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WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace – An Ultimate Guide For Your Royal Visit


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India is known for its majestic palaces and royal services, right? Have you ever imagined of spending your day in a palace just like Raja and Rani? Then you must plan a Heritage Staycation. Interestingly, the visitors to these heritage hotels are given with a taste of pure royalty with their magnificent exteriors and interiors. In addition, luxury amenities, exciting activities, and outstanding hospitality will literally make you feel like a Raja and Rani. And yes, WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace in Sandur, near Hampi in Karnataka is one such heritage hotel in India which will provide you with a lovely royal stay. Ready to be pampered royally? Well, have a read and find out everything you need to know about WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace.

About WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace

WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace is a heritage hotel which aims at providing a rich experience for the visitors. A stay in WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace will help you capture the royalty of the palace and showcases the heritage of Hampi. As soon as you enter the hotel, you will be awestruck with its majestically domed palace and natural trails which will make you feel as if you have entered into a different world. The jali work, stunning carvings on the doors, and the high ceilings are pretty enough to make any kind of traveller to say, WOW! A stay in this palace will provide you with a lovely experience which you can cherish lifelong. Also, love architecture? You can’t ask for a better stay in India.

Image Credits: WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace

Location of WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace

WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace is located in Sandur. It is just 45 minutes away from the World Heritage Site of Hampi. You can drive yourself or choose for a pick-up and drop-off service which will be arranged on prior request. Apart from this, the palace is also easily connected by air, rail and road.


To reach this hotel by air, you can take a flight from Bengaluru or Hyderabad to Vidyanagar airport.


The closest railway stations are Hubli (171 km), Toranagallu (21km) and Hospet (32km).


You can travel by road by taking an overnight bus which will be available from all major South Indian cities, especially from Bangalore.


No: 97, Palace Road, Sandur, Karnataka – 583119

Things to do in WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace

  • Start your day with blessings
  • Vintage Car Museum
  • Have a rejuvenating Spa treatment
  • Have a read at the Library
  • Visit Darbar Hall for a real royal experience
Image credits – WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace

1. Start your day with blessings

Start your day like the royals in WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace by listening to the prayer chants at the temples of Lord Subramanya and Malahari Marthanda.

These temples are found at the entrance of the palace. So, make sure you start your day with blessings. In addition, you will find the idols of Shivaji, Parvati, Shiva and Hubli Baba in the temples.

2. Vintage Car Museum

Taking a look at the vintage car museum is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace. From the shining 1965 Mercedes Benz S 230 to the 1943 Ford GPW Jeep, the vintage car museum is filled with unique car collections.

3. Have a rejuvenating Spa treatment

Get ready for a rejuvenating spa treatment in the palace. Each and every treatment in the spa is induced with traditional Ayurvedic philosophy and techniques. The spa offers Ayurvedic massage for full-body, arms, legs, feet and head. However, make sure you book your appointment in advance to make prearrangements.

4. Read a book in the Library

You will find a library in the WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace which is packed with books from nature, history, and law. In addition, you can also find some books and magazines based on travel themes in the centre reading table. Besides this, you can find some interesting books written by M.Y Ghorpade which will give you insights about the palace.

5. Visit Darbar Hall for a real royal experience

This is a perfect way to experience royalty in the palace. You will find a collection of armour, weapons, artefacts and many more which takes you back to the time when Raja used to greet his patrons in his quarter.


The palace has 10 Deluxe Rooms and 2 Suites which are named as Maharaja Suite and Maharani Suite. Sounds interesting, right? You can feel a rich blend of tradition and modernity in the rooms. Interestingly, you will find some vintage photographs, Lambani wall hangings, and rare antique furniture. Also, you can stroll around the courtyards, fountain areas and gardens and enjoy a peaceful time.

Is it safe to travel during Covid-19?

The WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace follows the highest standards of service and hygiene which are initiated by the government protocols and WHO standards to keep the guests safe. In addition, there are mandatory procedures enforced on all staffs who are working on the kitchen, housekeeping, and front desk. The staffs undergo temperature check on a daily basis. Every staff will be wearing a protective mask and gloves. Also, your baggage will be sanitized on arrival and the temperature checks will be done. The hotel also ensures to allot alternate rooms for safety purposes. So, not to worry! WelcomHeritage Shivavilas Palace makes sure that they take 100% care on your safety.

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