Best Time to visit Singapore

Best time to visit - Enjoy your Weather & Seasons of Singapore
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Best time to visit Singapore

Singapore, a modern sparkly country, which is its own city, country, and island. It is one of the most visited countries in the world by travellers. In fact, it's the 5th most traveled country in the world. The city has some of the best skyscrapers and tall buildings with ample space where you can take a walk in the garden to get things out of your mind. It's an island with multi-ethnicity which is reflected in a ray of lights and festivals throughout the year. It is an all year round destination, but what is the best time to visit Singapore?

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With bustling hawkers, centuries-old ancient temples, and diversity in culture, Singapore will charm you in varied ways. Besides the famous 3F’s - Food, Fashion, and Fun. There is another F word the country is famous for, and it's FINE ARTS. Singapore is a place where arts thrive in world-class museums and art galleries. You can explore the street arts at Gellum Gallery or the Expalande Theatre. The artists and actors come together during Singapore's cultural event to showcase their talents and share the newly found perspectives in works of art. Singapore also holds exciting annual sports events that bring players and athletes across the globe. The city also holds the famous Grand Prix with fans roaring and motivating the riders, the entire stadium goes crazy.

When to Visit Singapore?

Singapore can be visited at any season of the year. During every season, Singapore has a few main attractions that can be visited. Based on the season, decide for yourself which is the best time to visit Singapore. Seasons throughout the year in Singapore is as follows:

1. January to March

Start your year with lots of colorful bombs. FIRECRACKERS. It's a period when multiple festivals are organized throughout the city and the entire city is lit with colorful lights. The Chinese New Year is also one of the most celebrated days, sometime between Jan - Feb in Singapore with its major population being Chinese.

2. April to July

For all foodies who love trying out different cuisines, this might be the best time to visit Singapore. The city boasts its collection of about 44 Michelin starred restaurants. Singapore holds the Singapore food festival, where you can indulge in and try all the culinary foods available and treat your taste buds.

What is better than food? FASHION. YESS!! During this time of the year is when the Great Singapore Sale happens. Singapore has massive sales for the whole of June month. Most of its boutiques, showroom, and stores, from stationaries to accessories, from clothes to fabric, it's really a loot where you get to grab everything on a discount. Make sure you carry less while traveling so you can go back with a bang.

3. August to October

Singapore celebrates its annual National Day on 9th September reflecting on the country’s independence. You can see the entire country in full patriotism mode. Right from morning till the moon comes out to shine, the day is filled with programs. Between these months is where the country also celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, where everyone comes together to light lanterns and fly them into the sky.

4. November and December

While it is the end of the year, I can guarantee you the city starts to get much more colourful as it can. With Deepavali, a traditional Hindu festival and Christmas are the busiest time of the year-round the corner, Singapore promises your time to be worthwhile.

Celebrate Deepavali by lighting oil lamps and eating Indian savories and delicacies in Little India. There are a number of stalls and markets set up for you to enjoy the festival and eat, just so you don't run out of energy. Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By the Bay is a must watch place during Christmas, with luminous lights and ice sculpture, it truly is beautiful to see.

Different seasons of Singapore

Situated near the earth’s equator, Singapore does not enjoy various seasons. It's generally humid throughout the year.

October to January (Play it Cool)

Relatively humid, during this time of the year, Singapore enjoys cold breezes and long nights. You might also see some rains now and then at this time over the horizon. If you are lucky, you can also hear some thunderstorms, keep a watch.

We suggest you dress appropriately for a rainy morning and even carry an umbrella or raincoats in hand, to be prepared, like the saying, always be prepared than sorry. 

February to May  (Take a walk)

This is when it gets hot with some light drizzles. There is no clear-cut wet or dry season. Uninterrupted by rains, you can enjoy sunny mornings by taking a stroll in through the park or by enjoying a scoop of ice creams.

June to September (Deep dive and Stay Hydrated)

Between June to September is when you can feel the heat in Singapore. The climate is generally hot and we suggest you pack some light summer clothes for your travel. Feeling too summery, get yourself submerged in water sports at Adventure Cove & relax.

Situated at the earth’s equator, Singapore usually has only the three main seasons, the summer, the rainy, and the winter. Singapore is a place where you can experience all of Asia and still feel yourself. For best deals, head to Pickyourtrail and check out the Singapore travel packages that suit you the most. Get lucky with your Pickyourtrail by customizing the packages based on your wants and needs, sounds cool right, Well, that’s Pickyourtrail for you. 

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