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Written by Akshaya Devi on January 23, 2020 Share on

This is what happens if you visit these countries when you are 25 and single!

Single? Tired of the constant mocking and wonder why your friends won’t cut you some slack? Well, these countries take this to a whole another level. While some of them just do it to publicly felicitate your singlehood, some go to the extent of hosting hilarious ceremonies and rituals for matchmaking. And you should totally visit these countries as at the end of the day it’s all about having some good laughs.

From throwing cinnamon on singles to hosting a marriage market, they host ceremonies that are rather hilarious.

1. Cinnamon Throwing Festival – Finland:

Ever heard of the cinnamon challenge? The same happens here except cinnamon will be thrown all over you lavishly. And forget outrunning your friends, you’ll be tied to a chair or a lamppost before the ritual starts.

2. Hats Festival – France:

This is to help you catch your breath for a second. If you are a female, twenty-five and single, you can participate in this rather cute hats festival along with other “Catherinettes”. This involves wearing a quirky hat that matches your traits and sending postcards to fellow Catherinettes wishing they find a good husband soon.

3. Old Box Festival – Germany:

This could show how much efforts your friends are willing to take just to embarrass the hell out of you. A week or so before your 25th birthday, your friends will passionately start collecting old, unused cardboard boxes in all forms and sizes. On your birthday they’ll sneak those boxes to your doorsteps either the night before or during the day just to see you clear them one by one before you can enter. And to top it all, you’ll find a huge 25 pluck card staring at you with the caption “Congrats, you’re now an old box”.

4. Black Day – South Korea

South Koreans rather take singlehood seriously. This supposedly depressing festival has 3 hilarious phases of celebrating Valentine’s day. Women shower their partners with presents on February 14, who, reciprocate their love by giving them “white gifts” ranging from white cakes to marshmallows a month later on March 14. With an intention to mock this ritual and also to commemorate their singlehood, the singles gather to eat bowls and bowls of Jjajangmyeon(black noodles) and gazillion cups of black coffee.

5. Ireland – Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival:

Ever wished secretly to meet like-minded people in festivals hoping they might as well be your soulmate? Wish publicly at the Lisdoonvarna festival in Ireland which is all about music, food, parties and matchmaking. This 150-years old tradition also invites you to register in Willie, the matchmaker’s big matchmaking book with over a thousand profiles from around the world. It’s also called as the lucky book and people believe touching his book with both the hands will help them get married in the next six months! What’s your pick? DM us and we will match you with the best itinerary!

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