walking tours are a must in any unexplored city.

Walking tours in Thessaloniki is one of the best because it is not lead by a guide, but it is often done by students who do this to welcome more tourists to their city and show the current culture of the younger generation along with the history and heritage of one of the most culturally rich civilisations in the world.

How does a walking tour work?

Walking tours generally begin at a common point, the walks lead to almost many places within the city and many of them have different meeting points. As per the schedule, the walking tour starts irrespective of whether all the members have joined, so it is essential that everyone reaches the point on time.

Things to remember

The whole point of a walking tour is to explore the place on foot, hence it involves a lot of walking with many stops. Food and beverage can be carried with the tourist but it is essential to avoid littering in public places. Apart from that some of the tours will also combine visits to famous cafes or restaurants.

There are many walks led by many groups so it is important to stay with the same group. There are tours ranging from visiting the highlights of the city to also uncovering the offbeat hidden places within the city.

How much does it cost?

The walking tour exclusive of food and beverages cost 3-5 Euros. Some of the other tours maybe into the culinary history of the city where the food cost has to be covered by the tourist.

Walking tours in Thessaloniki

Upper town walk
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There are tours that cover the highlights of the city, for a culinary experience – The Taste of Thessaloniki is often suggested, Upper town Walk uncovers the hidden gems away from the city centre. It is not mandatory that you have to take a particular walking tour with or without a guide to explore the place. Europe for the most part, irrespective of wherever you are staying, you will have someplace or the other to take a nice stroll.

Why choose a walking tour?

Exploring a different place is not just about seeing different things, it is about experiencing a different culture, different food and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. The best way to do that is by taking a walking tour. Walks are the best way to explore the authenticity of a new place.

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