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Travel Bans are ineffective
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on January 24, 2022 Share on

WHO calls Travel Bans are ineffective!

As per the reports, the world health organization (WHO), in the latest COVID recommendation, has called travel bans ineffective. It is suggesting nations either lift or ease the present COVID-19 travel restrictions. WHO said that travel bans can worsen the economy of many countries and increase social stress within. 

As per the report, the WHO recommended it at the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on COVID-19. It said that nations should remove the travel bans and ease the restrictions as “travel bans are ineffective and do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced” by citizens. The report further stated that these travel restrictions have been incompetent in the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and hence shows that such travel restrictions are ineffective.

Further, the report suggested continuing the safety measures such as RT PCR testing, wearing masks, isolation/quarantine and vaccination. These measures should be taken on a regular basis to avoid the unnecessary spread of COVID-19. The ban has been lifted by most governments with COVID-19 vaccination proof as the only way for travellers’ entry.

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