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What Will UK Holidays Look Like This Summer?

Each country within the UK has laid out its roadmap and route out of lockdown. The dates and types of accommodation that are allowed differ from country to country. Though we are beginning to get a clearer, and hopeful, picture of what holidays will look like in the UK this summer.


The prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced the highly-anticipated roadmap for how England would exit lockdown. On April 12th, domestic holidays are allowed but this is for self-contained accommodation only. These are placed that don’t require shared facilities. For those wanting to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, they will have to wait until May 17th. This is the earliest date those types of accommodation are allowed to open. It looks likely the caravans will be incredibly popular this summer. As each nation unveils its roadmap, it’s clear the self-contained accommodation will be the way forward. It allows people the chance to travel to different parts of the country, while not coming into contact with other tourists. 


The re-opening dates differ in Scotland. The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, explained the plan for how Scotland was going to start easing restrictions. Recently, on April 2nd, the stay at home order was changed to stay local. It is hoped this will be relaxed further over the next few weeks. It is also hoped that travel restrictions will be lifted entirely in mainland Scotland on April 26th and travelling to the rest of the UK will be allowed shortly after that. The government will discuss with the island communities which would be the best way forward for them. 


The First Minister, Mark Drakeford, announced the roadmap for Wales getting out of lockdown. From March 27th, single households were allowed to stay in self-contained properties like caravans or rented cottages. However, this only applied to people in Wales. People were not allowed into the country for overnight stays. This will change on April 12th, when the ban on non-essential travel in or out of Wales will be lifted. However, restrictions on non-essential travel to countries outside the ‘common travel area’ will not be removed. In late May, the Welsch government will consider reopening the remaining types of visitor accommodation.  

Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland has set out a five-stage plan for easing Covid restrictions. These will be across nine different sectors, including travel and tourism. Unlike other countries, Northern Ireland has not included specific dates for its reopening. It focuses on health factors instead. During phase three, caravan sites, hotels, B&B’s and guesthouses can open. Some shared facilities will remain closed. Then in stage four, hostels, campsites and accommodations with shared facilities will reopen. Plus hotels can offer a wide range of services. Finally, in stage five, there will be the full return of leisure travel.

No matter where you are in the UK, it’s important to stay safe and follow any guidelines in place if you’re travelling. People across the country are hoping for a more relaxed summer. Do you have travel plans for the summer?

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