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Difference Between London and the City of London
Written by Shanmugam on June 7, 2023 Share on

What’s the Difference Between London and the City of London

What’s the difference between the City of London and Greater London? This is a general question that arises in everybody’s mind for sure. Moreover, people who are planning for a London vacation get even more confused. This UK capital might be befuddled to hear that the City of London and London are not something very similar. You might think the name might sound similar, still, they both are different from one another. To give you a better understanding, London is called London or Greater London. On the other hand, the City of London also called the Square Mile. There are so many hidden differences that you aren’t aware of. Here is all that you should know about the difference between London and the City of London.

Difference Between London and the City of London
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What is London? The London that we all know

London is one of the astounding destinations in the world. Greater London is not just the capital city of the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is home to eight and a half million in number populace – including the City of London. London has a separate Government which is called as Greater London Authority. This GLA sits in the City hall. The GLA covers an absolute range of 607 square miles and fuses 32 wards. However, the Greater London Assembly has separate Mayor. Sadiq Khan is the present Mayor of Greater London. People majorly opt for staying in London.

Difference Between London and the City of London
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Let’s understand What is the City of London?

The city or the Square Miles region starts from the Roman settlement of Londinium. This settlement was raised about 2,000 years back on the northern bank of the River Thames. Later it came to incorporate one square mile inside its dividers. Due to which the city covering a region of two square miles, Londoners still tenderly allude to it as ‘the Square Mile’.

You can spot a lot of difference in right from its roads, architecture and wall paints. It extends north from Temple and the Tower of London on the River Thames to Chancery Lane in the west and Liverpool Street in the east. Moreover, the city has its own government and mayor. Though it falls under the GLA still has its own Lord Mayor of London, the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council. However, the Mayor of London employs a fundamentally more political force. Also, one more main factor is the city boasts for the Bank of England. Because of the Bank of England, it is popularly called as the heart of London.

the City of London
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