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Written by Akshaya Devi on July 10, 2020 Share on

Why low season travel might be the next big thing (And why it should be)

What’s a long vacation for you? Ocd-ing the itinerary over and over, the good old last-minute packing, crammed tourist attractions, best weather, and some serious wallet squeezing. Nothing to complain about going over the top as long as it’s an absolute belter of a vacation. Was it though? Was it really perfect after all we’ve been through? Not always.

Can we let you in on a little secret about low season travel? (Psst! They may actually be the next big thing in travel). Take a look at why low season travel is the way forward and why it should be.

Sometimes, less is more

Maybe some of us are doing it wrong. What if you were to be told vacations need not be as hurried and as checkbox-driven? This pursuit of “more” leads to people always missing the one good trick about travelling—low season travel. While COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works of our travel spree, it has really pushed travel-fiends to crack open some best avenues of travel they’ve always overlooked. Staycations, micro-travel, glamping, campervan holiday and of course the hero of the article, low season travel.

Overtourism is gone for good

It is self-evident that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing in the way we travel. And it’s not even over yet. Travel lovers are shifting towards safe, easy and sustainable ways to travel more so than ever and if anything, it’s only fair that the tourism radar puts more local experiences on the map and takes the weight off of popular tourist destinations. Not only will this benefit the local economy and encourage people to get under the skin of a place and explore, but also reinstates the most important need of the hour—coexist with nature.

Finally, low season travel can be as good if not better than peak season travel

We’ve been saving the best for this one big vacation after all, so it may as well be unhurried and that’s what low season travel is about. Low season travel is not about travelling in hostile conditions. Low season travel is strategizing your travel dates when the low season is just about to end and the peak season starts. Check if the weather condition of the destination is moderate and doesn’t pose jeopardy to your vacation, what important attractions might be closed and you are well on your way. Hello discounted airfares and bye-bye crowds & tourist traps!

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