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Post pandemic travel
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How Will Post Pandemic Travel Look Like? A Kaleidoscopic View

The Travel and Tourism Industry has been one of the worst-hit during the era of covid is an understatement. The word “vacation” or “travel” has a deeper and emotional definition, so much so that it instantly lights up your heart and puts a smile on your face. Although travel plans went for a toss in the year 2020, a large part of the world is keeping a close watch on the industry. Why so? Well, there’s no rocket science behind this, the very simple reason is that travel is a lifeline. A safe haven that makes you forget about all the troubles in life and a memory that will forever get carved in your heart. The pandemic has been a struggle for all of us physically and emotionally. That being said, the best way to wash away the harsh reality of the past would be to embark on your much-awaited trip.

Seemingly, travel was considered a luxury in the pre covid era. But with whatever that the world has faced, it is safe to say that travel can become a necessity in the near future. The very image of your trip, right from packing your bags to landing at the airport and letting the new country’s breeze hit your face, the experience will prove to be nothing like it was before. The best travel plan will be possible if you go ahead with the help of experienced professionals who will ensure you have a hassle-free experience. At Pickyourtrail, we have always breathed, provided and fulfilled hassle-free experiences. Other new approaches which will take shape eventually will only enhance this feeling. So let’s dig deeper into what Pickyourtrail’s take on future of travel would look like, shall we?

The thirst for travel will be manifold

No one knows what tomorrow holds. This is reasoning enough for you to satiate your thirst for travel once the world’s destinations start embracing tourists. Although the unlock will be in phases, the definite sense of urgency to visit a particular place will ignite in you. Unexplored destinations will now become the new cool and see a huge surge in tourists who might have never travelled before. The FOMO will become an actual thing in the future and that’s exactly why taking baby steps towards travel will give you clarity. A short trip to a hill station nearby, followed by a visit to a neighbouring country and then finally the big leap to Europe or the opposite side of your world! Taking one step at a time will give you the chance to relish the experience as a whole right?

Revenge travel
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Experiences will be one of a kind

Some of you might have even forgotten what the adrenaline of travel feels like. This is the reason experiences which you can look forward to during the post-pandemic era will be different. There are different modes of travel which have emerged like staycations, domestic trips or even short international trips for purposes other than leisure travel. The way you plan your international vacation will also play a huge role in understanding the type of experience you get. Pickyourtrail offers some unbeatable pricing in this aspect and an endless list of options to choose from. Staycations, more specifically are one of the best ways to break free from lockdown blues within a limited budget. If you come with leave constraint, this would be your best bet since the travel time from your city is lesser and it would most likely be for a shorter duration.

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Travel consultants for the win

Understanding the trends of the industry will prove to be a major challenge in the upcoming months since we are unaware of the protocols to be followed or the timeline before which each country will open up. But hey, the bright side is that you will have travel consultants who will come to your rescue. Pickyourtrail’s beloved travel consultants have always cared for customer trips like it was their own and will continue to do so once travel is rekindled. On trip live concierge service and dedicated account owners providing end to end support will help you with real time information. Moreover, with the world inching slowly, but steadily towards vaccination and vaccine passports, travel no longer seems like a distant dream does it?

Specialty comes as a given

Given that the industry was the first to fall and the last to rise from the pandemic, its slowly snowballing towards revenge travel and we just cannot wait to see how it will take shape. Coming back to the question of specialty, the interesting aspect to judge will be how each travel source makes its experience one of a kind. This is why you always approach a consultant with the hope that there is an X factor you cannot get anywhere else. That’s where Pickyourtrail comes into the picture since every customer gets a customised experience which will be cherished as much as the trip. A simple surprise like a candlelight dinner, an impeccable customer experience or the addition of offbeat attractions during the tourist’s visit will surely set you a class apart.

Great hospitality will be the order of the day

Hotel staff or even airline staff have been deprived of their everyday joy of serving customers for a long time now. The quality of experience you end up receiving will be bigger and better since these folks would not have that the opportunity to do committed work during the covid era. After all, the service rendered by staff anywhere you go can either make or break your experience. This starts right from your experience of booking seamlessly with expert advice. So get ready to experience hospitality at its best when you plan your dream post-covid trip with trusted travel partners like Pickyourtrail.

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However, there are a couple of cliche aspects of travel that might change in the new era of the industry. As we do a deep dive into what the entire picture would look like in the near future, you must realize that everything is done keeping in mind the interests of the customer. As the time of revenge travel nears, get ready to experience travel like never before. So, we at Pickyourtrail believe these are some positive steps and measures which will ensure a memorable travel experience.

Desired travel season will not always favour you

Let’s face it. The entire world would want to travel once everything opens up. But you might not always get the dates of your preference keeping in mind the safety aspect. Too much crowding will not be permitted anywhere and social distancing will definitely be a mandate at the attractions. There might be a time when you specifically want to visit a country for a particular market that opens only during a season. But the unfortunate downside of this is that you might always be lucky to get your slot owing to your own welfare. Looking at the bright side, you still get to visit your dream destination! After all, something is better than nothing right?

Safety norms are here to stay

Until we know for sure that the virus will subside, safety norms will be followed throughout the world. Masks, frequent sanitisation and fully vaccinated travellers will be the ones allowed at various destinations. Although this might seem like a hassle at first, it’s the only way to ensure that all of us remain safe whilst travelling. While each country puts out its own set of rules, you must keep in mind that getting fully vaccinated is the first step towards achieving your post-lockdown travel dream. With reports of vaccine passports becoming mandatory, you can be rest assured, that your travel plans are sorted out in terms of safety. Phew, a sigh of relief right?

Safe travel
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Flexibility of cancellation and reschedules

Well, everyone is aware that 2020 saw the highest magnitude of trip cancellations the world had ever seen in history. Keeping that in mind, flexible cancellations and help in terms of reschedules of trips will surely be provided in case the need arises. Book now and travel later deals are always available on your favourite platforms and there’s no better and secure way to ensure you book a convenient plan. Of course, down payments or payments for your trips in installments will still be a mandate because let’s face it, the business will have to function as well. Speaking of flexible cancellations, check out some of the jaw dropping, “Book Now, Travel Anytime” deals that Pickyourtrail has to offer!

How have trends been so far?

One thing all of us have learnt from the pandemic is that not everything remains permanent. The travel industry might have learnt it the hard way and been the worst affected in all of this. But that did not deter globetrotters across the world to satiate their thirst with the help of travel videos and blogs. Yes, aren’t those things just a blessing in disguise? Travel videos from the past give us a bird’s eye view of what might have been, or rather what it would be like in the future. On the other hand, travel blogs serve as the perfect medium of generating imaginary visuals and thoughts which might spiral into revenge travel eventually.

Post covid travel
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Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that anyone who becomes a revenge traveller will surely be a well-researched one. This is an obvious fact because everyone has had an immense amount of time on their hands to understand every corner of a country and would want to fulfill their wanderlust. This brings us to another dead end as to when the right time to start planning would be? Well, there’s no such thing as the best time to plan. Anytime is just perfect since travel deals offer flexibility in terms of your booking.

So now that we have a fair idea of what travellers’ mindset has been like and what it looks like for the future, go ahead and choose the best travel consultants to help you. That’s where the hassle free-trips offered by Pickyourtrail will ensure that you have the most memorable trip ever. Plan the best International tour packages and look forward to on-trip concierge support from our dedicated customer experience team! Revenge travel, post-covid vacay, you name it, you have it the best way with us. Go ahead, pack your bags and let’s start travelling, shall we?

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