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    Legoland Dubai

    A Guide to your ‘Ultimate Indoor Theme Park’ – Legoland Dubai

    If you’re looking for a day filled with an adrenaline rush with a vibrancy of colour and an environment your kids will love, ‘Legoland,’ is just the right place for you!! The first ever theme park that was designed exclusively for children, opened its doors to the general public in 2016 and has been a phenomenal success with the junior audience ever since. 

    What to Expect in Legoland Dubai?

    Once you’ve arrived at the park, you have four themed lands for you to choose from – ‘Imagination,’ ‘Adventure,’ ‘Kingdoms’ and ‘Lego City;’ each land bringing along with it a uniquely different experience altogether. 

    You can pick up a map of the park at the entrance and finalise on the timing of shows you want to be part of – ‘The Lego Movie,’ ‘Nexo Knights,’ as well as the ‘Ninjago puppet show,’ and hence timing your day is off utmost importance during your visit to the park.

    Lego City

    The Lego City is a great starting point for kids, with umteen number of activities that are sure to keep your kid entertained.The‘Driving School,’ ‘Junior Driving School, ‘Boat School,’ ‘Rescue Academy,’ ‘CityAirport’ and ‘SeaPort’ – a climbing and free play area; are some of the fun filled attractions waiting for you. 


    Designed with some of the most thrilling rides of the park – there’s the ‘Merlin’s Flying Machine,’ ‘Dragon’s Apprentice (mini roller coaster – expect a few thrills)’ and the ‘Dragon– a full-sized roller coaster!’ 


    Geared towards the building and nurturing of creativity in the younger kids is a handful of attractions- the ‘Master Builders Academy,’ ‘Friends and Duplo Valley – lots of outdoor climbing games, giant building blocks’ and finally the ‘Duplo Express,’ train kids love to catch 


    This zone is experienced at its best when both the indoor and water activities are open, at the same time. The submarine takes you underwater with Lego and real sea life on an underwater mission. The ‘Lost Kingdom Adventure,’ and if you were willing to get a little wet, ‘Wave Racers,’ and much more is what you’re destined to enjoy here.


    A completely air-conditioned indoor Middle Eastern city landscape is what ‘Miniland,’ has to offer. Some of the models of the ‘Pyramids,’ ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,’ enable kids to even crawl through the structures and experience the beauty of the buildings first hand. 

    Height Restrictions

    The most important element of your trip to ‘Legoland,’ is to be well informed about the height restrictions that are strictly followed within the park. We’ve given you a guideline here below. 


    How to Reach

    There are multiple ways for you to reach the ‘Legoland Theme Park,’ one possible option is for you to simply take a taxi and reach the destination. Another way would be for tourists to avail the bus services that follow. The bus departs from ‘Ibn Battuta Metro Station,’ taking you to the park with a stopway at the ‘Gardens at Jebel Ali,’ just before.

    Entry Fees

    Tourists can avail three types of tickets, depending on their requirement. The cost for the tickets is approximately INR 5335 per head. Please keep in mind that kids under three years of age, have a free entry and do not require a pass to any of the parks.

    The entry ticket to the ‘Water Park,’ costs you about INR 5335 per head, while the ticket for both the ‘LegolandDubai’ and the ‘WaterPark’ is about INR 5723 per head. 

    Tourists can also avail the ‘Annual Pass,’ which entails all the ‘FourParks’ at a cost of INR 13, 482 per head and a ‘VIP Annual Pass,’ accounting for INR 19, 302 per head.


    First time visitors to the park need to keep in mind that the timings vary in accordance to the day of your visit. The ‘Legoland Theme Park,’ is open from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm between ‘Saturday and Wednesday.’ 

    The Working hours on Thursday to Friday on the other hand, is from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm. The theme park remains open on all the days of the week.

    Want to experience Legoland with your kids? Then take a look at our Kids friendly tour packages to Dubai.


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    Legoland Dubai Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How much does it cost to go to Legoland Dubai?

    Standard adult tickets will cost AED 240-330 (US$65-90) for a one-day single park ticket and AED 480-890 ($130-242) for a multiple parks, multiple days ticket when purchased in advance.

    1. Is Legoland Dubai worth it?

    Families may enjoy a full day of LEGO® inspired adventures at LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park, which features 60 interactive attractions, water slides, shows, and LEGO building experiences.

    1. What age is Legoland Dubai for?

    Children under the age of two will not be charged a ticket to enter LEGOLAND.A ticket is required for admittance for any youngster over the age of three.

    1. What is inside Legoland Dubai?

    It has more than 40 interactive rides, exhibitions, and construction experiences, as well as 15,000 LEGO model structures created from about 60 million LEGO bricks!

    1. Are Legoland rides free?

    No, there are no additional fees for rides or shows after paying to enter Legoland. The single add-on is QBot, which cuts down on queuing time.

    1. Which Legoland is the best?

    The LEGOland resorts are places where you may have a good time and rest completely. They are ideal for LEGO enthusiasts, and you can give your children all of the LEGO experiences they desire in one day.You should pay them a visit at some point. They include LEGOland Malaysia Resort, LEGOland Deutschland Resort Germany, LEGOland Japan Resort, LEGOland California, LEGOland Dubai Resort, and LEGOland Denmark Resort are among the various LEGOland resorts.



    1. What should I wear to Legoland Dubai?

    There is no formal clothing requirement, but sleeveless tops and shorts are acceptable.You must be completely clothed before entering and exiting the Water Park, and you may not enter the LEGOLAND Park wearing only your bathing suit.

    1. Is Legoland and Legoland Water Park the same?

    Only LEGOLAND guests get access to the Water Park.As a result, in order to visit the Water Park, you must first pay entrance to LEGOLAND.

    For $30, any LEGOLAND ticket can be upgraded to include same-day access to the Water Park.

    1. How long does it take to cover Legoland?

    It's at least a day, but it depends on who's going.If you have a mixed age group, spend 2 hours at LEGOLAND for all of the attractions, 4 hours at Motiongate for all of the attractions, 3 hours at LEGOLAND Water Park to cool off, and 2 hours at Bollywood for the nighttime shows before heading back.


    1. Is food allowed in Legoland Dubai?

    Except for baby food and short meals for particular diet requirements, outside food is not permitted in the theme park or water park.

    1. Can adults go on Legoland rides?

    Adults will not be entertained by rides, so be prepared to just walk around as a chaperon.

    1. Does Legoland Water Park Dubai provide towels?

    At the Water Park, towels are available for sale, however they are not available for rent.

    1. Can a 2 year old enjoy Legoland?

    Yes, even if they can't ride all of the rides, children under the age of five can have a great time at Legoland.However, the trick is to prepare ahead so that you can make the most of your time.

    1. Can you build things in Legoland?

    Families may enjoy a full day of LEGO® inspired adventures at LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park, which features 60 interactive attractions, water slides, shows, and LEGO building experiences.

    1. Does Legoland have indoor activities?

    LEGOLAND® is a year-round destination with a combination of indoor and outdoor attractions.The theme park has the world's first indoor, air-conditioned MINILAND in a LEGOLAND® Park, which features interactive LEGO models created from more than 20 million bricks.

    1. Is LEGOLAND cheaper than Disneyland?

    And both are rather competitively priced (about $100 for each adult for the day).

    Nonetheless, after a recent weekend trip to Legoland, I believe Legoland is best for younger children.The Disneyland Resort is just slightly larger than Legoland in terms of land area—160 acres vs. 128 acres.

    1. Is LEGOLAND worth the money?

    Legoland is a fantastic place to let the kids' imaginations roam free and engage in some exciting, self-building activities.

    1. What is the best age to go to LEGOLAND?

    The best age to visit LEGOLAND is between the ages of 10 and 12.

    Whether or not your family is a die-hard LEGO enthusiast, these attractions are likely to be a hit with kids aged 10 to 12.

    1. Which is the biggest Legoland in the world?

    Legoland Korea is currently under development in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, with an initial launch date of Spring 2019 but a postponement to 2022.

    With nearly 1.3 million square meters, it will be the world's largest Legoland, with a Lego hotel, residences, water park, spa, and stores.

    1. Is Legoland Florida bigger than California?

    Legoland Florida is significantly larger.Legoland California is 128 acres, while Legoland Florida is 145 acres.



    1. Can I wear flip flops in Dubai?

    Yes, in Dubai, you may wear Flip Flops wherever.Only wear them if you're staying at a very nice hotel.It's also recommended to avoid wearing them in the desert because they're easily lost in the sand dunes.

    1. Do you bring your own towels to Legoland?

    We feature a pool and an indoor water play area with slides and 'blast-em' water weapons with a pirate theme.Swimming pool towels are supplied for use upon arrival.

    1. Is there a dress code at Legoland?

    While visiting the Attraction, guests must dress appropriately (with a top and shoes).For health and safety reasons, certain types of apparel may not be permitted on specific rides.

    1. Is there a AAA discount for Legoland?

    On stays at LEGOLAND Hotels, AAA members save up to 10%.The availability of the discount and room nights is subject to change.

    1. Can you do Legoland in a day?

    LEGOLAND Resorts are vast theme parks with a wide choice of rides and attractions ideal for all ages, we recommend spending a whole day or more there.

    1. How much are Legoland tickets at Costco?

    Costco recently advertised Legoland tickets for $104.99 for a three-day park hopper package that included Legoland, Sea Life Aquarium, and Legoland Water Park.

















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