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Luxembourg in winter
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Winter In Luxembourg: Top Attractions to Explore in this Wonderland

Luxembourg has a reputation of being the world’s richest country by GDP per capita. In fact, every citizen earns over a hundred thousand dollars yearly! It’s a small country with just an area of 998 square miles and is among the smallest countries in the world. Not more than 500,000 residents live here and it is a massive town than a country. Now you might expect Luxembourg to be a wildly expensive destination, but it really isn’t.

From delightful towns and villages to the scenic countryside that is easily accessible by train, you will be stunned by its aged fortresses and stunning castles all around. In fact, Luxembourg in winter becomes even more scintillating. The city centre itself is a UNESCO world heritage site. The size of the place, when compared to the number of main attractions, concentrated here makes this a tourist paradise.

Weather during Winter in Luxembourg

Winter in Luxembourg lasts from December to March, with December and January being the coldest and snowiest months. Temperatures during winter in Luxembourg averages between -1° and 8° Celsius. Luxembourg experiences a good amount of snowfall likely to be deepest around late December. The northern part of the country is colder throughout the year than in the south. Adventurer seekers can enjoy some good hikes or bike tours along with gorgeous panoramas. Ice skating is a top winter activity and might help you reduce the little weight that you gained during the holiday season.

Winter in Luxembourg
Credits: Pixabay

Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg In Winter

Let’s explore the top attractions to visit in Luxembourg in winter for your cosy winter holiday! All these places have something to offer for all traveller types.

1. Diekirch

Diekirch Place de la Libération
Diekirch Place de la Libération, Credits: Google images

Named after the nation’s most popular beer, Diekirch is a well-loved tourist spot located in North Eastern Luxembourg. The city sits on river Sauer surrounded by mountains on both sides. Did you know that the town’s mascot is the donkey? There is a donkey fountain in the centre of Diekirch where a yearly carnival procession is held under the sign of the donkey.

It’s a well-organized city and was the first town in Luxembourg to have a pedestrian zone, in 1977. You can look out on the pedestrian zones for cafes, shopping malls, and public concerts. The National Museum of Musée Automobile, the beer museum, and the National Museum of Military History are some famous attractions here.

2. Echternach

Mullerthal Trail
Mullerthal Trail, Credits: Pixabay

Echternach is a small cosy town by the German border and is the oldest town in Luxembourg. Pilgrims have been visiting this town on every Whit Tuesday for around 500 years to witness the dancing procession held in honour of St. Willibrord, the founder of this town.

It’s a perfect place for explorers here, thanks to the laid back atmosphere. Hiking in Mullerthal or cycling by the river Sauer is a must-do activity here. The Prehistory Museum, the Basilica, and the Roman Villa are some of the top yearlong attractions here.

3. Vianden

Vianden castle in Luxembourg
Credits: Pixabay

Vianden is a quiet, hilly town on the bank’s of river Our bordering Germany. Popularly known for the Vianden Castle that stands high above the river built during the 11th and 14th centuries, it is a striking old charm of this city. You can witness some awe-inspiring photogenic vistas here in this historical town.

A fantastic restaurant sits on top of the castle which is accessed only by chair lift, giving some stupendous views of Vianden and the nearby mountains. The Victor Hugo museum is a must-visit for the history buffs spending their winter in Luxembourg city.

4. The City Of Luxembourg

winter in Luxembourg
Credits: Google images

Bordering France, Berlin, and Germany, the capital city is a UNESCO world heritage site and the major financial centre. Built amid deep gorges formed by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, it has its reputation from the ruins of medieval fortifications. This city is a unique blend of modern progress and historical brilliance.

Winter in Luxembourg city is incomplete without visiting The Grand Ducal Palace, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Place d’Armes, Adolphe Bridge and the casemates. The fortress of Luxembourg, one of the best highlights glorifies European culture.

5. The Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley
Credits: Google images

The Moselle Valley is a 42 km alluring stretch of “twists and turns” between Wasserbillig to Schengen. Both the river and valley encounters small villages, wine cooperatives, and several vineyards along their way. Today, its hillsides are blessed by terraced vineyards where some of the best Rieslings grow- a special variety of white grapes!

Each village here has a unique charm and is home to some finest dining restaurants which will tempt you to stay a bit longer here. Remerschen, Remich, Greiveldange, and Machtum are some villages here with rich culture and traditions. The valley also has some exotic fruit plantations, themed hikes, dinner cruises, and many other water sports.

6. The Ardennes

Winter in Ardennes
Credits: Pixabay

Ardennes is a region in southeast Belgium that extends further into Luxembourg. Once the home to fierce battles in both World Wars, it encompasses rugged terrain, meandering rivers, snowy caves and dense forests crisscrossed with hiking paths. It is an exceptional nature experience in winter in Luxembourg.

Within Ardennes, there are two natural parks, Nature park Oewersauer and Our, both with flavours of their own. For more adventure, you can enjoy Nordic walking by the Alzette.

7. Larochette

Larochette in luxembourg
Credits: Google images

Located right at the centre of Luxembourg, Larochette is an ideal home for the trip through the Grand Duchy. The town sits between two rivers and villages with slate-roofed homes that stand out in this picturesque location. The cliffs run through the medieval ruins of the castle called Maison de Crehange.

Do not miss out on the wonderful cafes and fine dining restaurants. In short, it is definitely one of the best places to visit in Luxembourg in winter.

Filled with historic beauty, yummy food, alluring music, exotic culture and snow, winter in Luxembourg is surely fascinating and beautiful. Make sure you plan your Luxembourg vacation with our experts at Pickyourtrail to ensure the best guidance for your European adventure. And oh! Don’t forget to load up your winter wear, you will surely need them, loads of them!

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