Italy Tour Packages

Italy Tour Packages

Italy is known as the cradle of European civilization with its rich past that dates back to more than 2000 years. With our Italy packages, you will be able to immerse yourself in history and culture. Travellers who aren't a fan of history, think colourful Venice carnival or the scrumptious pizzas or just basking in the sun and sands of the awe-inspiring Amalfi coast. Italy is love for the foodie, Italy is grace for the art lover, Italy is drama for the culture buff. Be it the stunning artwork by Michelangelo at Sistine Chapel or the Italian Renaissance age art at Uffizi Gallery, Be it the awe-inspiring construction of Colosseum and Leaning tower of Pisa, or the structures of David of Michelangelo and Trevi Fountain, be it the gondola rides at Grand Canal or the panoramic views of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo, Italy tour packages are bound to have you yearning to go back for more. Such is the charm of the country, our Italy holiday packages are always in trend among travellers looking for Europe packages.

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Italy Tour Packages from India

Italy Tourism Packages No of nights/days Destinations Price*
Epic 8 Day Italy Tour Package 8 Days/7 Nights Rome (3N)Florence (2N) Venice (2N) Rs. 45,785 (with hotels)
Relaxing 7 Nights Package Holidays to Italy 8 Days/7 Nights Rome (3N)Florence (2N)Venice (2N) Rs. 52,317 (with hotels)
Feel Good 9 Day Italy Packages from India 9 Days/8 Nights Milan (2N)Rome (4N)Sorrento (2N) Rs. 53,621 (with hotels)
Stunning 6 night Italy Packages 7 Days/4 Nights Rome (3N) Florence (3N) Rs. 1,06,888 (with airfare, hotels)
Lovely 9 night Italy Trip 10 days/9 Nights Venice (2N)Florence (2N)Sorento (2N)Naples (1N) Rome (2N) Rs. 1,20,200 (airfare,hotels included)
Dreamy 11 nights Italy Holiday Package 12 days/11 nights Rome (3N) Florence (3N) Venice (2N) Milan (3N) Rs. 1,54,033 (with airfare, hotels)
Thrilling 8 Days Italy Travel Package 8 Days/7 Nights Venice (2N) Rome (3N) Sorrento (2N) Rs. 1,59,975 (with airfare, hotels)

Italy Packages Highlights

  • Exploring Colosseum - ancient amphitheatre and also a wonder of the world
  • Visiting Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore for its world-class architecture
  • Gliding through the Grand Canal in a gondola
  • Exploring the ornate Byzantine-inspired façade of St Mark’s Basilica
  • Discover the magnificent gothic style architecture of Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente
  • Getting atop the Leaning tower of Pisa & savour panoramic views of Pisa
  • Tossing a coin and making a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  • Savouring some delicious Pizzas, Pasta and Lasagne
  • Touring the beautiful Lake Como by a boat
  • Exploring Amalfi coast’s hillside towns built on steep mountains cascading down to sea
  • Discovering St. Peter’s Basilica that houses St. Peter’s dome
  • Marvelling at the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, magnum opus of Michelangelo
  • Visiting Uffizi Gallery for history of Italian Renaissance art
  • Exploring Pantheon - a remnant well preserved from Roman times

More activities to add to your Italy Tour Packages

  • Stopping by the Ruins of Roman Forum which was once Rome’s government center
  • Hiking the Cinque Terre for picturesque landscape views
  • Watching an opera in Verona's Roman Arena
  • Discovering various jewellery shops at Ponte Vecchio
  • Hiking the stunning Dolomites rugged landscape
  • Visiting Ancient Ruins of Pompeii for a dive into Roman art, culture & history
  • Exploring the lush fragrant vineyards of Tuscany
  • Experience mud baths, massages & spa from spring waters in Sirmione
  • Create your Signature perfume at Lorenzo Villoresi’s perfumery
  • Kayaking in the long shorelines and calm waters of Naples
  • Discovering Palatine hill - one of the seven hills of Rome
  • Visiting Valley of the Temples in the charming city of Sicily
  • Exploring the The Historic Center of Siena
  • Climb Stromboli an active volcano in Sicily
  • Taking a boat ride to the Blue Grotto in Capri
  • Marvelling at Da Vinci’s mural of Last supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Going on a wine tour and tasting delicious wines in Chianti

Places to Visit in Italy Packages

1. Rome

Being the capital city of Italy, this is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Colosseum, Rome is almost inseparable from the itinerary. Any first timer would definitely have this elliptical amphitheatre first in the Italy tour packages from India. The St. Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon have a rich history that has stories to tell about the architecture and its importance in the ancient past. The Vatican museum is one not to be missed. From amazing architecture to fantastic food, Rome is one of the best places to visit in Italy. Italy tour packages are absolutely incomplete without these 4 places to visit in Rome. Rome expresses a mediterranean climate with hot summers and humid winters.

2. Venice

Venice is made of shallow 118 small islands connected by an umpteen number of canals. And once you arrive into the airport, something that is in the flavour of Taj Mahal captivates you following which you will land near St. Mark’s Basilica. St. Mark’s Basilica is a magic made of marble. Known for its magnificent golden altarpiece, it takes a good number of hours during the day to stroll through this place. Your Italy packages will turn incomplete if you don't go awestruck about St. Mark’s square and the Grand canal. From the Merchant of Venice to its finest architecture, this place is not just an awe of engineering, design and artworks but has a mild tinge of romance too. Venice is one of those promising places to visit on your trip to Italy that doesn’t disappoint.

3. Naples

A rich blend of exuberance, fun, frolic, colour and life - happiness in this city never goes out of style. Naples never goes exhaustive of churches, museums and palaces and still they will have much more to explore. Lungomare and Castle Ovo is a gift of history that stands on the Mediterranean - definitely a must visit on your Italy trip from India. The Teatro di San Carlo is a visual treat to the eye and undoubtedly the finest and largest opera houses in Europe. From the Royal Palace to San Domenico Maggiore, every place has a rich blend of Architecture in history. In short, Naples is one of the most liveliest cities in Europe. And never forget to hit on sample pizzas in this origin country! Your Italy holiday packages definitely deserve Naples Italy. The local foods and the nature of Naples is sure to give you stories to pen in your dairy.

4. Milan

This entry corridor is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And if you are a fan of art, architecture and fashion, there could be no better place on this planet for you to enjoy. Milan is the birthplace to world famous artworks like the last supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The Milan Cathedral boasts being the 5th largest on this planet and your Italy tour packages are just incomplete without this place. Milan is just incomplete without The Santa Maria Alle Grazie, the Sforzesco castle and La Scala. Architects call it Gothic architecture and we will call it the best architecture. Satiate the fashionista in you by wading across the Quadrilatero on your Italy tour from India.

5. Pisa

Pisa is known to the world for its leaning tower. With more than 20 churches spread over the city, this place bears happy scars of rich history. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta expresses the beauty of Pisan architectural style. Several medieval places and bridges make this place a much preferred tourist destination on all Italy travel packages. The Cathedral museum, Palazzo dei Cavalieri, Palazzo Blu and the Orto Botanico are something beyond being touristy. It has a rich flavour of architecture while being enjoyable by all. Combine this city with Lucca and hustle through them for one complete day. Fall in love with the city again and again. Your Italy holidays are much more enjoyable with Pisa. Nicola Pisano's finely carved Pulpit remains to be a masterpiece in the Roman sculpture.

6. Amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular destinations luring tourists all over the world. Cradle of luxury, this place is definitely worth the visit if you plan for an expensive trip to Italy. The Amalfi coast is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site and the reason is just obvious.The Positano gives you a sense of achieving a luxurious holiday. The Emerald cave, Villa Rufolo and the Villone Delle Ferriere give you a perfect reason to rejuvenate. Lush green forests and forever blue seas and a wonderful city structure makes this place definitely a wonderful backdrop to your favourite selfie poses. Italy tour packages from India should have this place as it caters luxury in different flavours.

7. Florence

If renaissance was your favourite history chapter, then this place is for you. A rich blend of architecture and renaissance, Florence is one of the most popular cities in Europe and a must have on every Italy package. The iconic Doumo, a terracotta-tiled dome cathedral is just engineered to perfection. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Baptistry of St. John, Uffizi palace is not just a tourism material, but teaches the world some of the best European architecture. Florence absolutely is a milestone in the world of architecture. While the world speaks about the wonder of architecture, the paintings and sculptures engage the city differently. Italy tour packages are definitely going to be interesting with you choosing Florence.

8. The Cinque Terre

And if you are bored of architecture, artworks, museums and luxury, what you have been looking for is The Cinque Terre. This place is absolutely a raw form of nature. The Cinque Terre has one of the best hiking trails in the world. The hike at Corniglia, food stops at Manarola, picturesque scenery at Riomaggiore make your Italy vacation worthwhile. With a rugged coastline on Riviera, this place satiates the emptiness in you. Amazing hiking trails, unadulterated sea vistas, colourful houses, plenty of vineyards and 5 beautiful towns- all makes this place a complete revitalising package. The Vernazza has an understated vibe of a colourful city life. These hillside towns - Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso, Riomaggiore and Vernazza never disappoint. Package holidays to Italy from India definitely needs this place for a raw Italian holiday mood.

9. Turin

Located in Northern Italy, Turin is the capital city of Piedmont. Neoclassical, and Art Nouveau architecture is what the word Turin reminds us of. Museo Egizio, Juventus stadium, Mole Antonelliana, the holy shroud, the castles, gardens and public squares are what makes Turin commercially enjoyable. With stories of culture and history, Royal armoury and San Carlo engage its tourists wanting to come to this city again and again. Italy packages should definitely have this in place to understand the cultural aspects of Italy.

10. Bologna

Located in northern Italy, Bologna is a rich amalgamation of the contemporary high tech factors and historical edge bearing oldest of universities. This down to earth city is otherwise an important industrial hub for agriculture, transport and much more. With economically hyped factors keeping the city alive, the tourist spots like the Due Torri, Basilica San di Petronio engage the city in different dimensions. The Piazza Maggiore has the rich vibrancy of the city with restaurants and cafes making your trip to Italy complete. The museums and other cultural sites give you the right reasons to include this city in your Italy tour package.

Italy is full of the most exciting places and food. Art treasures, charming towns, passionate people, and one of the best cuisine –– that’s Italy, the perfect vacation. Plan your Italy trip from India at the best rates and enjoy the taste of Italy. We have some of the exciting, affordable, and easy-to-choose Italy tour packages from India. We take all the trouble because this is your dreamy Italy holidays where you can explore, relax, and enjoy.

How to Reach Italy from India

Reaching Italy by flight is one of the most uncomplicated and comfortable ways to reach Italy. However, let us explore various modes of travel to reach Italy.

By Air

- Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Airport, Rome
- Malpensa International Airport, Milan
- Marco Polo International Airport, Venice
- Galileo Galilei International Airport, Florence
- Naples International Airport, Naples
- Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa

They happen to be important airports in Italy. The Delta, Alitalia, SriLankan Airlines and Air India airlines cater from New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad to fly directly from India to Italy. If you opt for Italy tour packages from India, make sure to include flight services along with the package.

By Rail

There are no direct railway lines from India to Italy. However, even if it exists it is going to become a lot more tedious and a costly game. However, the fact is that internal Europe is extremely well connected by railway network. You can hop on to a train, choose your favourite destination and there you would reach in a jiffy. Roma Termini, Milano Centrale, Torino Porta Nuova, Firenze Santa Maria Novella are the busiest railway stations in Italy. Take your favourite train and explore your Italy holiday packages with amazing train travels. If something other than food and destination could be so exciting about Italy, it is hopping into these trains.

By Road

The distance between India and Italy is around 6,500Km and it is possible to travel to Italy from India by road. However, if you are planning to travel for a shorter number of days where in your Italy packages are planned for a limited duration, spending time travelling by road is not advisable. This might incur you a lot of charges for the border documents and taxes. The internal road transport in Italy however is well connected and taking a cab or bus is highly recommended to reach your destination. Your trip to Italy is almost inseparable from these internal road transport systems.

Be it by air, rail or road, internally Europe has an established and well maintained transport network giving accessibility to each of your favourite destinations making Europe to be one of the most preferred destinations. Plan your Italy travel packages efficiently to choose your mode of transport to suit your needs while at the same time save you a little of Euros.

Best Time to Visit Italy

A general best time needn't necessarily match your best time. Depending on what your Italy holiday packages has for you, the places you plan to visit and the budget you plan to spend, you need to find which time is best for you. And here is a detailed explanation of what frames of time Italy has.

Peak tourist season

The months of July and August are the most popular months for tourists in Italy. This country brims with people from all over the world at every popular destination. Pertaining to this peak season, the prices are relatively very high. All the destinations, restaurants and stays become quite expensive. The places are crowded but you will enjoy the maximum sunshine and a luxurious beach life. If you are looking for expensive Italy holiday packages, this season should be your cup of tea.

Shoulder season

The months of March to May and September to November are the best off season months. Italy experiences Spring during the months of March to May and Autumn during the months of September to November. The prices are also cheaper and you will be able to own the whole place for yourself with very less crowd. Your affordable trip to Italy will be done during these months.

Low season

The months of November and December will be the months of heavy rain in Italy. The weather happens to be erratic and sporadic rains seem to show its presence here and there. If you enjoy rain, then this season should be for you. Not just that, satiate the shopaholic in you this season. Grab your favourite pieces of Italy in this offseason from your favourite shops and make your Italy holidays fantastic.

Book Italy Tour Packages at Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail’s Italy packages give you a highly customizable trip, available at the click of a button, to the country of immense history, great wine, cheese and food, and beautiful azure waters and pristine beaches. Whether you are looking for a Italy honeymoon package, a Italy family package, an adventure-packed trip to Italy from India, Pickyourtrail has it all, and offers tailored package holidays to Italy from India that can be customized to your liking to make sure we craft a vacation you can cherish for a lifetime. We will be the best travel agency for customized holidays to Europe from India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Italy Tours

What is Italy famous for?

Italian Pizzas and Pastas are very famous and don’t really need a mention. The Napoletana Pizza is the most famous Pizza in Italy for its soft, chewy dough and prominent crust and is a must try while in Italy. Italian Gelato or Ice cream is again famous as they are lower in fat, and are served at a slightly higher temperature making them silky, soft and flavourful. Italy is also famous for its wine. Head to Italy’s wine regions like Tuscany and enjoy wine tasting sessions. Vespas are very famous in Italy, and anyone visiting Italy enjoys hopping on to a classic Vespa for sightseeing. Italy is recognised as the birthplace for the Renaissance era, when the most artistic movements took place, hence art is something that Italy is famous for. People visit from all across the world to witness works of artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci whose works are the most celebrated pieces in the world.

What are the best things to do in Italy?

Italy is the best destination for a perfect holiday. Engage the holiday maker in you with various activities in Italy. It is ultimately those things that gave you an adrenaline rush that are remembered forever. Then why not exploit the best activities to create memory marks. Italy is just an exhaustive place to visit. Hiking the Cinque Terre, Floating through the Grand Canal, Bicycling the Tuscan hill town, watching an Opera at Verona Roman Arena, learning some cooking at Florence, exploring ancient Rome and saying hi to the beach life are some of the top rated things to do to make your trip to Italy memorable.

What are the must do things in Rome Italy?

The capital city Rome has plenty of fun things to do that will make your Italy trip a memorable one. Beginning with Colosseum, one of the iconic landmarks in the world, an ancient amphitheatre where gladiator tournaments, and other forms of entertainment were held and attended by Roman emperors. From Colosseum, head next to the Roman Forum ruins, an ancient site which was once the center of Roman public and political life. Next head to Palatine Hill next to the Roman forum, an ancient area which was the central most hill in the Tiber region and it is believed that it was here that Romulus and Remus were found who went on to build the city of Rome. Next head to the Trevis fountain, a beautiful fountain where if you toss a coin with your back facing the fountain and make a wish, it is believed to bring you good luck. Pantheon is the best preserved ancient Roman building in the world built on site by Agrippa, a site where a temple stood earlier. Spanish steps, located in the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, were built to span the gap and slope between these two popular Piazzas. At the bottom of the steps you can find plenty of cafes and shops and at the top is Trinita dei Monti church, a fine attraction. And a Rome visit is not complete without a visit to the Vatican city. St Peter’s Basilica, the most celebrated religious building in the world is considered as one of the holiest shrines for the catholics. Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel, a marvellous work by Michelangelo is another must do things while in Rome.

What are must see things to do in Florence Italy? What to see in Florence Italy in 3 days?

Duomo, or popularly known as the Florence Cathedral is possibly the most celebrated cathedral in the world. Covered in white marble and red it is monumenta and is a must see in Florence, Giotto’s Campanile is a true masterpiece of gothic architecture and renowned for its beautiful design. One can climb up 414 steps in the tower to get an amazing view of the Florence city. Palazzo Vecchio is the most important religious and administrative building in Florence with a square design and looks like a castle. It is absolutely breathtaking and a must see while in Florence. Ponte Vecchio is a very famous ancient bridge renowned for the number of shops that are built into the sides of the bridge that from the exterior look like house-like attachments to the bridge. Basilica of Santa Croce is again a very beautiful and inviting cathedral with a front facade that includes pink, green and red marble polychrome panels contrasted with polished white stone. Uffizi Palace and Gallery is an art museum and one of the most popular Italian museums in the world that houses Renaissance art from artists like Botticelli, Raphael and Da Vinci. Basilica di San Lorenzo is an impressive building with gold and white gilded ceiling inside and a delicately decorated dome interior. Boboli gardens, spread over 45000 square meters, are again a must see in Florence and a leisure walk down these gardens are a true delight. Lastly, situated high on a hill, Piazzale Michelangelo is a square that offers the best view of Florence and you can see Florence in all its glory.

What to see in Venice Italy? What are the must see places in Venice Italy?

St Mark’s Square is the perfect place to start your Venice tour. A huge Piazza surrounded by a series of ornate buildings, it is beautiful. St Mark’s Basilica, a renowned church built in the year 1092, situated at the St Mark’s square is an architectural marvel. Be it its ornate details, beautiful interiors, the extraordinary artwork or painted frescos, every aspect of the church is fantastic. The Grand Canal is also a must see in Venice. A river that passes from one side of Venice to the other, the grand canal has served as an important waterway in the city for several years. It has over 130 buildings that line the banks of the canal and just four bridges that span the grand canal. A gondola ride in the grand canal is a must see and do in Venice. Rialto bridge or Ponte di Rialto is the most popular bridge in Venice and a must see in Venice. Gallerie dell’Accademia is a pre-19th century gallery that houses works of famous artists like Bellini, Canaletto and Titian is another must see in Venice. Away from the tourists crowd is the island of Lido that features a long stretch of beautiful beach to enjoy and definitely a must see in Venice.

What are the free things to do in Italy?

Not every activity you prefer to do or the places you plan to visit charges you money. Some places are absolutely free. Visiting the Pantheon, admiring the St. Peter’s Basilica, Tasting some coffee at Piazza Navona, doing some walking in the St. Mark’s square, counting the number of canals in Venice and enjoying the panoramic views from Piazzale Michelangelo are some of the best activities to do for free in Italy. Enjoy some of these things on your Italy holidays.

Which are the famous museums in Italy?

The scars of a country are generally reflected in its museums. A country like Italy with its rich history, definitely has several museums that are absolutely worthwhile to visit. Uffizi Gallery in Florence, National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Egyptian Museum in Turin, Museo Ferrari in Maranello and the Vatican Museums in Rome are some of the best museums in Italy. To understand the cross cultural differences, include these museums in your Italy tour.

Which are the famous beaches in Italy?

Italy has raw and rugged beaches giving you the best life experience. The light blue waters, beautiful limestone cliffs and lightest powdery sand gives you the best beach days. Starting off with the Chia Beach in Sardinia, San Fruttuoso in Liguria, Furore beach in Amalfi Coast, Punta Prosciutto Beach in Puglia, San Vito Lo Capo in Sicily, Tropea Beach in Calabria and the Follonica Beach in Tuscany are some of the best beaches in Italy.

Is Italy good for road trips? Which are the best road trips in Italy?

Yes. The Tuscan countryside and Amalfi coast are must do road trips for scenic sights and a plethora of experiences on the way. The Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Sicily, Stelvio pass and the foothills of Sabina are the most picturesque places in Italy. You could go on your favourite road trips in these places where both the landscapes and the climate offer beautiful views for you to enjoy everything about Italy. Ensure to add these road trips to your Italy packages for a memorable Italy vacay.

Which are the best hiking trails in Italy?

Hiking is one of the most adventurous activities in Italy. The natural landscapes complimenting support such activities making Italy one of the most preferred destinations for hiking. Cinque Terre in Liguria, Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Dolomites, Il Sentiero degli Dei in Amalfi Coast and Selvaggio Blu in Sardinia are some of the best hiking experiences in Italy.

Which are the famous lakes in Italy?

Italy has numerous lakes and canals. They happen to be a perfect chill out hub during your late evenings. Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are the most famous lakes in Italy. Not just that, they also happen to be the largest in the country.

Where can one shop in Italy?

Via Del Corso in Rome, Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Mercerie in Venice, Via Giovan Battista Zannoni in Florence and Via Toledo in Naples are some of the famous shopping stops in Italy to visit and fill up the shopping bags. If you are looking for some clothes shopping, you can get down to Italian markets and bargain to get the best offers. Here you can also get the best discounts on leather goods like handbags and shoes.

Does it snow in Italy?

If you are fond of making snowballs, plan your Italy tour packages during the months of December and January. It is highly recommended to stay in Florence, Rome and Venice to have the best snow days.

Is Italy expensive to visit?

Italy at an overall level is not very expensive to visit, however some parts of Italy such as Venice and Turin are a bit expensive. When compared to other countries like the UK and Spain, Italy is less expensive. However, when compared with countries like Greece, Italy happens to be expensive. You can explore Italy according to your budget. It has that flexibility to allow you to plan for affordable Italy holidays.

How many days are enough in Italy?

A ten day stay is absolutely necessary to get a complete essence of what Italy has to offer. Frame your Italy tour packages accordingly and enjoy your favourite activities and destinations. Though it is recommended to go for a one week trip, it requires 10 complete days generally to explore every important destination in Italy.

How safe is Italy for tourists?

Italy indeed is a very safe destination to visit. The warmth of the residents and fellow travellers are very calming. They generally don’t interfere with your activities. Italy’s violent crime rates are low and the consistency in good global safety rankings support the statement. However, it is also advisable to keep your belongings safe and remain cautious of pick pocketers, especially while taking the metro.

What language is spoken in Italy? Is English spoken in Italy?

Italian is the official language of Italy and is the most spoken language in Italy. Although English is not spoken widely in Italy, it is believed that about 23% of the population speaks English. English prevalence is more in the Italian cities of Rome, Milan and Florence. Although it may get difficult to survive without English in other regions and hence it is appreciated by locals if you learn and make an effort to converse in Italian.

Is Indian driving license valid in Italy?

You can drive in Italy with an Indian license but provided you also have an International driving permit. With a driving permit you can drive for a maximum of 1 year.

What are some must buys in Italy?

Borsalino Hats, Hand painted ceramics, Italian wines such as Tignanello, Morellino di Scansano and Nobile di Montepulciano, Roman sweets and pastries like Pangiallo romano, Panpepato and Mostaccioli, fancy Italian shoes, accessories like bags, wallets, belts etc, Italian Jewelry from Bulgari, Perfumes and Italian cheese are some must buys in Italy.

What to eat while in Italy?

Pizzas, Bottarga, Lasagna, Risotto, Truffles, Gelato, Tiramisu, Fiorentina Steak, Ribollita and Carbonara, are some must eat while in Italy.

How much cash can i take to Italy?

About 400 euros is a good amount of cash to carry in hand. And when the cash goes less than 100 euros, it can be replenished from a nearby ATM. You can use a credit card if you don’t want to carry too much cash in hand and pay in cash only in places where credit cards are not accepted.

What to pack for Italy?

A wheeless travel backpack is what is advised as there are too many staircases in Italy, Comfortable shoes, comfortable pair of pants, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, portable power bank, some cash, outfits for drinks night outs, a jacket, and scarf/shawl are some of the things to pack for Italy.

How to get a sim card in Italy?

The best way to get a sim card in Italy is to directly go to a store and purchase it. Purchasing a sim card at the airport is not recommended as they tend to be overpriced. Orange Smart and Three Smart are good sim cards to purchase in Italy.

How much would a trip to Italy cost for two?

An all inclusive trip to Italy that includes Flights, Activities, Hotels, Visa Fees and Shared Transfers for a 10 night Italy tour would cost about Rs.2.25 - 2.5 lakhs. It can work out cheaper if you choose backpacking hostels and other cheaper stays.

What is the best time to visit Italy?

April to mid-October is the best time to visit Italy. Any time besides winter, since it is too cold, especially the Amalfi coast region.

How to get around in Venice Italy?

Water buses or popularly known as vaporetti are the most economical and convenient forms of transport in Venice and to get from one place to another.

Is Italy safe for solo female travellers?

With amazing transport infrastructure and plenty of places to visit alone, Italy is definitely safe for solo female travellers. But it is highly advisable to take good care of your belongings especially at the train stations.

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italy Packages By Cities
  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,06,996 /Person

A fun 9 days Italy Tour Packages

  • Rome (4N)
  • Florence (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from40,903 /Person

Lovely 7 Days Italy Holiday Packages

  • Naples (2N)
  • Rome (3N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,07,719 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 17 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from2,92,911 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 9 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from63,588 /Person

Stunning 15 Nights Italy Packages

  • Sorrento (2N)
  • Naples (2N)
+6 cities
  • Hotels
  • 10 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,37,605 /Person

Perfect 12 Nights Italy Travel Packages

  • Amalfi Coast (1N)
  • Rome (3N)
+4 cities
  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,30,057 /Person

Exciting 6 Nights Italy Trip from India

  • Milan (2N)
  • Florence (3N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from95,811 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 15 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from3,04,690 /Person

Enchanting 10 Nights Italy and Austria Package

  • Rome (4N)
  • Florence (2N)
+3 cities
  • Hotels
  • 10 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from2,31,428 /Person

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