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Written by Janani on November 16, 2022

Zoos in Canada – Top 5 must-visit Zoos in Canada

Canada is a country that is enough to satisfy the wishes of any kind of traveller. Be it breathtaking hikes, gorgeous natural parks, or the mirror-like emerald glacial lakes, Canada has got it all to make your vacation worthwhile. Most Canadian cities are home to well-maintained zoos that give you a chance to unwrap some of nature’s best-kept secrets. Zoos in Canada are the best way to admire and interact with the unique wildlife of this region. Read on to know more about Top 5 Zoos in Canada.

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Top 5 Zoos in Canada

 Zoos in Canada are a perfect family destination. It offers a chance to enjoy day trips with your family and friends. Here’s a handpicked list of Top 5 Zoos in Canada that you must-see on your next visit. 

  1. Toronto Zoo
  2. Calgary Zoo
  3. Edmonton Valley Zoo
  4. Granby Zoo
  5. Magnetic Hill Zoo

1. Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is the biggest zoos in Canada and is home to more than 5000 animals from more than 450 species. This zoo in Canada is well-panned and is thoughtfully divided into 7 regions thereby showcasing animals from different continents in their natural habitat. 

Source: Unsplash

Must-see: Great Barrier Reef and Tundra Trek exhibits, Waterside Theatre and animal Keeper Talks.

Location: 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 5K7, Canada
(Open in Google Maps)
Opening Hours: 09:30 AM – 04:30 PM (Daily)

2. Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is one of the best zoos in Canada for a fulfilling day out with family. This zoo houses more than 100 unique species of animals along with a myriad of engaging and interesting activities. 

Source: Unsplash

Must-see: Panda Passage, safari brunch on Sunday mornings and Zoolights during Christmas.

Location: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7V6, Canada
(Open in Google Maps)
Opening Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (Daily)

3. Edmonton Valley Zoo

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is one of the smallest zoos in Canada that completely focuses on animal conservation. It also features a number of engaging animal-human interaction programmes to provide an intimate experience to its visitors. This zoo houses about 350 native and exotic animals from over 100 unique species. 

Source: Google Images

Must-see: New Entry Plaza, State-of-the-art education facility, Wander Trail along the river. 

Location: 13315 Buena Vista Road & 87th Avenue, Edmonton, Canada
(Open in Google Maps)
Opening Hours: 
10 AM – 04 PM (Mon-Fri)
09 AM – 05 PM (Sat-Sun)

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4. Granby Zoo

Granby is one of the most amazing zoos in Canada. It is also one of the most visited and popular tourist attraction in Quebec City. The Granby Zoo in Canada showcases more than 1000 animals from over 200 species. This zoo now includes a petting zoo, monorail, water park, amusement park and jungle training camp for kids. 

Source: Unsplash

Must-see: The interactive dinosaur exhibition, Feed rays and birds,  Amazoo water park.

Location: 1050 Boulevard David-Bouchard N, Granby, Canada
(Open in Google Maps)
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM (Varies from season to season- check their schedule before visit)

5. Magnetic Hill Zoo

The Magnetic Hill Zoo was established with the prime motive of protecting animals, public awareness and education. This zoo is one of the largest zoos in Atlantic Canada. It is home to Amur tiger, lemurs, Gibbon Apes and many other animals. 

Source: Google Images

Must-see: Boo at The Zoo (October), Wild Lights (Dec-Jan) and Zookeeper programme (Kids).

Location: 125 Magic Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB E1G 4V7, Canada
(Open in Google Maps)
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 4 PM (Daily)

These are the Top 5 Zoos in Canada. The other popular Zoos in Canada that you can visit are the Greater Vancouver Zoo, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Riverview Park and Zoo, Cherry Brook Zoo and British Columbia Wildlife Park. With such a large number of Zoos, you never have to worry as to how to keep your kids happy and occupied, when in Canada. Make sure you check out Pickyourtrail and plan a happy holiday. You can also browse through the popular Canada Packages. Need more help?  Unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail! 

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