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Why families with kids are rushing off to Pattaya this summer!

No kidding, Pattaya is way more than a famous party place for adults. Thailand’s eternally popular seaside town has a surprising side to it that makes it a wonderland for families with children; packed with wholesome family fun – as I was amazed to discover recently. Know more about these new attractions, some you’re probably hearing for the first time!

Like the incredible stroll in a see-through tunnel, with fish watching you right under the ocean. A new spectacular stage show ‘Kaan’, that’s wowing even showbiz pros from Las Vegas. An art museum that tricks your eyes into believing something impossible. A waterpark that makes all else seem like a tiny fountain. And hey, we haven’t even come to the beach yet!


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1. Ramayana Water Park: No swimming skills required – just sliding

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You may have been to waterparks before but never as big as this one, or this fun. With 21 different slides, it’s a day-long roller-coaster of joy. There’s utmost safety – 100 alert guards are at watch here. Get even the timid ones into a secure life-saver tube, go spinning down the circular slide and splash into the lazy river ride. By now everyone gets hooked!

Image Credits: Shutterstock

The sky-fall vertical drop is a good warm-up to tempt the braver ones onto Aqualoop, and then to Aquaconda (if you thought of a gigantic endless winding snake, you’re right). In between, there are pitstops to fuel up with delicious eats. You may wonder suddenly “But why is it called Ramayana?” Well, that’s a story for another day!

Note: Ramayana Water Park is 20 km from Pattaya. The rides here operate 365 days.

Price: Adult – 1090 baht, Child – 890 baht

2. Underwater World’s Ocean-floor Walk: Who let the sharks out?

Image Credits: Indu B

It’s a lot like scuba diving. But you don’t get wet, (or eaten up alive). You’ll be as wide-eyed with wonder as your kids, walking along a unique 105-meter acrylic see-through tunnel, where sharks with mean grins and gigantic stingrays swim inches over your head. Some astonishing creatures may keep your kids speechless with awe – till they ‘find Nemo’ and break into excited babbles. Ever thought fish could be fed with feeding bottles? Well here, kids can actually sit and bottle-feed the adorable koi fish. They’ll be talking about this forever, plus all that they learnt at the touch and feel Ocean Class.

Image Credits: Indu B

The daredevil diver in your group could surprise you all by even diving right in from above with scuba gear as you stand ready to Instagram it with video camera-phones!

Price: Adult – 500 baht & Child – 300 baht

3. The spectacular KAAN stage show. Now running to gob-smacked audiences

Image Credits: Indu B

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This newest stage wizardry by the amazing Thais is wowing world audiences. Never miss this swash-buckling adventure of a young man Kaan’s fantasy trip as he gets sucked into a magical storybook. Actual ships ‘float’ onto the stage, dancing pirates leap around, fire-breathing beasts battle with brave Kaan and quite suddenly, a gigantic mythical monster with glowing eyes comes right out of nowhere above and onto the gasping, cheering audience!

Image Credits: Indu B

The lightning-fast stage changes even feature dancing horses and adorable baby elephants. Familiar themes from Ramayana are woven in – wait till your children watch the ‘hanumans’ and their antics. More than an hour of stunning entertainment with hi-tech special effects. The cast of hundreds even poses for photographs with your family. The experience is totally unforgettable and unmissable.

Price: Adult/Child – 2500 baht and up

4. ART in Paradise: Watch out! These paintings are ‘alive’

Image Credits: Indu B

Your children will laugh a lot – but also learn a lot, about the world’s famous paintings. This utterly quirky and clever art museum has startling 3-D tricks, like cleverly painted shadows added on, to make every real handpainted-picture interactive with loads of funny photo opportunities.

Image Credits: Indu B

A popular visit, Art in Paradise is just a 15-minute drive from Pattaya City centre. Despite all the giggles and leg-pulls, a tour of the attraction is an enjoyable, educational experience.

Price: Adult – 500 baht & Child – 300 baht


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5. Pattaya Beach sports: Water lotta fun

Image Credits: Thailand Tourism

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Here are all the beach fun and games your water-crazy family loves. After your experience at Ramayana Water Park, parasailing here will be a breeze. Never miss out on the banana boat ride where your whole family can sit, sail and scream together. There are also other thrillers like jet skiing and water-boarding. Snorkelling and scuba diving also await the adventurous at Coral Island close to Pattaya Beach.

Image Credits: Thailand Tourism

Now that’s a summer well spent.

Price: Parasailing – 600 baht, Banana Boat – 600 baht for a group of 5, Jet Ski – 700 baht for a couple.

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