Desert Camping in Dubai

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  • Explore Dubai Mall – Attractions Include the Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa (Non-prime Hours), Dubai Fountain Show & Underwater Zoo
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  • Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Creek with SIC Transfer
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  • Explore Dubai Mall – Attractions Include the Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa (Non-prime Hours), Dubai Fountain Show & Underwater Zoo
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  • Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina with SIC Transfer
  • Explore Dubai Mall – Attractions Include the Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa (Non-prime Hours), Dubai Fountain Show & Underwater Zoo
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Dubai is well-known for its wealth, glamorous, contemporary development and design, and various shopping opportunities. But Dubai isn't only about 5-star grandeur; there's a lot more to explore. Have you heard about camping in the desert in Dubai? So, for your next trip to Dubai, we've put together a list of the most distinctive and quite cool desert camping locations in the city.

10 Best Places in Dubai for Desert Camping

1. Al Dhafra Beach

Located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra Beach is one of Dubai's finest desert campgrounds. You can camp comfortably near the sea and find a few turtles and other marine life near the beach. Al Dhafra Beach is a great place to practice water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking, in addition to camping in the desert of Dubai.

2. Al Qudra

One of Dubai's most popular desert campgrounds, the Al Qudra is just 30 minutes from the Mall of the Emirates. The location of Al Qudra offers two different environments, one that looks like a desert and the other that has a beautiful oasis. Al Qudra is surrounded by dunes and if you are lucky, you can see wild camels during the morning hours. Camping here is just great, alone, with friends or with family

3. Fossil rock, Sharjah 

Located in Sharjah, Fossil Rock is one of Dubai's best desert camping spots and a popular meeting place for camping enthusiasts. Surrounded by dunes, it is ideal for large groups. Not only it is practically close to the city, but also far from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. If you want to try buggying on dunes with Fossil Rock, be sure to visit Big Red and The Camel Rock. 

4. Umm Al Quawain Wine Beach 

At Umm Al Quawain Beach, you can camp almost anywhere along the beach's coastline. However, be careful not to camp too close to the river as the tent can be flooded at high tide at night. You can visit an old fishing village along the Peninsula of Allers and prepare supper with fishing equipment along the way. A desert camp at Umm Al Quawain Beach in Dubai is a must-see experience.

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5. Fujairah 

It is one of the few emirates on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. Fujairah is also a great spot for private night camps in the desert of Dubai. Fujairah undoubtedly gives a fascinating view of majestic mountains and secluded beaches. If you are looking for camping in the Dubai desert, this is where you should be. It's very convenient for everyone to just set up a camp here. Fujairah is a great place for snorkelling and exploring the underwater world. 

6. White sand beach 

Camping enthusiasts can enjoy the coastline of Oman here. White Sand Beach is located between Finn and Wadi Shab. This is a great place to set up a camp/tent on a gorgeous cliff on a sandy beach. Here you can lie down and gaze at the night sky, enjoy the spectacular scenery and hear the sound of the waves. White Sand Beach is also ideal for water sports such as paddleboarding, snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing in the emerald green pool.

7. Bedouin Camp 

Bedouin camps are known for their group of desert inhabitants who roam the Arabian Peninsula. With the camp's public facilities, you can experience Dubai's luxury desert camp. As some of you may not know, Dubai's Bedouin camp is surrounded by majestic dunes and is miles away from bustling city life. Here at Bedouin Camp in Dubai, there are many things to do: Enjoy belly dance performances, learn about Bedouin customs and traditions, have a delicious barbecue dinner, ride a camel, and enjoy sandboarding. 

8. Liwa 

If you love quarantine and loneliness, Liwa is a place for you. Located in the desert of Abu Dhabi, Liwa is also known as the "Empty Quarter" because of its isolated nature. It can only be reached with the help of off-road vehicles such as SUVs, compasses, shovels, lots of reservoirs and full gas tanks. When you get there, you'll soon notice that Liwa is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world with serenity and is full of wildlife.

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9. Arabian Dreams Desert Camp 

Located in the Dubai Desert Reserve, this location consists of eight tent houses with all the proper bedding and sanitation. It is Dubai's most famous camp because it can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time, has suitable guest routes, and includes camel riding and dune bashing in the package. You can also find hawks and oryx! 

10. Banan Beach 

Banan Beach, a small cosy place to camp in the city during the day, is a rare place. The beach is mainly visited by tourists for camping purposes. The staff offers many excellent facilities such as chairs, tents and cushions. The price will fluctuate a little, but it is said to be reasonable. Currently, the beach resort has 47 camping tents, 5 chalets and 12 water sports.

Things to carry when you Go Desert Camping In Dubai

Food, water, flashlights, battery chargers, medicine, first aid, tents, blankets, warm clothes, spare clothes, trekking gear, trekking, some shoes around one, to name a few. When you go camping in the desert in Dubai, these essentials will be really helpful. 

The Best Time to Camp in the Desert in Dubai 

The best month to visit Dubai is from mid-November to early December. You can also visit Dubai in the first half of March. If you just want to enjoy a desert camp in Dubai, the March-September period is a great vacation.

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