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White Island
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The Infamous Active Volcano At White Island, New Zealand- A Must Visit

Also called White Island, Moutohora is one of the most guaranteed untamed life havens in New Zealand. A guided trip through Moutohora is an opportunity to see winged animals that are no longer on the ground and imperilled feathered species such as Kakariki, Tieke and the Little Darker Kiwi are Home to these. In addition, the island is home to numerous reptiles and a New Zealand Hide Seals settlement. The visit ends with a tour of the high-temperature water shoreline on the island.

Moutohora Island
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Places To See Next To White Island

1. Whakatane River Entrance

Walk a few minutes from White Island. Meet along the riverside walk in the area known as the Heads. Obscure to most, behind the stone divider there’s a little sandy shoreline that’s perfect for those who don’t want to drive or walk to Ohope or Otarawairere, but they’re looking for a fast dive. Only add the entrance to the Whakatane River to your itinerary!

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2. Ohope Beach, White Island

Located just 6 kilometres above the slope from Whakatane, Ohope Beach was named NZ’s most adored shoreline in the 2014 Vehicle Relationship survey. It has 11 km of sandy coastline and is a protected swimming coastline. The area known as the West End is popular for surfing, and a surf school and board company can be found there in the mid-year months.

Ohope beach
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3. The Mataatua

‘The House That Came Home,’ Mataatua Wharenui is located adjacent to White Island Meet. One ‘s journey to Mataatua will light the spirit inside, as you find the unusual storey of the house that has gone through time. Mataatua is a living being and a breathing being. You will be amazed by the carvings and the stories that unfold in them. The world-class computerised innovation will surely take your breath away.

Mataatua Wharenui
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4. Tarawera Falls, White Island

Outstanding among the most stunning cascades in New Zealand, this cascade is located in the ranger service area behind the township of Kawerau. What makes these falls so great is that they leave a gap in the face of a stone. You will reach the waterfalls in about 20 mins from the Car park. Head to the highest point of the ledge and witness the stream disappearing underground. You can also visit the famous White Island diving spot near Tarawera Falls!

Tarawera Falls
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5. Otarawairere Shoreline

This beautiful cove is located between Whakatane and Ohope. The cove is open to visit by foot or by watercraft. The Nga Tapuwae o Toi walkway can be used the walk to the shoreline and is a 20-minute walk from Ohope West End. This is about 2 hours from Whakatane. A large portion of the shoreline is made up of small shells rather than sand, and the stones create a number of small regions that almost resemble a tropical tidal marsh. This is a beautiful coastline for a family excursion.

Otarawairere Shoreline, White Island
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6. Warren Cole Walkway

This walkway continues to run close to the Whakatane River from the extension into the Whakatane River to the mouth of the river. It goes to White Island Meet and is ideal for a nightfall walk or an early morning run. You will also find various interesting things like Waka (Maori Kayak) and some intriguing models. There are also three playgrounds for the more young people in the family. The walkway passes through the greenery enclosures of Whakatane.

Warren Cole Walkway, White island
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