Dune Bashing In Dubai Tour Packages

Dune Bashing in Dubai

If you are looking for Dune Bashing in Dubai, you have bashed the right blog. Dubai is a city and emirate known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene in the United Arab Emirates. 

Dune Bashing in Dubai safari is one of the best activities to take up in Dubai. Along with that, Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks is situated on artificial islands just offshore. The skyline is dominated by Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall structure.

Dubai Fountain lies at its foot, with music choreographed by jets and lights. Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf coast, Dubai strives to be Western Asia’s commercial centre. It is also a significant regional centre of passenger and freight transport. 

If you are looking for details like ‘How much is Dune Bashing in Dubai?’ read through. You have it all in this blog. Here’s a list of the Amazing Desert experiences in Dubai. Have a look! UAE culture revolves essentially around traditional Arab culture.

The influence of Arab and Islamic culture is also very prominent on its architecture, music, attire, cuisine, and lifestyle. Muslims are called to pray five times a day from the minarets of mosques spread across the world. Friday and Saturday have been the weekend since 2006.

Amazing Desert Experiences in Dubai

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

A trip without going on a desert safari with BBQ Dinner in Dubai is incomplete. With dune smashing, camel trips, carriage drives, henna modelling stands, belly dancing and some outstanding displays being part of the kit, the trip takes about six hours. The extravagant dinner buffet offers veg as well as non-veg. They do have Shisha cabins which have exotic Shisha varieties.

Morning Desert Safari

And if it might get a little hotter in the evenings, the Dune Bashing in Dubai safari is accessible during the year given the weather is fine. The safari involves a number of fun events such as sandboarding, camel trips, buggy drives etc. The whole tour lasts about 5-6 hours and is a great way to explore the region’s deserts. There are various packages available according to preferences, budget and time to choose from for a safari.

Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight desert safari, conducted right in the middle of the night, opens options and the clear skies for a marvellous stargazing opportunity. Since the nights are cooler and full of flowing breeze, it makes the aura a bit more romantic and also more adventurous to ride late into the night on the dunes. Standing in the middle of this Arabian Desert is a relaxing experience because during the late-night hours this magnificent land is a nirvana of peace and tranquillity. This overnight desert safari could begin with a pleasant BBQ meal, a cultural program and a Dubai desert dune safari that can stretch into a desert camp stay and finish with an early morning breakfast.

Camel Safari in Dubai

There’s no doubt that camel safaris are very popular in the region. Experience how people migrated 50 years ago across the desert when no other alternative was available. On the magnificent animals back the camel safari lasts about 45 min. Typically it’s a bundle along with the whole desert safari trip one can either take along with their loved ones during their Dubai honeymoon time.

Dune Buggy

One kind of off-road experience to explore the sands is a dune buggy. The dune buggies are fully equipped with safety convoys which include all-round roll cages, seat belts, bucket seats, night lights, fire extinguisher and constant mechanical support. All single-seater and double seat buggies are eligible to choose from, based on driving tastes individually or together. While the operation is possible to try during the year, for safety purposes, such raw weather conditions can cause the authorities to take down the activity.

Dune Bashing

What Dune Bashing in Dubai is all about is a private roller coaster in a 4×4 land cruiser that reaches the sand dunes, operated by a professional pilot. The visits they create to take any mind-blowing images of the desert will be an enhancement to the exciting trip. At night, the perfect moment to take the journey will be when one will watch the sun going down as the colours of the sky transform from orange to grey.

Private Night Safari and Stargazing

Dubai offers the best beauty of the night in all possible forms once the sun goes down. Experience stunning telescope images of the incredible night sky wrapped in a star-looking sight like never before with billions of planets. This delightful activity is performed on an ever so stylish legendary Land Rover vintage. Enjoy the stunning sights with binoculars and headlamps for night vision.

Al Maha Desert Resort

Al Maha Desert Resort is elegantly seated along the paths of the palms. Featuring Bedouin’s ornate architecture, one can taste the tinge of royalty here. A broad variety of top-notch facilities can be enjoyed at this luxurious spa, such as the Hajar Terrace Lounge, Al Diwaan, which is its well-furnished lounge & restaurant. Besides this, infinity pool temperature-controlled, round-the-clock service and exceptional hospitality is something that adds up to a unique stay experience.

Best time to visit Dubai

It’ll actually be the best opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates during the cooler months of the year. The Middle Eastern climate is generally warm and hot. In both October and February the perfect time to join the UAE is. At this time of year, the weather is mild and allows for a nice jacket or jumper. Dubai summers are exceptionally dry, windy and humid, with an annual high of about 41 ° C (106 ° F) and a decrease of around 30 ° C (86 ° F) at night in the hottest month of August. Most happy days of the year. In January, the coolest month, winters are comparatively cool, with an average 24 ° C (75 ° F) high and 14 ° C (57 ° F) lows overnight. 

What to wear for Dune Bashing in Dubai

Wearing comfortable clothes is absolutely essential. Try to wear long pants along with comfy T-shirts. You are allowed to wear shorts. However, it happens to be uncomfortable as you will end up gathering sand into your shorts. Hence, long pants are highly recommended. Make sure to wear enough sun protection and take along scarves and sunglasses. Make sure you prefer simplicity and comfort over fashion. Wear elegant sandals or light weight shoes. This way you will protect yourself from both the scorching sun and cooler nights. Cover your hair with a scarf and be ready for some exciting tasks. 

What To Expect in Dune Bashing in Dubai Safari

If you are going on a hot air balloon safari, you will be picked up from the place you stay as early as 3.30 AM in the morning. Since most of the places are at least 45 to 1 hour away from the city centre, you will slowly move away from the city. You will realise the noises and hustle-bustle of city life fading away. Make sure you eat very light before you board your vehicle. This enables you to enjoy the process thoroughly without any hassles. The vehicle on which you ride will be driven at increased and decreased speeds. Hence to prevent any kind of nauseating feeling, make sure you eat light. You will have the best adventurous experience. Make sure you sit by the window seat for the best view. 

How much does Dune Bashing in Dubai cost

Dune Bashing in Dubai prices depends on the packages you choose and the kind of safari you prefer, you will have to spend. For your question to ‘how much is Dune Bashing in Dubai’, on an average, the desert safari in Dubai on an average costs from INR 2000 to INR 20,000 per person. Since Dubai is a desert city, it is the low season in summer as Dubai’s summer is extremely hot. So if you are taking up this safari during the summer months of June and August, the prices will drop. However, remember to wear sunscreen and keep yourself hydrated throughout the process. 

Popular spots for Dune Bashing experience in Dubai

If you are a first timer looking for some best places to experience Dune Bashing in Dubai, here is all you need to know. These are the top 3 places to experience Dune Bashing. 

Liwa Desert:

This is one of the best places to experience Dune Bashing in Dubai. Rightly filled with the atmosphere of adventure, this takes you to the level of thrill you will first time experience in your life. Liwa desert is the largest desert in Arabian peninsula and hence is the most appropriate place to go for bashing. Popular Dune Bashing festivals in Dubai take place here every year and this gives you the right conclusion that this is the absolute best place. But this likely is not the right place to hit if you are a beginner.


This place is just 45 minutes away from the city centre. Bidayer, unlike other places, has red sand. If you fall under the first timer category, there could be no better place in Dubai to experience this Dune Bashing. 


The vibe of this place smells so adventurous with large dunes and might not suit you if you don't have prior experience. Hence, if you are a beginner do not prefer this place to experience Dune Bashing in Dubai. 

Dubai Dune Bashing Tips

Before you plan to go on a Dune Bashing, figure out what kind of package suits you as there are about 8 to 9 different types of safari. They are: 

  1. Morning Desert Safari

  2. Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

  3. Overnight Desert Safari

  4. Hummer Desert Safari

  5. Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

  6. 4x4 Desert Safari

  7. Evening Desert Safari

  8. Camel Safari in Dubai

  9. Private Night Safari and Stargazing

Hence, it is important to realise your budget and your adventure tolerance to choose what you want. After choosing the safari you wanted, go ahead with booking well in advance. Do not forget to specify if you are carrying your kid (between the age 2 to 5) along. Before you hop on to your safari vehicle, here are some tips you need to know. 

  1. Wear comfortable dresses. Avoid wearing shorts and stylish footwear. Keeping your dressing simple and comfortable is the game changer here. Keep your footwear light and protective. 

  2. Make sure you eat very light before you board your vehicle. This enables you to enjoy the process thoroughly without any hassles. The vehicle on which you ride will be driven at increased and decreased speeds. Hence to prevent any kind of nauseating feeling, make sure you eat light. 

  3. Deserts are extremely hot and hence it is highly recommended to wear your sunscreens with higher SPF to protect yourself from the scorching sun. 

  4. Make sure to carry your camera along with you. You will be sorted with your instagram hunger. 

  5. Carry some cash along with you to purchase traditional souvenirs which you might miss in Dubai city. Hence if you are looking for some cultural souvenirs, this could be the best place to purchase them.

What Not to Miss in Dune Bashing in Dubai

Make sure you do not miss these 2 must do during your Dune Bashing in Dubai. 

  1. Carry your camera along with you. You will have some of the best pictures taken bringing you the best moments alive every time you see it. 

  2. Try getting a front seat or a window seat during your ride. You will get the best view along with the experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dune Bashing

1. What should I wear for dune bashing in Dubai?

Dune bashing in Dubai safari is a fun filled adventurous activity. It is highly important to dress yourself comfortably before you plan to take up the activity. In regard to your footwear, try wearing sandals or lightboots as they protect you from both the scorching sun and cold evenings. Wear full pants and a comfortable T-shirt. You are allowed to wear shorts but you will end up being uncomfortable as you would gather sand inside your shorts. 

2. Is dune bashing safe?

Yes, dune bashing in Dubai is extremely safe. Even as a first timer, you will feel very comfortable while you will still feel the adrenaline rush of an adventure. For safety reasons, the pressure in the tires of the SUV is also reduced so that you will have a smooth ride. 

3.What is sand bashing?

Sand bashing is the other name of Dune bashing where the vehicle on which you ride will be driven at increased and decreased speeds to bring the right amount of adrenaline rush in you. Usually a sporty vehicle is chosen and Dune bashing in Dubai is an extremely popular activity. 

4. What is sand boarding Dubai?

Your feet will be fastened to a board on which you will slide through the inclined natural landscapes of Dubai desert. This is an extremely fun and adventurous activity you could take up while in Dubai. 

5. Is Dune Bashing scary?

Dune bashing is extremely safe but at the same time this is an adventure filled experience which happens to be a little scary for first timers. But it is important to realise it is a relatively safe activity. 

6. How much does it cost for desert safari in Dubai?

On an average, Dune bashing in Dubai prices depends on the package and kind of vehicle you choose. The cost for desert safari in Dubai ranges from INR 2000 to INR 20,000.

7. What is the age limit for desert safari in Dubai?

Children category is from the age 6 to 11 while above 12 years is considered as adult. However, kids of the age 2 to 5 are also allowed to join Dubai desert safari. It is required to inform while booking your tickets if you are carrying your kids along. 

8. What do you do in a desert safari?

Desert Safari in Dubai is about 6 hours of fun and thrilling package which includes dune bashing, quad biking, camel ride, sand skiing, sand boarding, horse ride and live belly dance along with the sunrise and sunset scenes. 

9. What is the desert called in Dubai?

Located in the southern region of Dubai, this desert is commonly referred to as the ‘empty quarter’.

10. What is included in Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert safari Dubai includes dune bashing, quad biking, camel ride, sand skiing, sand boarding, horse ride and live belly dance along with the sunrise or sunset depending on your package. 

11. How safe is dune bashing in Dubai?

Dune bashing, on the other hand, is absolutely risk-free. Safety equipment is installed in the expensive SUVs that transport you to the insane drivers. To allow for smooth passage across the dunes, tire pressure will be decreased. The only thing you need to do is make sure you book your trip with a reputable business in Dubai.

12. Is dune bashing scary?

Dune bashing is a source of entertainment for some and a source of horror for others.Rollercoasters, bungee jumping, kite surfing, downhill mountain biking, and other adrenaline-fueled events will appeal to those who enjoy extreme sports and adrenaline-fueled experiences. People who prefer to be in charge of their body's adrenaline and are naturally "nervous" passengers should probably avoid dune bashing totally.

13. What is the dune Drive?

The eight-mile (13-kilometer) beautiful journey from the visitor center into the heart of the gypsum dune field is known as Dunes Drive. The round-trip distance of 16 miles (26 kilometers) takes about 45 minutes. Allow extra time to explore the dunes, take photos, and learn about the natural and cultural history of the world's largest gypsum dune field. Outdoor displays, hiking paths, picnic sites, vault toilets, and parking areas can be found along the road. Dunes Drive is paved for the first five miles and then turns into a hard-packed gypsum sand road for the final three miles.Cars, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, and buses can all utilize the road.

14. What is desert dune?

A dune is a sand mound created by the wind, commonly on a beach or in the desert.Wind blows sand into a sheltered location behind an impediment, forming dunes.As sand grains accumulate, dunes form. There is a windward side and a slipface on every dune.

15. How long is dune bashing?

The dune bashing lasts about 20-30 minutes, depending on your preferences and comfort level, following which you are transported to a central camp in the desert and offered an authentic Bedouin experience.

16. What should I wear for dune bashing or What do you wear to dune bashing Dubai?

The majority of the dune bashing journey will be on the jeep so light boots, sneakers, and flip-flops will suffice. Light boots and sneakers would be preferable for strolling on dunes and keeping feet warm at night in the camp.Flip-flops and sandals, on the other hand, are OK.

17. What is sand boarding Dubai?

Sand boarding, like snowboarding, is a desert pastime that entails sliding down the slopes of a sand dune on specially designed boards tied to your feet. Sandboarding in Dubai is possible all year thanks to the natural topography and environment of the city.

18. What are 3 facts about sand dunes?

Dunes arise when the beach is wide enough to allow wind-blown sand to accumulate, and the predominant onshore winds carry the sand inland. A big sand supply, winds to move the sand supply, and a site for the sand supply to accumulate are the three critical factors for coastal dune formation.

19. Why is it called dune?

The farther sand particles may be carried by a strong wind before they fall to the ground, the more powerful it is.These particles form little, wave-shaped sand ripples as they roll and bounce on the ground. These waves can grow into dunes, which are larger formations.

20. What are the 4 types of sand dunes?

There are mainly five types of dunes: barchan, transverse, blowout, linear, and composite.Although it is often easier to detect many varieties of dune from the air, certain deserts only have one main type. The barchan dune is curved like a horseshoe, with the front curve facing the wind.

21. What should wear in desert?

Wear white/reflective, long-sleeved, and long-legged clothing during the day to protect yourself from the sun's rays. However, deserts can get very chilly at night, so you should bring some warm clothing with you.

22. What should I pack for a desert safari?

Visitors should dress in clothing that is breathable and useful in hot and cold weather, as well as in the presence of a lot of dust. To be comfortable while sand skiing and other rides, loose clothing is recommended. While the sun is up, the arid heat remains.A light jacket is required for those going on an evening or overnight safari.

23. What can you use to slide down sand dunes?

Sandboarding is a boardsport and extreme sport comparable to snowboarding that entails standing on a board and riding across or down a sand dune, either with both feet strapped in or standing loosely without bindings. Sandboarding can also be done while sitting or reclining on one's stomach or back.

24. How much does it cost to go sandboarding in Dubai?

The cost of sandboarding is normally around 1500 AED.

25. Can dunes last forever?

Many established dunes appear to be permanent landscape features, but they are actually a landscape of continually moving sand. Sand from the dune will be blown further inland or back onto the shore depending on the direction of the wind.

26. Where is sand dunes found?

Dunes can be seen in deserts, on beaches, and even on eroded and abandoned farm fields in semiarid locations like northwest India and sections of the southwestern United States, where loose sand is windblown.

27. Is dune bashing safe for kids?

Children, especially those under the age of five, have delicate bones that are more susceptible to fractures even inside 4WDs. During dune bashing, the passengers' heads and bodies collide with the roof and sides of the vehicle with each jump and climb down. Children may be wounded as a result of such occurrences as well

28. Can children go on desert safari in Dubai?

In Desert Safari individuals aged 6 to 11 years old are classified as children and adults aged 12 and above are included in the desert safari package. Children aged 2 to 5 years old are welcome to attend., But prior notification is required at the time of booking so that arrangements for kid seats can be made.

29. Can kids ride camels in Dubai?

Camel rides should only be taken by youngsters who are at least 5 years old. The way the camel gets up and down on its forelegs can be rather frightening much younger kids. Longer rides are usually only suitable for children aged 10 and above.

30. What kind of shoes do you wear in the desert?

It's best to wear boots or shoes that weigh less than 2 pounds each. A ventilated upper breathable material will keep you from sweating too much and getting blisters and swollen feet after a long day on the sand.

31. What do you wear at night in the desert?

Think khakis or cargo pants, which are loose, lightweight cotton pants in light shades.Looser pants allow air to circulate and perspiration to dissipate. Long pants can protect your legs from plants with sharp spines.

32. What is the cost of desert safari in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can choose from a variety of desert safari packages. An evening safari trip costs around 55 AED per person on average. The price of the VIP safari, on the other hand, might be as high as 150 AED.

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