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Where is Hot in September?

Where is hot in September? – Something you hear a lot across the United Kingdom as summer months come to a closure, leaving you at the disposal of hot holidays abroad to get your dose of sunshine. And when life doesn’t give you sunshine, here’s where you go get it – 10 hot countries in September to visit for both short haul and long haul holidays from United Kingdom.

Cancun, Mexico

1. Majorca

  • Majorca weather in September: 27°C
  • UK to Majorca flight time: 2:30 hours
  • Majorca daylight hours in September: 12 hours
  • UK to Majorca visa: None

Majorca September holidays are more than sunshine and sizzling shores. September is the perfect time to bag last-minute summer deals at not-so-crowded resorts and flights. But the big question – Does Majorca weather in September qualify as hot? Absolutely. From gorgeous tan sessions by the sandy shores during the day to electrifying beach parties at night, you can have it all in Majorca. Also, it’s time we address the common confusion about Majorca among the holidaymakers – Are Majorca and Mallorca the same? Yes, pronounced as ‘Ma-yor-ka’, Majorca and Mallorca both are two different names of the same place, the largest island in the Balearic Islands.

2. Rhodes

  • Rhodes weather in September: 25°C
  • UK to Rhodes flight time: 4.5 hours
  • Rhodes daylight hours in September: 12.4 hours
  • UK to Rhodes visa: None

Rhodes is that Greek island with a refreshing mix of historical wonders and postcard-perfect sceneries. With a sizzling average temperature of 27°C, there is nothing like Rhodes to live out your summer fantasies. With 12.4 hours of daylight, the sun never quits on you until you do!

3. Algarve

  • Algarve weather in September: 23°C
  • UK to Algarve flight time: 2.35 hours
  • Algarve daylight hours in September: 11 hours
  • UK to Algarve visa: None

For better or worse Portugal is never looked beyond Lisbon and Porto. But when you are yearning warm holidays in September, suddenly the sunny side of Portugal like Algarve and Lagos becomes a no-brainer! Beyond the fairytale castles and hearty bowls of traditional food, Portugal flaunts some idyllic islands and seafronts, which only take a summer to consider.

4. Alacati

  • Alacati weather in September: 26°C
  • UK to Alacati flight time: 3.5 hours
  • Alacati daylight hours in September: 11.8 hours
  • UK to Alacati visa: None for visits up to 90 days

If you haven’t heard of Alacati, google it right away! The kaleidoscopic stone houses, rustic wine cellars, and the gorgeous deep blue sea – Alacati is truly a potpourri of summer! With streets always buzzing with warm locals and waterfronts lined up with tourists to windsail or surf, you can never truly witness a dull moment in Alacati. Alacati weather in September oscillates at 26°C with bonus winds, making the place extra special for water adventures.

5. Croatia

  • Croatia weather in September: 24°C
  • UK to Croatia flight time: 2.2 hours
  • Croatia daylight hours in September: 12 hours
  • UK to Croatia visa: None

Croatia in September is a magical time — A higher sea temperature, quieter resorts and seafronts, and a great opportunity to holiday in Croatia without having tourists tailgating you all the time! Tour 13th century city walls, enjoy a bubbly glass of Babić red wine or walk around the Zlatni rat pebble beach that changes colour and shape according to changing winds.

6. Seychelles

  • Seychelles weather in September: 24°C
  • UK to Seychelles flight time: 10 hours
  • Seychelles daylight hours in September: 12 hours
  • UK to Seychelles visa: None

Seychelles in September is sunshine. And rainbows! Despite receiving intermittent rainfall during the months of September and October, Seychelles still enjoys lovely toasty weather in this period. Get ready for sunscreens, water sports, and villa holidays! A 27°C holiday doesn’t sound like a bad idea, after all.

7. Malta

  • Malta weather in September: 28ºC
  • UK to Malta flight time: 3.3 hours
  • Malta daylight hours in September: 12 hours
  • UK to Malta visa: None

The Mediterranean archipelago with the best of both Italian and African cultures — the best geography lottery indeed goes to Malta! Even during peak summer, you get to enjoy the cool breeze from the Mediterranean sea. What does that mean for you? A refreshing escape right out in the sun, rewarding slight showers towards the end of the month, and steal holiday deals as it’s not the peak season!

8. Sicily

  • Sicily weather in September: 27ºC
  • UK to Sicily flight time: 2.53 hours
  • Sicily daylight hours in September: 12 hours
  • UK to Sicily visa: None

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is just the “tropical Italian dream”. Warm, long days leave you with enough time to absorb the rich history of the place while electrifying nights lure you to another side of Sicily — a stylish party city. One of the best places for a hot holiday in September

9. Tenerife

  • Tenerife weather in September: 27ºC
  • UK to Tenerife flight time: 4.10 hours
  • Tenerife daylight hours in September: 12 hours
  • UK to Tenerife visa: None

Can you believe the sun sets only at 8:30 pm in Tenerife during early September? Lots of sun, mountain breeze and warm seashores, Tenerife might actually be the hot holiday you are eagerly planning for September.

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