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World’s best bars

So, the week is finally ending or your friends just came over and you are running out of things to do. Whatever be your issue, these world’s best bars are always a cool weekend idea. Grab a glass we are globe-trotting to all the best bars in the world.

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Alux Bar Lounge 

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Alux bar and restaurant
Image credit – aluxrestaurant

It doesn’t get more exclusive than this – hidden in a complex of limestone cavern dating 10,000 years back is the Alux Bar Lounge & Restaurant. Lit by candles and subtle lighting, the place is decked quite tastefully even while staying true to the spirit of this place. Mystique and Mayan magic come alive through Alux’s list of exotic food and cocktails.

At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa


At.mosphere Dubai
Image credit – atmosphereburjkhalifa

Sitting 442 metres above the ground, there’s much more to do while in Burj Khalifa than stand and awe at the views below. Picture this – panoramic views of the spectacular Dubai and the Arabian Gulf below while you sip on a cocktail from At.mosphere’s critically acclaimed menu.

Sample their acclaimed menu. After a hearty meal, head to these places!



Image credit – Cybermachina

Love a little games to go with your drink? This video-game-joint-cum-bar Cybermachina is a popular game pub chain joint in Poland. Embellished with just the decor to keep any gamer hooked – take a shot and get playing. It is dispensed with an  Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, NES and even an arcade.

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Darkside Bar


Created as a tribute to the dark forces, the Darkside bar has been popping up in multiple locations in USA – Washington DC, Los Angeles, and New York City. From an array of cocktails named Blue Force, Red Force, the Dark Side, the Imperial, the Galaxy to the bar interiors being recreated by Hollywood set designers – no lightsaber has been left unturned.

The bar encourages you to dress up as your favourite character and dance the night away with in-house Darth Vader. More insider info here.

Time to embrace the darkness.



Delirium cafe
Image credit – theculturetrip

Strictly for the beer lovers, here you can taste more than 2500 types of beers. An enviable list that starts from the trademark dark beers of Belgium to the unusual coco, chocolate and banana flavoured beers to everything in between – there won’t be enough time to try everything. So keep coming for more.

Visit them.

Dive Bar


Promising to be anything but the usually dingy versions dive bars promise, this one really kicks up the standards with large chandeliers, plush leather couches and a huge aquarium above the bar. Featuring a beautiful merman or mermaid making an appearance at intervals, this is one cool bar you must visit. Here’s what a typical day in Dive Bar is like:

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H.R Giger Bar


H.R Giger Bar
Image credit – diasporabrazil

Ever thought about how Pinnochio survived those few minutes inside a whale? No, you only think of yourself. H.R Giger Bar is your chance at redemption. Structured like the skeletal insides of a prehistoric beast, this is bar is set inside an ancient castle. The skeletal structure imitating the arches of vertebrae repeats itself – on the wall, chairs, the ceiling.

There’s nothing more cooler than cracking open a cold one inside a dead one. Check them out.

Ice Bar

Quebec, Canada

Ice bar
Image credit – taketours

Boy did the Canadians take it too far this time. As if winter wasn’t cold enough in Quebec, the Hotel de Glace offers you a stay at the Ice Hotel. Among the many experiences here, walk into the Ice Bar a take a swig of *insert favourite drink* from an Ice Glass. Ice glass making workshop is also on offer – a skill best left to use when you are here.

Literally, one of the coolest bars you will be to, visit them.

Lagoon Bar


Lagoon Bar
Image credit – lifeinpleasantville

What’s better than soaking in the hot pools of Iceland’s Blue Pool? Doing it with a drink in hand, of course. A quick call for your favourite cocktail or even a smoothie and you can laze away while sipping away at your drink like a cool cat.

Check them out.

Don’t know what to do while you’re not soaking your time away at Iceland? These absolutely free things will keep you occupied and in awe!

Northern Lights Bar

Reykjavik, Iceland

Northern Lights Bar
Image credit – ioniceland

Overlooking Lake Thingvallavatn, the Northern Lights Bar is located in the Ion Hotel close to the Silfra fissure. With double height glass walls and an array of beers from Iceland’s microbreweries, this is just the perfect spot to catch the Northern lights from. Love the outdoors? There’s even a geothermal pool outside to catch the lights at.

Visit them.

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Smugglers Cove

San Francisco, USA

Smugglers Cove
Image credit – smugglerscovesf

Ever wanted to ride aboard the Black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow. Here’s where you can be a pirate for the day – Smugglers Cove. Set in the buzzing San Francisco, this bar is a sure-shot getaway from the world outside. With a decor that will put any pirate ship to shame and more rum than Captain Sparrow could dream about – you don’t need an eyepatch or a wooden leg to feel like you belong at Smugglers Cove.

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Once you have set your eyes on a place or a bar, hit us up!

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