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Zoo Negara Monument
Written by Rahul on June 16, 2020 Share on

Zoo Negara In Kuala Lumpur – An artificially created wildlife entertainment

Spotted near the Central lake of Kuala Lumpur is the National Zoo of Malaysia, Zoo Negara. Once set up as a Miniature zoo with just one tiger, 6 crocodiles and 5 orangutans, is now a major tourist spot. This is one of the most visited zoos as it recorded its millionth visitor by the year 1966. While caged zoos were in display, V.M Hutson, the founder, created a unique experience for the people. This Zoo was open to the public during the year 1963 for 6 days a week. People come here in flocks to see the beautiful display of the differentiated wildlife. People will instantly fall in love with the wildlife and how they have been set. Home to more than 5100 animals and 416 different species, is an open concept zoo where the animals are in a spacious environment and it is a must-visit attraction in Kuala Lumpur.

The lions having their day at the Zoo Negara
Image Captions: Shireah Ragnar on Unsplash

Zoo Negara – Special Attractions

The Amazing Zoo Negara is home to many endangered species. The rare species like Gibbons, Sumatran tiger and Orangutans, it is also home to 80 endangered species of aquatic animals. This zoo is also one of the oldest and the most visited public aquarium. One unique scheduled show here is the elephant show at the zoo’s amphitheatre. There is also the famous elephant ride through the lush green environment. The children world in this zoo is close to all the kids visiting the zoo. They will get to come in close contact with guinea pigs, ducks, rabbit and parrots. In addition to this, there are many mini gardens and caves for all nature enthusiasts to know more about the unique flora and fauna. The zoo came across the latest addition of 2 endangered giant pandas behind a glass window. What more do you need for a perfect tourist attraction?

Orangutans at the Zoo Negara
Image Credits: Dawn Armfield on Unsplash

Zoo Negara Exhibits:

There are about 16 exhibits found in Zoo Negara just for the tourists to have one of their best times. They are the following.

Reptile Park:

Having both indoor and outdoor exhibits, which has the famous Crocodiles, Tortoises, Terrapins, Venomous snakes and Amphibians like frogs and toads all from their origin place.


The collection of monkeys the zoo contain are long-tailed macaques, silver leaf monkeys, pig-tailed macaques and many more.

Giant Panda conservation centre:

A male and a female endangered panda have been conserved behind a glass window in an airconditioned room. They are on a 10-year loan.

Giant Pandas at the Exhibits
Image Credits: Image by Dimitri Houtteman from Pixabay

Malaysian elephants:

There are currently 3 Malaysian elephants in the exhibit of which Siti and Sibol are female and Teriang is the male. They have been present in this zoo since they were very young.

Lake Birds:

This exciting lake exhibit has birds like Black-headed ibis, Egrets, Pelicans, Swans, Painted storks, Milky storks and many more.

Bird Aviary:

This exhibit has more than 100 species of free-flying birds in the aviary.

Nocturnal Exhibits:

This exhibit is home to fruit bats, which is the largest bat in the world, mousedeer and Malayan tapir.

The four legged Malayan tapir
Image Credits: Photo by Dušan Smetana on Unsplash


This exhibit is home to Variety of marsupials like the wallabies, pademelons and kangaroos.

These are some of the most important exhibits of the zoo that people should have to visit.


This Zoo Negara is open to the public during the prime hours which is 9 AM to 5 PM. This Zoo also has wheelchair access to the physically challenged.


Adults: 82 Ringgits
Child: 33 Ringgits
Senior citizen: 23 Ringgits
Physically challenged with a certificate: Free

You will certainly love spending your time here as the Zoo Negara has something for all age groups. You will certainly not regret going here. Find this attraction while building your customized itinerary for your Malaysian holiday package on the Pickyourtrail website. Do follow the site for more fresh travel-related contents.