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When in Rome


“Rome is forever”

And when in the Eternal City of Rome when there is so much to see, do and experience. Here’s how you ensure you don’t miss out on the best – through this Guide to Rome. Planning a trip was never this easy! 

Largo di Torre Argentina / Cat Sanctuary 

While in Rome why miss a perfectly good opportunity to survey the very place where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death? While laying your eyes on the ruins of Terre Argentina, cats will surround you - striking a pose, meowing at you and noiselessly partaking their food. Don’t be alarmed. This historic site is, in fact, one of Rome’s cat sanctuaries. The cats are well fed by gattare or cat ladies. Love cats and a good backstory? This is the place to be. And this is where you can find it.

Free movies, Casa Del Cinema 

Like with food, who in their right mind wouldn’t say yes to free movies? At the public park Villa Borghese catch a free movie - on afternoons and evenings - at Casa Del Cinema. With state-of-art equipments and definite possibility to interact with director, producers and movie stars; Casa Del Cinema mostly screens classic original language films along with entrants to the recent Venice film festival.

Free blues concert, Big Mama

Celebrating its 33rd birthday this year is this Blues joint on Trastevere - Big Mama. It offers free admit to most of its shows and has seen the likes of Chet Baker and Jeff Healey perform here. Apart from blues and jazz, it also showcases rock, disco and soul acts.

At Piazza Navona

A historically renowned place of entertainment and arts, Piazza Navona is still true to its fame. Set against one of Italy’s marvellous and fine piece of architecture, Fountain of the Four Rivers; it continues to play host to street performers, artists and other circus acts.

Free walking tour

What better way to discover this city of hidden alleys, endless roads and foodgasms along street food stalls than on foot? Join the New Rome Free Tour at 9:30 am & 5:30 pm for some adventure and discoveries in Rome. From a variety of tours to choose from, get set exploring with us.


La Rinascente

• Retail shopping •

The largest Italian departmental store, La Rinascente caters to all your clothing, household and beauty needs. 150 year old, this store is known for collaborating with contemporary designers like Vincent Van Duysen.

Il Papiro

• Handmade goods •

Interact with the lost, forgotten (but well-preserved) slice of Rome at Il Papiro. Producing hand-made papers with techniques dating back to the 17th century Rome, when here grab a pen, craft a letter home or to your love or just a doodle there. When that is done, drop us a note. Here is a tangible fragment of Rome you can take home with you.


• Food •

No Roman holiday is complete without a food-intervention. Set in probably the largest food market place in the world is Eataly. Restaurants, food counters, beverage stalls, baked goodies and retail stores occupy space here. Foodies wander and dig in, here.

Porta Portese 

• Flea market •

The biggest flea market of them all in Rome, Porta Portese is open from 6:30 - 2:30 on Sundays. Located at the back of Trastevere quarter, find everything from antiques to comic books here. Haggling is encouraged so roasted corn hand, don’t give in till you have the best deal in the house.

Campo de Fiori Market

• Fresh food •

For everything fresh and Italian, Campo de Fiori is the place to be. Literally translating to Field of Flowers, there is a lot more to this market than that! Stalls heaped with fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese and meats will meet your gaze. In another direction an array of colourful stalls selling spices will catch your eyes. Before you start piling your grocery bags, head to Claudio’s a stall that offers pre-washed veggies and mushroom - yes, they do think of everything.

Via del Governo Vecchio

• Vintage goods •

Every place must have a vintage homeland - Rome finds its in Via del Governo. Boutiques, vintage shops and eye-candy food stalls line up this quaint boulevard paved with cobblestones. Almost always devoid of crowds, fur and cahsmeres are on the top of shopaholic’s bucket lists here. After the day’s shopping is done, grab a gelato with your find(s).

Goa Club

Set in a nightclub with industrial decor, Goa Club offers a mix of techno, house and tracks by international guest DJs. With cutting edge sound system, the vibe here has earned it an good reputation.

Coho Apartment

A cozy hangout-cum-bar, this place seeks to imitate the vibe of a New York style apartment. Upstairs, wide glass windows look toward the spectacular Via del Tritone. Downstairs the party is raging with an ample dance floor and tables in a scattered set-up. Down a drink or two and dance the night away.

Rashomon club

Considered to be at the very centre of Roman nightlife, Rashomon is the gateway to not only good music but an incredible party with the best dressed crowd of the city. Not mention, it is an underground club. Already beginning to sway to some tunes in your head? We feel you - this is definitely a sign to get packing!


All my queer friends in the crowd, this your party hotspot while in Rome. From rock to house to disco, the genres are plenty. Reputed to host “pure, uncensored fun”, everyday is new experience at Qube. Events ranging from drag shows to frat parties, this is your wild party destination while in Rome.

Vicious Club

Another underground club with shrouded-in-mystery name to go with is the Vicious Club by the Termini Station in Rome. Similar in appearance to Berlin underground club or an 80’s New York club, Vicious Club is a cocktail bar open 10 pm onwards. A variety of genres ranging from Indie to rap to electro to house play on designated days.

Colosseum Pub Crawl

While at Rome, don’t miss out on discovering the city’s nightlife - after all it is an essential part to the throbbing heartbeat of the city. Colosseum Pub Crawl will do just that - take you across the best and most happening bars and clubs across the city. Check out their weekend, weekday and special events itineraries.

Ostia Antica

Your experience and evidence for ancient Rome is right in the outcrop of the city - no need to venture to the ruins of Pompeii. Ostia Antica, once a harbour city of ancient Rome, today lies a sprawling archaeological site at the city of Ostia. If you are a history buff, this is weekend getaway must do.


A villa surrounded by gardens dating to 2 C.E, a classic Italian garden adorned with elaborate fountains, water plays, grottos, terraces and of course, spectacular views, a river cascading across miles of sceneries, a temple dating to 1 B.C.E - need we say more? Tivoli is sprawling gardens and hidden adventures - a brim weekend getaway you deserve.

Rome Metro - Running with three lines under the city, it is the fastest way to travel Rome - although it goes around the city and not through it.

Trams & Bus - The tramway network consists suburban, urban and express lines. They are functional from 5:30 am to 12:00 am.

Electric buses - For the environmentally conscious, you can board these buses that run in the alleyways.

Rent a bike - When in Rome do as the Romans do? And why shouldn’t you when you get to ride around on a Vespa all day. Grab a helmet and your keys, set off exploring Google Maps at aid.

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