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Water sports in Andaman
Written by Rahul on June 20, 2020 Share on

Water Activities in Andaman – Aqua Experiences for the Non-Swimmers

Andaman is a place where water activities are the major experiences done there. This is one of the best places for you to take up the water experiences. With one of the best coral reefs viewing in the world, this is a major place to take such water activities. Also, Andaman is one place with one of the most beautiful beaches in India and some of the best artificially created beaches in the world. But in many places, these water activities are just for the ones who know swimming. But that will not be the case here. In fact, there are many activities that are available for the ones who cannot swim too. So help yourself with the top water activities in Andaman to refresh your stay at the beautiful islands.

Neil Island from the Andaman & Nicobar islands
Image Credits: Ravigopal Kesari on Unsplash

Water Activities in Andaman

Andaman is a very popular destination to all of those who love adventures. People flock here to experience different kinds of adventurous activities. Here are some of the top water activities in Andaman with its costs. Hope you will find this helpful while you are planning a trip on your own.

1. Banana Boat Ride

One of the most splendid activities that can be done while in Andaman is the Banana Boat ride. With six people on a trip, this is absolutely a fun ride to take with your family and your loved ones. Working similarly like a speedboat, it is in banana shape. You are perfectly safe as you will be given with a life jacket and an instructor to help you. This will be one of the best water activities in Andaman.

Cost: 500 INR Approx. per person

One of the best water activities in Andaman, Banana Boat Ride
Image Credits: 272447 from Pixabay

2. Snorkelling

If this is your first time doing snorkelling, then experiencing it here will be one of the best things to do. The best place to do snorkelling is Havelock Island as you will get to see a lot of colourful reefs through the tranquil waters of the beaches. Get to experience the serene beauty of the underwater life forms and experience one of the best water activities in Andaman.

Cost: 1000 INR per person Approx.

Snorkelling water activity in Andaman
Image Credits: Dan Gold on Unsplash

3. Parasailing

One incredible thing that you will experience while you are in Andaman will be the experience of Parasailing. This activity is a blend of both air and water bourne activities which makes it more entertaining. A parachute will be attached to you while you are tied to your boat. So you will be flying in the direction the boat takes you in. Just like a Kite. Experience this water activity in Andaman to have the best of your times on this island.

Cost: 3000 – 4000 INR per person Approx.

Image Credits: foto-Krimskram from Pixabay

4. Undersea Walking

Sea Walking in Andaman is yet another fun activity to do in this marvellous Island. There is no need for you to know swimming as you will be given a helmet to breathe underwater. This will give you a close encounter with the marine life underwater while you are walking in the water beds. Elephant beach is the best spot for the activity.. Experience one of the best activities in Andaman and fulfils the purpose of your trip.

Cost: INR 5000 per Person Approx.

Sea Walking in Andaman
Image Credits: Google Images

5. Scuba Diving

With numerous diving points available all over the island, this is the best and the most sought after activity here. Here you do not have to know swimming for you to take up the Scuba diving activity. Have a view of the colourful corals found on the water beds with some of the rare marine animals with a beautiful ecosystem. You will regret if you miss out on this chance to dive. This is the best water activity in Andaman. Try out this activity and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Cost: 3500 – 6500 INR per person

Scuba Diving, one of the best water activities in Andaman
Image Credits: Nick Fewings on Unsplash

With this, you now know what activities to take up while you visit Andaman. With many more activities available, you will certainly enjoy your time there on the island. Add these activities to your Andaman tour packages itinerary and experience the best of the best. Also, do follow the constant updates on domestic tours on the Pickyourtrail website.

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