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Al Ula is an ancient city. It dates back many millennia and offers fantastic cultural and historical attractions that have been spectacularly preserved. One stands a chance to witness nearly 2,00,000 years of history here. It was once the capital of North Arabian Lihyanutes and then the Nabataeans. It has served as a meeting hub for explorers, merchants, and even pilgrims. What’s more? Al Ula has served as the key location in all - incense, spice, and silk routes. Hence, in a way, it is the point of connection of settlements like Arabia, Egypt, and even India. It truly is an enigmatic place that has many many mysteries left remaining to uncover. With this cultural oasis welcoming tourists since 2020, this is a great time to visit Al Ula. Pickyourtrail offers some of the best packages for a trip to Al Ula. So, hop online and visit Pickyourtrail for some of the best Al Ula tour packages. With a myriad of options available, you can pick a package that best suits your needs.

Places to Visit in Al Ula

There are a few places left on earth where you can truly enjoy the satisfaction of discovering a place. This is thankfully not the case with Al Ula, you can enjoy this marvel without any crowds. Despite featuring attractions that will send travel enthusiasts into a tizzy, Al Ula remains largely off the global tourism radar. And this is truly a mystery as it has all the makings of a truly great bucket list entry with ancient tombs, stunning canyons, and rock formations. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Al Ula:-

Elephant Rock

The Elephant Rock is a 50 metre high monolith. It is known as the Jabal Alfil among the locals. Set against a stunning landscape comprising of golden sands and rocky outcrops, one can be forgiven for assuming it to be an otherworldly location. This alone makes it a great addition to your Al Ula tour package. It was formed by millions of years of erosion by the elements. We recommend that you head to this attraction during sunsets as its beauty is unparalleled during this time of the day. The pink light which slowly transitions into golden and then eventually dark blue only adds to the allure of your visit here. So, do plan your schedule to visit this marvel during the sunset hours. We assure you, there is nothing as magical as spending these hours here.


One of the biggest upsides to this UNESCO World Heritage site is the fact that it still hasn’t become mainstream and henceforth crowded. It has only recently been recognised as a place of interest worth not missing out on after about 200 years. It is also sometimes referred to as the “ other Petra ”. Hegra offers its visitors a chance to come face to face with history. This 52-hectare city is truly an archaeological wonderland. It is most famous for the Nabataean tombs which have been preserved since the first century BCE. They feature ornate facades in bare rock formations. With countless stories to discover, we recommend you not miss out on this open-air museum. This historical site is a mandatory addition to your Al Ula tour package from India.

Old Town

If there is one thing that can undoubtedly be considered as Al Ula’s biggest charm then it would have to be effort. In particular, the incredible effort that has gone to preserve the town’s heritage. It is best observed in the Old Town. The Old Town is a labyrinth of approximately 900 mud-brick houses, 400 shops, and fives town squares ( also known as rabhas ). One can step back in time to appreciate the crossroad of civilizations that called this place their home. Historically, the Old Town was a bustling town lying on the pilgrimage route from Damascus to Makkah. To date, it still retains some of the mud and stone buildings that hosted markets back in the day which sold articles like incense and spices. After a day full of exploring, we suggest you head to the open-air restaurant - Suhail. You can experience fine dining here that features traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine at its finest. With historical landmarks all over, Old Town makes for a fantastic addition to your Al Ula holiday package.


One might get the idea that Al Ula is best known for its history. While this is not entirely wrong, it is far from true. One can not only visit the ruins here but also some modern attractions. So, strap in for a ride on an Arabian horse through the dunes and you will be greeted by the Maraya. “ Maraya ” means a mirror or reflection in Arabic. And as you may have guessed the Maraya is a mirrored building. But it is not just any mirrored building, it is the world’s largest mirrored building. It reflects the beauty of the surrounding Arabian desert and the rocky mountains. This venue seats 500 and is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. It is wrapped by a 10,000 metre square of mirrors and brings to life the majesty of the Ashar Valley. This stylish yet modern attraction respectfully nods to the past and makes for an enchanting experience. Maraya should definitely be added to your Al Ula package.

Oasis Trail

After exploring the beautiful landscape that Al Ula has to offer, the temperature is sure to take its toll on you. This is where the Oasis Trail plays a pivotal role in your trip to this destination. After a bust day of traversing to witness sandstone canyons, monoliths shaped by the elements, you are sure to crave some greenery. This is where the Oasis Trail comes to the rescue. This epicenter of flora and fauna has provided water ad life to Al Ula’s settlements for thousands of years now. One will find themselves being surrounded by herbs and fruits. The airs here carry the sweet scent of citrus groves. The Oasis provides a much-needed respite from the ever-changing desert scenery. The route here goes on to Alfath mountain, and it features breathtaking views of the palm trees below it. With beauty everywhere you look, this stop should definitely be present on your Al Ula tour package from India.

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