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    Dubai Creek Tower


    Dubai Creek – Sail through the heart of Dubai

    If you are reading this to know about the Dubai Creek tower, continue reading. The vibrant Arab city enamours thousands of hundreds of tourists visiting this entertainment and fun-filled city of the world, Dubai, needs no introduction! Dubai creek in UAE is well known for its grandeur, ultra-modern and luxurious buildings, nightlife scenes, fun filled white sandy beaches, exotic and lively nightlife, majestic shopping malls, traditional souk and Arabian coffee, magnificent bird-eye views of the exquisite skylines and pompous lifestyle.

    Creek Tower Dubai is a perfect destination to spend the holiday with your family, loved ones and with your partner, then you have landed at the right place! Dubai is one of the best cities for couples, honeymoon travellers, families and tourists who are looking to experience right from culture, history to exciting adrenaline-pumping theme parks and activities. The city showcases its rich diversity and acts as a  cultural melting pot and action hotspot. The city is vibrant and something exciting is always happening like festivals, carnivals, and events. The colourful city impresses you with its grand mosques, UNESCO world heritage sites, and excellent museums (including its very own Louvre!), exhibitions, wanky buildings, luxury resorts and amazing theme parks. Dubai remains one of the famous and desired holiday destinations for people from all around the world. From a small fishing village to the world’s tallest building to the second largest shopping mall, the city has become a glamorous cosmopolitan city in less than 50 years.

    The city hosts Burj Khalifa, Dubai Shopping Mall, Desert Safari, Palm Island and so many more beautiful landmarks such as Atlantis, Jumeirah in Dubai, which attract millions of tourists every year. This luxury and extravaganza city of Dubai is also home for some of the most beautiful cruise riders.  If you are looking for a scenic sunset ride on a cruise, Dubai Creek tower progress is amazing and the finished structure will leave you agape in amazement.


    Dubai Creek Tower Facts and Information

    • About 140 barrette piles were used for making the foundation. This is one of the record breaking numbers in Dubai architecture. 
    • The design of this Dubai Creek Tower was finalised by the ruler of Dubai. 
    • The tower design is an inspiration model of the lily flower.
    • Dubai Creek tower will exhibit dynamic illumination and movement lightning which will be more appealing visually during both the day and night.
    • This tower is estimated to be taller than the Burj Khalifa. 
    • This tower will give a panoramic view of the whole city. 
    • This tower has 10 observation decks. 



    Inside Creek Tower Dubai

    Dubai creek tower Deira will become the ultimate destination for retails, commercial, residential and entertainment in Dubai. Primarily, the Dubai Creek tower is going to be an observation tower. About 20 floors will have hotels, restaurants and residences. The antenna at the top is for broadcasting purposes. 

    Design and Development of Dubai Creek Tower

    The design of this tower is from the hands of a Spanish-Swiss architect, Santiago Calatrava Valls. He is a structural engineer, painter and a sculptor. The world trade centre transportation hub, the turning torso, Olympic Athletic centre of Athens are some of his earlier works which the world has been talking about. Different parts of this architecture have been inspired from various architectural pieces. But as a whole, the building’s inspiration has been drawn from the desert lily. The cable arrays give this building all the stability it needs. Basically, a twin tower was planned to be constructed which over time was developed into this creek tower Dubai. A tall tower will not only serve its purpose but also will happen to be a tourist attraction. 

    Dubai Creek – scenic side of Dubai

    Dubai Creek is officially called Khor Dubai, a natural saltwater inlet of the Arabian Gulf located in the heart of Dubai with 14 kilometres length and between 100-500 meters width that extends from South-East of Dubai and ends at Ras Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubai. Dubai Creek has a rich history and the place was earlier a fishing area and primary source of livelihood for the local communities. Now, this 14Km long seawater is one of the best places to get an amazing cruising experience in Dubai's main city. Dubai creek is not just about the cruising experience, it also offers the traditional smell of spices wafting by from the Spice Souk, the glitter of gold shimmering from the Gold Souk and the sand brown old almost-skyscrapers of Dubai decking the fringes of the creek.

    The Dubai creek is divided by the bustling old city areas of Deira and Bur Dubai on either side and it hosts ancient monuments and market areas like the Heritage towns, Traditional Dubai Gold and Spice Souks, Sheikh Saeed’s House, the Grand Mosque, and Old Boat Fort. As you sail through the creek, you can experience a panoramic view of all of these iconic sites, and more. You may also notice, few locals diving into the water, looking for pearls. You can opt for various cruise experiences and it will be the best way to know about the history and modern developments in Dubai. Some of the cruises at Dubai creek will amaze you with its dining experience. You can have a romantic dinner at this cruise under Dubai’s night sky in Dubai creek. If you wish to save some money, then you can take a small boat in Dubai creek too. But to have the best experience you should take a Dhow Dinner Cruises. By taking this Dhow cruise you can witness the cruise passing the scenery from the comfort of your dinner table. A few hours on a Dhow cruise will give you a magical experience which will always stick in your travel memory forever. The cruise also offers 3-course buffet prepared with 5-star standards

    The menu on a dinner dhow cruise typically consists of a global 3-course buffet prepared with 5-star standards. The cruise hosts some entertainment such as dance shows, magic shows and traditional singing shows too. Cruising through the hub of Dubai is one of the best ways to explore and experience Dubai.

    All in all, a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek tower is a distinguished experience and don’t miss this activity if you are planning a trip to Dubai.

    Best time to visit Dubai

    Dubai is one of the most exotic and famous seaside destinations in the world. Dubai is usually hot and warm for all the months of the year and that is because of the parched desert ambience. It is a year-round destination. But it is most recommended to visit from December to mid-may. In spite of the incipientity of the cool winter in December, the heat in this city does not vary too much from its roots. Customarily, the temperatures plunge to at least 15°C to 16°C at midnight once the sun sets and during the daytime, it strikes 26°C to 30° as well. The sultry climate of Dubai makes it a bliss for those who adore summers and want to experience multiple water sports.

    Location of Dubai Creek Tower

    Dubai Creek tower is an observation deck at a height of 828 metres. The exact location is Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Height of Creek tower Dubai

    As of now, the height of Dubai Creek Tower is about 828 metres. This is a supported observation deck still under construction. Since this tower is still under construction, the exact height of this tower is still not revealed. But the estimated height of this tower is between 928 to 1400 metres. 

    How to reach Dubai Creek 

    You can either take a metro or bus to reach Dubai creek. If you are in Dubai mall you can reach the creek by taking line 27 bus which takes 45 min and costs AED 6 – AED 10. Aldo if you wish to take Metro, which costs AED 3 – AED 5 and takes 51 min. If you are looking for seaside and cruising vacation in the UAE, then Dubai should top your travel list. With a wide variety of activities in a closer vicinity, it is easier to cover all the activities and experience unique things in Dubai. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your vacation with Pickyourtrail’s top recommended Dubai travel packages from India and have a memorable vacation.   

    Dubai Creek Tower Frequently Asked Questions

    1.     Is Dubai Creek Tower complete?

    Dubai Creek Tower is an upheld perception tower under development situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at a starter cost of AED 3.67 billion (US$1 billion), and it was relied upon to be finished in 2025, at the soonest, yet the fruition date is obscure since, at this point, the pinnacle is waiting as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.The tower was at first known as The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbor

    1.     What happened to Dubai Creek Tower?

    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Emaar Properties, the developer of the Tower and surrounding area, temporarily paused work on April 4, 2020.Construction has been halted indefinitely since December 7, 2020, unless the government allows work to restart once the virus has been contained.

    1.     Why is Dubai Creek Tower not a skyscraper?

    Initially announced in February 2016, Dubai Creek Tower was to be implicit front of the city's 2020 World Expo; transforming into the feature of one more progression at the critical Dubai Creek.

    Rumoured to be more than 1,300 meters high, the zenith would prevail the nearby Burj Khalifa and transform into the tallest engineered plan anytime collected; a component of all that the Middle East could achieve, really like the Eiffel Tower at the 1889 World's Fair.

    In any case, regardless of work starting its foundations four years earlier, advancement promptly dialled back and the undertaking has defied pieces of tattle about postponement and even scratch-off.

    So what truly came upon Dubai Creek Tower and what are the chances of this phenomenally hopeful plan genuinely becoming reality?

    Dubai Creek Tower transformed into a sort of insurance technique; a way for Dubai to hold its longed for title without building an entire tall structure. This ends up being impressively more clear when you consider that the genuine height of the apex has never been uncovered - all we know is it'll be some place in the scope of 1,000 and 1,350 meters high.

    Work on Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower halted in January 2018 when its fundamental financing support were up to speed in the country's adversary of debasement purifies and is yet to proceed.

    Around a comparable time, work similarly stopped at Dubai Creek Tower, when essentially its foundations had been done. Anyway no advancement has happened since late 2018, the apex was simply formally needed to be delayed in 2020 as Dubai went into lockdown.

    1.     Is Dubai Creek Tower taller than Burj Khalifa?

    The Burj Khalifa is 828 meters tall, with a tip that rises to 830 meters.The Dubai Creek Harbour Tower is anticipated to exceed this height by almost 100 meters, making it approximately 928 meters tall.

    1.     Who is owner of Burj Khalifa?

    Burj Khalifa's Master Developer is Emaar Properties PJSC.Mr. Mohamed Alabbar is the Chairman of Emaar Properties, which is one of the world's largest real estate firms.

    1.     What will be the tallest building in 2025?

    Jeddah Tower, in the past known as Kingdom Tower, is a high rise advancement project that has been required to be postponed.

    It is planned to be the world's initial 1 km (3,281 ft) high structure, the tallest structure on the planet and the focal point and first period of Jeddah Economic City, a turn of events and vacation spot in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    After the 2017–19 Saudi Arabian crackdown, the structure proprietor JEC stopped underlying substantial work with the pinnacle around 33% worked because of work worries with a worker for hire.

    1.     How many people died building the Burj Khalifa?

    The Burj Khalifa, which was inaugurated in 2010, claimed the lives of four people during its construction.

    1.     Does Dubai have the tallest building in the world?

    The Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Mall are only a couple of the sumptuous, as of late built symbols of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    The Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest structure, standing 2,717 feet tall with 160 stories and overshadowing the city.On the 124th story, there is a perception deck.

    1.     How many floors is Khalifa Tower?

    Burj Khalifa holds the following records with its height of 828 meters (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories/floors:

    The world's tallest structure.

    The world's tallest free-standing building.

    1. Where is the tallest building in the world?

    Burj Khalifa is not only Dubai's tallest structure, but it is also the world's tallest building since 2010.

    1. What is the shortest building in the world?

    The Newby–McMahon Building located at 701 La Salle (on the corner of Seventh and La Salle streets) in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas, and is known as the world's smallest skyscraper.

    1. What is bigger than Burj Khalifa?

    Jeddah Tower would be the world's tallest building or structure to date, reaching 180 meters (591 feet) higher than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    The observatory on top of the tower will be the highest in the world.

    1. Is Burj Khalifa taller than Mount Everest?

    Mount Everest rises to a height of 29,035 feet, or nearly 5.5 miles (or 8.85 kilometers)! The Burj Khalifa is just over 0.5 miles tall, standing at 2717 feet.


    1. Who is the CEO of Burj Khalifa?

    Mohamed Ali Alabbar is his name.He is most popular for being the organizer of Emaar Properties, which fabricated the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, just as the administrator of Eagle Hills, an Abu Dhabi-based private speculation and land improvement firm.

    1. Who owns the most flat in Burj Khalifa?

    George V. Nereaparambil, an Indian businessman, owns more than his fair share of the Burj Khalifa's 900 flats.

    1. How tall will future buildings be?

    In 1895, a proposal for a 100,000 km (62,137 mi) space elevator was made.

    The Orbital Ring, which will span 80 kilometers (99 miles) to 160 kilometers, was first suggested in 1982, along with a slew of other structures that are shorter than these but taller than the world's current tallest structure.





    1. Are skyscrapers still being built?

    Skyscrapers are become synonymous with our cities.Since their inception in the late 1800s, these magnificent structures have steadily evolved to the point where they can now be seen in practically every major city on the planet.

    Despite global events hampering construction development in 2020, numerous new towers around the world are still being built.

    1. What is the most expensive building in the world?

    The most valuable structure in the world is the Abraj Al Bait in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

    1. Which building has the most floors?

    Since 2010, Dubai's Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 meters (2,717 feet), has held the title of world's tallest skyscraper.The Burj Khalifa has been designated as a Megatall structure.There are 163 floors in total, including one below.

    1. How tall does a building have to be before it's considered a skyscraper?

    A skyscraper or high rise is a multi-story assembling that is ceaselessly decent. High rises are right now characterized as structures that are somewhere around 100 to 150 meters tall, however there is no generally concurred meaning of what a high rise is.

    High rises are incredibly tall building structures.










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