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Water sports in Bali
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11 Best Water Sports in Bali to Try For All Adrenaline Junkies in 2021

Tourists enjoy the adrenaline rush at the magnificent Bali beaches, through the umpteen number of water sport activities in Bali, available for them to experience. Bali remains one of the most popular destinations for water activities, thus attracting tourists from across the world. Find a list of some of the best water sports in Bali below. 

11 Best Water Sports in Bali for Every Thrill Seeker

  • Sea Walking
  • Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride
  • Flying Fish
  • Donut Ride
  • Jet Skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Water Tubing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Swimming with the Sharks
  • River Rafting
  • Snorkeling

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1. Sea Walking

Sea Walking in Bali

Tourists looking to explore Bali’s underwater beauty, with its stunning coral reef and marine life – should most definitely try out Sea Walking. You can walk on the seabed, without a professional diving certificate – making it one of best water sports in Bali. Tourists ranging from 9 to 70 years of age, can give this activity a shot. 

Adventure Level – Easy

Places to Try– Sanur 

Swimming Required: Not required

2. Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride

Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride

This is a one on one activity, where tourists float over the seabed in their own underwater submarines. This is one of Bali’s latest trends and one of the best water sports in Bali that you should definitely indulge in. These scooters have a speed limit of 2 km per hour and dive up to a depth of about 20 meters. 

Approx Price – From USD 95 per head

Places to Try– Banjar Pujung Kelod

Swimming Required – Not required

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3. Flying Fish

Flying Fish Bali

If being tired of an inflatable boat, which is inevitably attached to a speedboat is on your list – the ‘Flying Fish,’ is one of the most fun and best water sport in Bali. Tourists experience the thrill of being lifted in the air and standing right on the ocean surface, as the speed boat zooms away. 

Where to try: Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua

Approx Cost: USD 50, INR 3400.

Swimming Required:  Not required

4. Donut Ride

Donut Ride Bali

The best way for tourists to experience the bounce of the waves is through the ‘Donut Ride,’ as they are mounted upon inflatable boats – while enjoying the sharp turns and bumpy waves along the way, without being thrown overboard. The best thing about this activity is that it doesn’t require any skill in particular. 

Adventure Level – Easy

Approx Price – INR 522 per person 

Places to Try- Tanjung Benoa Beach

Swimming Required: Not required

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5. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing Bali

Feel in control as you zip through the ocean, in your high-motored jet ski as your cruise through the ocean at your own pace. 

It truly is one of the best water sports in Bali and is an experience worth the try. Tourists enjoy the waters of the ocean crashing right onto their water scooter, at such high speeds – the thrill in itself cannot be undermined. 

Adventure Level: It is an easy level water sport that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

Where to try: Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua. 

Approx Cost: USD 25, INR 1700.

Swimming Required: Not Required

6. Parasailing

Parasailing Bali

Soar at a height of about 80 meters, as the speedboat pulls you around, across the blue waters of the ocean. Parasailing is one of the best water sports in Bali and most enjoyed by tourists as they experience a birds-eye view of the ocean, from a higher vantage point altogether. 

Adventure Level – Easy

Approx Price – INR 523 per person

Places to Try- Tanjung Benoa

Swimming Required- Not Required

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7. Water Tubing

Water Tubing Bali

Yet another enjoyable and one of the best water sports activities in Bali, giving tourists a comprehensive view of Bali’s rich flora and fauna. Tourists are put into an inflatable water tube, as they surf through challenging tides with the rushing water gushing all around you. 

Adventure Level – Easy

Places to Try- Denpasar

Swimming Required – Not Required

8. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving Bali

Bali has a wide number of dive centers, so if you’re looking to try out one of Bali’s most scenic water activities – attracting tourists from all over the world, this is just the place to do it. Tourists witness the underwater world with beautiful coral reefs; in an island rich for its underwater hidden treasures. 

The ‘Scuba Diving,’ experience in the Bali waters is one of the best water sports in Bali and most sought after activity by tourists from all over the world. The scenic beauty of the waters and the stellar underwater wildlife coupled with the corals – offers tourists a sight they’re sure to remember and cherish for a long time to come. While at Bali, make sure to try your hand at this sport.

Adventure Level – Moderate

Approx Price – INR 1545 per person

Swimming Required: Not Required 

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9. Swimming with the Sharks

Swimming with the Sharks

Tourists are accompanied by professional guides, as they get up and personal with the white reef sharks and blacktip reef sharks – an adventure of a lifetime. One of the best water sports in Bali and among the most thrilling ones, tourists will come back having witnessed one of the greatest realities of their lifetime. All of the safety equipment required will be provided by the professionals. 

Where to try: Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach (Nusa Dua), and Amed (Northeast the coast of Bali)

Approx Cost: USD 80, INR 5500

Swimming Required: Yes

10. River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting Bali

Giving tourists the opportunity to feel the gushing waves, beneath their boat as they traverse through the waters at high speeds. Rafting is one of the most asked for water sports in Bali. It is sure to give you an adrenaline pump as you witness the natural beauty of nature. 

Where to try: Ayung River (located in Ubud) and Telaga Waja River (located in Karangasem area, 2 hours drive from Kuta)

Approx Cost: INR 2409, USD 35

Swimming Required: Not Required. Life jackets will be provided by your guides. 

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11. Snorkeling

Snorkeling Bali

Get enamoured by the beauty that lies beneath the crystal clear waters of Bali. Tourists witness coral reefs, marine life, and other underwater mysteries as they snorkel through the waters. Tourists do not need a certification to be part of this activity. 

Be part of this amazing water sport and experience the sheer beauty of this underwater adventure for yourself. It’s definitely worth a shot and is sure to blow your mind away.

Adventure Level – Moderate

Approx Price – INR 2559 per person

Swimming Required: Yes

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