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Written by Akshaya Devi on June 30, 2020 Share on

Ever wanted to self-isolate in your own private Swedish village? Here’s what it costs

Want to get quarantined in a private 18th-century Swedish spa village? You can, if are wondering what to do with the 7 million dollars in your bank account to spare. Otherwise, who wouldn’t want to skip everything and move here in a heartbeat?

Sätra Brunn, a 320-year-old Swedish wellness town located 124 km north of Stockholm is auctioned for bids ranging from 7 million dollars. Originally, Sätra Brunn was founded in the 1700s as a wellness destination around a natural spring present in the area. The idea was to draw on the therapeutic benefits and the healing properties of natural mineral springs nestled in an idyllic surrounding, that quite can’t get any better. Unperturbed by the changes that ensued or the light of tourism that was cast upon itself, Sätra Brunn has been and continues to be the same tranquil village to date.

Interestingly, this foliage oasis grew out of its commercial shell long ago to become a much-loved travel destination that includes alluring countryside homes, a few restaurants, wellness bathhouses, Swedish sauna rooms, a church and of course the natural spring as the centre of attraction. The 60-acre village has its own forest where curated traveller-centric events like wedding and parties are held.

Every element of this village promotes wellness, from the insulated timber houses that gather heat to the unspoilt atmosphere that takes you as closest to nature as you can get. Christie’s International Real Estate that has made the auction news public, reinstates that the current proprietors are on the lookout for a steadfast community or management to utilize the potential of this historic spa village to become much more than it is already.

The pandemic has had Sätra Brunn close to its visitors until September 31st 2020, but you can walk through the village right now by clicking on this video.