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Weekend Getaways From Ajmer
Written by Farheen on September 8, 2020 Share on

Weekend Getaways From Ajmer To Explore The Beauty Of Rajasthan

Why do people take vacations? The main reason is to take a break to rejuvenate one’s mind and body. Travelling to a whole new city with different cultures, experiences and history is more than just treat to the eyes. It is also about widening your perspective and learning about new ways of life. Speaking of which, we all are aware of how real vacation hangovers can be! But, it is not always possible to get our leaves approved for a long holiday or for our bosses to let us off work. That is where the beauty of weekend getaways comes in- leaving home and taking a short and sweet trip over the weekend. Rajasthan can also be explored as a weekend getaway. Keep reading to know more about how you can do weekend getaways from Ajmer.

Weekend Getaways From Ajmer
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Rajasthan needs no introduction of its own. It is famed for its heritage and grandeur. Every city in the state has its own very own charm and beauty. One such city you must visit in Ajmer. Ajmer has so many places to explore and is ever so bustling. Do not forget to take notes on what you like in this blog post.

Top Weekend Getaways From Ajmer

Ajmer is a city known for Islamic heritage and culture latched onto it in every corner. This is how the heritage city has earned its share of fame from tourists. The destination has so many weekend getaways from Ajmer to explore while here.

1. Pushkar: Camels and more

Weekend Getaways From Ajmer
Credits: Unsplash

Pushkar is unlike any other city and has an aura of its own that is unmatched. Its claim to fame came with its highly colourful camel fairs. The fair is held a month towards the end of the year. However, travellers visit this town all throughout the year. This is one of the more famous weekend getaways from Ajmer. People who have Ajmer in their itinerary always club it with Pushkar as it is a famous place near Ajmer. The town has a long street primarily where vendors sell souvenirs that are trendy and chic. This town also holds coupe of Brahma temples that are dispersed over the world.

Distance From Ajmer: 15 kilometres

2. Khuri: The real Rajasthan desert experience

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Another weekend getaway option from Ajmer which is under 100 kilometres is Khuri. Khuri is a beautiful desert town in Rajasthan This gives you a true blue real experience of the state. You also get to witness unique experiences such as camel polo and camel races that occur here. Additionally, you can end the day with a bonfire under the stars and eating some delicious Rajasthani food. You get to even watch folk dance performances by the locals post sunsets in the desert. End the night by stargazing under the perfect starry desert sky.

Distance From Ajmer: 80 kilometres

3. Kishangarh: Marbles galore

Kishangarh is synonymous to being the marble city of India. This town got this title due to the fact that it was converted into a dump for marbles. Under the hot sun and the white region below, you might not be able to see anything or open your eyes properly. This whole white region gives major “Rann of Kutch” vibes that are located in Gujarat.

The one lone standing temple here is an ode to the planets in our solar system can be found herein the city. There are also some forts you can visit on a sightseeing tour with your family. Hence, this city is ideal as a family-friendly weekend getaways from Ajmer.

Distance From Ajmer: 32 kilometres

4. Jaipur: Must do Rajasthan experience

Credits: Unsplash

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and is full of history. It is definitely among the must-do getaways from Ajmer. The city is filled with lively streets, energetic atmosphere, vibrant markets that make Jaipur what it is. Additionally, it is also a good place to purchase quirky souvenirs. The best part about Jaipur is its showcase of ancient architecture unlike any other city in Rajasthan. There are so many forts and palaces to cover during your weekend getaway from Ajmer. Jaipur merges ancient and modern parts of the city into one beautiful fusion.

Distance From Ajmer: 131 kilometres

5. Sikar: Colourful buildings all around you

Sikar is a fairly uncovered treasure of Rajasthan. The city earned its fame by way of being home to an excess of painted Havelis and big forts. These Forts will take you back to the historic days with all of its splendid Mughal architecture. The town is located in Shekhavati. Sikar offers a full experience with countless bazaars, monuments, and palaces all around the city.

Distance From Ajmer: 179 kilometres

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