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    Take in breathtaking views of the stunning coastline as you drive along the Gold Coast Highway and witness the world's largest coral reef in the Land Down Under. Explore extremely diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to vast deserts on a uniquely customized Australia group package.

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    Australia group tour packages

    “G’day, mate!”, planning a trip all the way to the “Down under”, are we? Guess what, you’ve come to the right place. Many consider Australia to be a world of its own. And that is why a trip to Australia is always more exciting as a group. Let us brief you on what you can expect in your Australia tour.

    Sydney, New South Wales

    When you hear someone say Australia. The city that comes to your mind most of the time would be Sydney, yes? Yes, of course it is the capital. But that’s not it. Apart from all the cliche comments on how expensive the city is. It also has many activities where you don’t have to spend a dime. Like the Harbour bridge, it is a perfect place for a beautiful walk with your friends and family where you can take plenty of pictures. Next you have the botanical gardens for a pleasant picnic. And for someone who’s into gardening, it’s a “candyland”. Then of course, the Opera house. It is one of the landmarks of the capital.

    Byron Bay, New South Wales

    Do you like surfing? Or do you want to learn surfing? Well, what if we tell you that you can actually learn surfing, here in Byron Bay which is considered by many as the beach with the best breaks. Apart from surfing, Byron Bay is also known for its alternate lifestyle. Have your beautiful moments captured during the spectacular sunrise and the sunset, right here in Byron Bay.

    Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

    The only thing that is closer to Atlantis, The Great Barrier Reef. It stretches for about 2300 kilometres underwater. Making it a perfect place for anyone who wants to dive or go for snorkeling.

    Melbourne, Victoria

    Are you into sports? Then we welcome you to the sports hub of Australia, Melbourne. Housing several great sporting events, Melbourne brings out the sports fan in you, bigtime! Melbourne’s sporting extravaganza includes Australian Open tennis Grand slam, the Grand Prix, The Melbourne Cup and the AFL. Apart from the sporting celebrations, Melbourne is also known for its fantastic culinary experience.

    Best time to visit Australia

    From December to February, it is considered as the high season where you may see a rise in price on all the activities in Australia, due to the beautiful weather and cricket matches. And low season is from June to August, with reduction in timings on all the activities. So, we now hope that you have an idea on when to plan a trip to Australia.

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