Bungee Jumping In Dubai

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  • Dubai Half-Day City Tour: Dubai Creek + Deira Souks + Jumeirah Mosque + Atlantis The Palm Hotel
  • Visit 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa
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  • Dubai Half-Day City Tour: Dubai Creek + Deira Souks + Jumeirah Mosque + Atlantis The Palm Hotel
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  • Visit 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa
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  • SUPER SAVER Three Activity- Dubai CIty Tour, Desert Safari & Dhow Cruise by Creek
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  • Visit 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa
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  • Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Creek with SIC Transfer
  • Watch an Incredible Dolphin Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium
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  • The View At The Palm ( Non- Prime Hours )
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  • Desert Safari tour of fun and heart-stopping activities with a BBQ dinner (Premium)
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  • Explore Dubai Mall – Attractions Include the Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa (Non-prime Hours), Dubai Fountain Show & Underwater Zoo
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Bungee jumping in a skyscraper-filled metropolis is a must-do in Dubai. Gravity Zone is Dubai's only permanent bungee operator, taking you up to 50 meters above the ground and letting you free fall! As you free fall to the view of the Burj Khalifa and the stunning Dubai shoreline, you will be treated to a spectacular vista of the Dubai metropolis. While jumping off the towering crane with bungee elastic bands linked to your body, the pros guarantee that everyone is safe and sound. You can jump single or in a group of two with your friends and family to double the excitement of this adventurous pastime!

Where can you do Bungee Jumping in Dubai?

You can bungee jump at this spectacular place called the Gravity Zone!

The Gravity Zone in Dubai will provide you with the adrenaline rush you've been waiting for your whole life. In a traditional gravity-defying Bungee Jump, this experience in the sky lowers you 50 meters.

The Gravity Zone Bungee Jump is a 300-foot (91-meter) drop made possible by your closest buddy, Mister Bungee, the elastic cable system that will safeguard you from a free fall on its own. The Gravity Zone is absolutely secure, and you are always in good hands, working with trained teachers, despite the vast distance and final exhilaration of it all.

Gravity Zone also employs experienced photographers and videographers who use their cameras to capture memories that will help you remember this thrilling trip for the rest of your life. In the photographs or films you pay for, you may also use Dubai's skyline or the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as a background.

Dubai defies all expectations of the ideal holiday. The sights, the sounds, and the thrills of Gravity Zone! Some rules are:

  • Minimum age is 14 years old.
  • You're ready to leap as long as you have a doctor's note!
  • Options for group activities, charity fundraising, and team building

Price range starts at 360 AED for bungee jumping in Dubai.

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Tips for Experiencing the Best Bungee Jumping in Dubai

  • Go with a reputed firm

Make sure you're jumping with a recognised firm that follows strict safety and risk management protocols. Consider the following: Is there a second location where the bungee cable is attached to each customer? Have they been in business for a long time?

  • Have faith in yourself

One of the most difficult things for a first-time bungee jumper to comprehend is the notion that they are going to jump from a perfectly excellent structure. There will be nerves since it is not a natural thing to do. First-time jumpers should enjoy this sensation, have faith in themselves, and believe that they can achieve it. They are the only thing that stands in their path.

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  • Don't trust the urban legends

Bungee jumping, like many other extreme adventure sports, has amassed a slew of urban legends throughout the years. Your eyes will not pop out of their sockets, and your back will not shatter! Myths are usually generated by individuals who are afraid of facing a problem and are looking for an easy way out!

  • Bring a spirit of adventure to the table

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. Accept the challenge and overcome the fear that many individuals have of regretting not doing so.

  • Bring a companion

There's no better way to try bungee than with a friend! After bungee jumping on the same day, you'll be lifelong friends. What a way to flaunt your accomplishments!

  • Have faith in the leap

To get a good bungee jumping experience, you must complete a lengthy, in-depth research on what you are doing. Only then can you have confidence before taking the big leap. Countdown with slow breaths: 5-4-3-2-1-bungee! Don't be hesitant; the more you think about it, the more difficult it gets. Just do it already!

  • Carefully consider your surroundings

Not only the leap, but the entire experience is what bungee jumping is all about. You want to be in a relaxing, beautiful place that stimulates all of your senses, not in a crane above a parking lot or in a sideshow alley.

  • Dress in comfy clothing

Wear whatever you're most at ease in. It doesn't matter if you're wearing t-shirts, singlets, shorts, or long pants. For the females, we wouldn't recommend wearing a skirt, dress, or high heels. Bungee jumping may be done barefoot, but if you choose to use shoes, make sure they are encased and secure on your feet.

  • Be prepared to become addicted!

This thrilling activity is extremely enthralling! Be prepared to feel an incredible sense of personal pleasure and accomplishment after completing your first bungee jump; no one else accomplished it for you. You did a bungee leap! And trust us when we guarantee you'll want to go bungee jumping again and again!

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