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Nightlife In Da Nang : Shops, Timing, Attractions And More

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Da Nang, one of the most popular coastal attractions offered by Vietnam tourism, is not just known for its stunning beaches and historical landmarks but also for its dynamic nightlife. As the sun sets and dawn arrives, Da Nang comes alive with an infinite number of entertainment options, which can be a treat for people embarking on Vietnam tour packages.

What makes Nightlife in Da Nang so enticing that makes tourists get lured to this coastal attraction in Vietnam?

Make sure your Vietnam itinerary is filled with all of these places and things in Da Nang to make your nightlife experience in Vietnam move a step further providing you the best Vietnam tour ever.


Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge, a famous landmark in Da Nang that is even more amazing at night, is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. The bridge comes to life every Saturday and Sunday at 9 o'clock at night as it shoots water and fire out of its mouth in the likeness of a dragon. Both tourists and Vietnamese natives are drawn to this breathtaking event, which animates the Han River.


Han River Cruise

Take a Han River cruise to get a fresh perspective of Da Nang, especially at night, to make your things to do in Da Nang more exciting. As you sail along the brightly lighted riverbanks while enjoying supper and live entertainment, you will feel peaceful and at ease.


My Khe Beach

While My Khe Beach is well known for its beauty during the day, it also provides a calm and romantic atmosphere at night, particularly for couples embarking their Vietnam honeymoon packages. With your significant other, you can stroll around the beach's edges during the full moon, or you can sit on the sand and eat delicious seafood from nearby food stands. It's the perfect place for a really tranquil evening by the shore thanks to the calm waves and soft air. The beach is open till 11:30pm.


Enjoy Live Music at Cafes

If you're unsure about what are the things to do in Vietnam, then you must enjoy the vibrant café scene in Da Nang at night. Evenings in many cafés feature live music performances by both domestic and foreign performers. Your nightlife experience in Da Nang will be fulfilling and worthwhile if you sip on some Vietnamese coffee or other refreshing beverage while listening to and getting lost in the heartwarming melodies. These cafes are open till late at night, offering visitors interested in nightlife culture fun.


Shop at Helio Night Market

The Helio Night Market in Da Nang is a must-visit location for anyone who enjoys shopping and discovering street food. The Helio market offers a wide range of local delights and snacks. You can also shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, clothings, and many more, making shopping in Vietnam an memorable experience for visitors. The engaging environment and live musical performances produce an evening to remember. Visitors can browse the market until 10:30pm.


Sky36 Club

Do you enjoy having a wild time at parties at night? If so, Sky36, a prestigious nightclub in Da Nang, is the place for you. The Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River Hotel is home to this club. It offers a vibrant nightlife together with a beautiful, aerial view of the city. Internationally renowned DJs perform at the club. Additionally, it also features live bands and themed parties, making it a popular destination for partygoers. It is open till 2am.


Explore the An Thuong Area

Paying a visit to the An Thuong area can make your nightlife in Da Nang more lively. This area is the busiest center of Da Nang's backpacker population, making it ideal for visitors looking for a vibrant nightlife experience. There are many pubs, bars, and street food stalls in this area. Enjoy your Vietnam trip to the fullest by indulging in international food, sipping on world-famous drinks, and dancing the night away at a variety of clubs and bars.


Attend a Water Puppet Show

Da Nang offers unique water puppet performances at locations like the renowned Hoa Vang Water Puppet Theater. Water puppetry is a highly well-known traditional Vietnamese performance. These performances offer an engaging cultural experience by fusing music with storytelling, puppetry, and other elements.

Nightlife in Da Nang just gets better and better offering a whole new world of night culture experience for the tourists. Pickyourtrail offers exclusive India to Vietnam tour packages with exciting offers and deals providing the best of Da Nang’s nightlife for all the India travelers to explore both day as well as nightlife in Vietnam.

Nightlife in Da Nang is an active blend of tradition and modern change, offering uniqueness in the experiences gained by tourists. Da Nang's nightlife scene promises unforgettable experiences for all those embarking on Vietnam holiday packages offered by Pickyourtrail. You can also make this trip romantic by booking Vietnam honeymoon packages offered by Pickyourtrail and surprise your beloved with the vibrancy of Vietnam. So, as the sun sets, venture out and immerse yourself in the lively and diverse night life of Da Nang with Pickyourtrail hassle free Vietnam packages.

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