How to Reach Singapore from India

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Singapore is a favourite destination to travel for Indians. One might say that it is a distant cousin to India. There are thousands of people who travel to Singapore every year. It comes as no surprise as Singapore as a travel destination is astonishing and offers many places to visit and things to do. It is a well-suited stop for both children and adults alike. Having known about the might of the country, it is important to know the best ways on how to reach Singapore from India as you should get there in order to experience everything Singapore has to offer. Singapore has one of the most developed transport systems in the world in and out of the country. You can reach the country by Air, Water, Land or even Rails. Here is all the information on reaching the country by different medium and travelling internally.

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How to reach Singapore by Air?

Well, It is obvious that taking a flight is the easiest and the most comfortable way to reach Singapore from India. Travelling to Singapore by air has increased in India by a large number. Singapore is home to eight airports including the famous Changi Airport which is the primary one. Changi International Airport is one of the best airports in the world and is an attraction in itself. It is a remarkable and stunning airport with top-class services, beautiful gardens, the world’s largest indoor waterfall, access to 5-star culinary, shopping venues, hotels and much more.

Already tempted to be there? Fortunately, there are a number of direct flights operated from India to Singapore. Different airlines such as Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Bangkok Airways, etc, operate flights in and out of the country. Even though the country has various other airports, Changi Airport is the main one convenient to the travellers. It remains to be a suitable arrival spot irrespective of your final destination in Singapore.

The distance between India to Singapore by air is approximately 3440 km. It takes around 5 hours and 35 minutes on an average to complete the journey. However, the distance and time vary according to the city you are travelling from. From Chennai, it takes only 4 and a half hours to cover the distance of 2920 km approximately while it takes 5 and a half hours to complete the journey from Mumbai as the distance is 3920 km approximately. And once you land on Changi International Airport, there is easy access to all local transport including the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), taxis and buses.

How to reach Singapore by Land (Road)?

The distance between the central region of India to Singapore by road is a whopping 6054 km. You can choose to reach Singapore from India by road if you want an adventurous road trip and you are willing to give way to an exhaustive journey. You will have to drive through multiple countries and you have to start by taking the India-Myanmar highway through to Thailand. Then you’ll have to ride back to Malaysia and ultimately reach Singapore. Don’t forget to carry your valid Autopass card, active motor insurance and duh, the Passport. There is also another way to reach Singapore from Malaysia.  You can take the specially licensed taxis from Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru in Malaysia-Singapore borderline. With this, You can cross borders without having to go through the tedious process of immigration or customs in both countries.

 You can also take a bus between the two countries. The most prominent operators are the  KKKL, Aeroline and Transnasional. Weekdays would be the ideal time to take a bus as you can avoid the crowd. Despite the fact that land travel to Singapore from India is time-consuming, it is an interesting way to travel with its own adventures and you can create exciting memories through the journey.

How to Reach Singapore by Water?

Singapore has plenty of cruise options with various operators with both luxury or premium options. Singapore Port is a major base for cruises throughout South East Asia. The Marina Bay Cruise Centre and Singapore Cruise Centre are the major cruise operators with the largest cruise liners in the world. There are regular services to and from the Tanjung Belungkor in Malaysia and Riau Islands in Indonesia. There are several other routes from neighbouring countries and the docking spots are conveniently located in the country. A Star cruise is an exhilarating way to reach the country and one of the best experiences you will have in a lifetime.

How to Reach Singapore by Railway (Trains)?

It is not possible to reach Singapore from India by train. But if you are an avid train lover and want to experience a journey into the country by train, you can arrive in Singapore from Malaysia. There are two lines running between the countries from the JB Central in Johor Bahru to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint. From there, you can take a bus or a taxi to reach your final point. The Eastern and Oriental Express trains travel from Thailand to Malaysia to Singapore and it is a wonderful journey you can take between the countries. It is really one of a kind experience where you glide through the luxuriant tropical countryside.

Transportation within Singapore

By Walk

Walking around Singapore is a joyous thing as they have very well maintained pathways which are well connected too.  You can also rent cycles for 7-12 Dollars.

By Car

You can rent yourself a car and you can move around the well-connected road network at your convenience. The driving is similar to India and they drive on the left side too. Don’t forget to carry your license with you if you want to rent a car.  And if you prefer the road but not driving, you can always catch a taxi. Be aware that the taxis are a little hard to come by during the peak night hours or the shift change hours between 4 pm-5 pm. All the taxis there in Singapore are metered.

By Bus

You can use the EZ-Link Card on the comprehensive bus system of Singapore with which you can cover almost every part of the island. It is a comfortable way to travel in the tropical city as they are fully air-conditioned.

By Metro

Singapore’s MRT system is one of the famous rapid transit networks in the world. It is the fastest way to travel and reach between places. Every famous attraction will have an MRT station in the neighbourhood. You can buy an unlimited pass during your time in the country and use them to travel between places swiftly.

Air, Land or water! It doesn’t matter how you reach Singapore as once you are there, it is the ultimate destination where you can have your best time and enjoy life to its fullest. Now that you have all the information on reaching your final destination, it’s time to check on what to do at the Lion city. Check out the attractive packages to Singapore with Pickyourtrail

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