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Seminyak Beach
Written by Rajoo on May 26, 2020 Share on

Why You Should Visit Seminyak Beach

Nestled to the North of Legian Beach, particularly known for its sunsets with a continuous stretch of white sand for about 3 km from both ends is the heavenly “Seminyak Beaches”. Seminyak Beaches is known for its high-end luxury spa services at a quite cheaper price than the western countries. Stays at extravagant places offer free spa services wherein villa-stays, it is certain to check with the operators. The Prana Spa, De Nyuh Spa & Beauty salon, Karian Spa, Body Works are some of the best visits for a relaxing rejuvenation treatment and indulge in quality personal space. Balinese cooking classes is another pleasant experience offered to the visitors by experienced local chefs, turning the stay fun with a new skill learned. The astonishing high waves attract a lot of surfers to this destination to enjoy the abundant surfing adventures.

Seminyak Beach
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Despite abundant glamour of the sunsets and fashion boutiques, dining styles the place has it’s separate base for traditional and cultural aspects. The Petitenget Temple, Seminyak Beach’s central cultural landmark is of great consequence. Exceptional indoor activities are also being carried out in the destination like Room-Escape challenges which will throw a breath-taking experience upon tourists with a guarantee of best life-time experience exercising brains in the coolest place.

The good-natured amiability offered by the beach resorts and clubs here tantalizes the tourists for a holiday reappearance frequently. The main shopping street is the Jalan Raya Seminyak which is 1.8km long and attracts almost all the boutiques, arts, bars, and others of their like.

Having enjoyed the sunsets and calmness of the sea, Seminyak Beach is best known for its own party time rolls. One can dress up if they are up for a night filled with electronic music, discounted drinks, cocktail parties, classy dinings and chill times. The place also offers a treasure trove for its designer boutiques. Thaikila, Drifter, Magali Pascal are all to be visited to enjoy a complete fashion lifestyle. For people with interests in art, Folk Art Gallery, Nyaman Gallery, Lukisan traditional & modern paintings are some interesting spots to spend quality time.

Seminyak Beach
Image Credits: Flickr

How To Reach

It is advisable to take the road through car via Kuta and Legian, Jalan Legian runs parallel to the Seminyak Beach. But on the other hand it can be avoided to take this route because the place is accustomed to getting congested in a short span. The Eastern bypass is one another route which comparatively gets us to the destination much quicker. Taxi services are also available from the airport to the beach resorts at an affordable cost.

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee for entering Seminyak Beach, however, you may spend some on a daybed at places like Potato Head Beach Club to enjoy the genial weather conditions.

Best Time To Visit

Considering the weather conditions, it is suggested to visit Seminyak Beach from the month of May to October to completely enjoy the sojourn. Also, in particular, there is no time off or on to enter Seminyak Beach and it is available on all days of the week round the clock. The best time could be when it is the sunset (6:00 to 7:00 P.M) with a sparkling view, adding with a perfect sunset cruise for the most delightful experience.

Seminyak Beach
Image Credits: Flickr


  • Do adhere to the dress code when entering into traditional places.
  • Do not indulge in drugs or cheap liquors as this might put the visitors under a firing squad. Avoid them at any cost because there are strict Indonesian laws prohibiting such acts.
  • Try out the surfing and cooking adventures for they are considered to be the best among the other western countries and nearby islands.
  • The Fashion lifestyle here is a must-try, so do check out on the main street “Jalan Raya Seminyak”.

The Seminyak Beaches here offer an enchanting view but it is not advisable to swim rather enjoy the view with cocktails on the beachside. Ku De Ta is chosen to be the best among other bars or restaurants for its right location at the beach-side with a pleasant atmosphere and is ranked number one in the party spots at Seminyak. The breezes, Kokonut suites, Double six luxury hotels, Ananta Legian are some best picks for high-end stays. Private villa stays are also available at the destination.

If one plans to escape from the chaos and fall into the otherworldly yet live doing, Seminyak stands a champion. So plan your next exciting trip with Pickyourtrail by booking one of our epic Bali packages.

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