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Written by Akshaya Devi on March 30, 2020 Share on

A Photo Tour Around the World Halted by Coronavirus

The Louvre is not swarmed by tourists now, queues in the Disneyland are empty, and the Gold Coast beaches which once teemed with tourists are now desolate. Not fun as we thought it would be. Irony aside, these are also not the signs of defeat or despair — but hope, prudence and more importantly, the sign that life goes on, whatsoever.

And while people are at it, fighting the invisible, this is how the iconic landscapes from around the world look:

1. An almost empty Times Square with awareness billboards instead of advertisements

2. A desolate Disneyland stays closed indefinitely

3. A priest silently observes the empty Cologne Cathedral in Germany

4. Australia versus New Zealand match would’ve never taken place in an empty Sydney Cricket Ground if not for the coronavirus

5. Olympics flame being preserved with hopes of light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel

6. San Francisco doing an amazing job sending hopes to help restore the faith of the distraught natives

7. The iconic Paramount Theatre in Seattle chooses to spread some smiles and warmth in the process

8. The famous Piazza del Duomo leaves the flying residents wondering where the people are

9. The Louvre, the world’s largest art museum, is actually empty after ages

10. Proof that nothing, not even the coronavirus, can refrain Tokyo residents from enjoying the Cherry Blossoms Festival

11. And not just in Tokyo. In Philadelphia too.

12. Russian pianist Denis Matsuev plays to an empty hall and live-streams it to cheer up the people quarantined in their homes

13. A very viral art on the Berlin wall has the great Gollum fondly looking at a toilet paper roll, screaming, “My Treasure”!

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