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Desert Camping, Dubai

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When we think of Dubai, the first visuals that come to our mind are the desert life and skyscrapers for sure. The desert is part of Arabian lifestyle and tradition all these years. Desert camping is one of the main tourist attractions of this indulgent place. Night camping in a desert is ofcourse there in the bucket list of adventurers and thrill seekers. Palm trees, oases, sunsets, wild desert animals, delicious arabic buffets… There are a lot of things to experience and enjoy along with your night desert camping. Shisha pipe smoking and barbeque dinner is also part of the desert camping in Dubai. You can also attend the traditional Arabic performances such as belly dancing, Arabian musical nights and enjoy getting henna on your hands with an Arabic makeover. 

Just imagine lying in the sand and gazing at the stars like you are the only living being in the world. Rather than like staying in a luxury resort, you are getting an authentic local and wildlife experience as you live in tents. If you are planning to visit this glamorous city, Dubai, then never miss the experience of spending a day and night in the deserts. 

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Best time to do desert camping in Dubai

Since Dubai is one of the hottest destinations in the world, the best time to visit Dubai is the winter season, especially the months of November and December. This is the best time to do desert camping also. Dubai is so humid that the summers are too hot and is an off-season for travellers across the world who wish to visit the place.

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Best places to do desert camping in Dubai

  • Bedouin camp:

Bedouin camp is a desert-dwelling group which is one of the most luxurious desert camping groups and offers all types of activities such as belly dance, barbeque dinner and adventure activities. 

  • Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau:

One of the best places to go for mountain climbing, biking and trekking along with fishing and other water activities. As this place passes through Al rams border, you have to apply for a ten day tourist visa to do camping here. 

  • White sands beach:

As one of the most beautiful beaches in UAE, the beach allows one to pitch a tent and enjoy the view of the ocean by sitting on top of a cliff.

  • Sharjah fossil rocks:

The Fossil rocks in Sharjah is one of the best places for camping in Dubai, especially for large groups and youngsters. This secluded place is apt for desert adventures like quad biking and dune bashing.

  • Jebel Al Jais:

This mountain range located in Ras Al Khaimah region is touted as the tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates. Famously called as ‘Grand Canyon of Oman’, the place offers trekking and hiking trails which are feasible for beginners and intermediate-level climbers. 

  • Hajar mountains:

This desert mountain range spread out between Oman and UAE is best for desert camping, mountain trekking and hiking.

  • Fujairah:

Located in the east coast of UAE, it is one of the most secluded spots with magnificent vistas of mountains and beaches. The campsites also have private camping areas.

  • Umm Al Quwain beach:

This beach allows you to camp anywhere near the shore. Fishing and bird and animal watching are also provided here.

  • Al Qudra lake:

The place located only 30 or 40 minutes away from the Dubai city centre is one of the most popular desert camping sites in Dubai. The two sides (vast desert side and calm pool water) of this oasis desert region makes it an ideal spot for families and couples to enjoy desert camping. 

  • Al Dhafra beach:

Located outside Abu Dhabi, this is one of the serene and beautiful beaches in Dubai especially for desert camping. You can experience sea life near the beach and also watch the turtles there. Water sports such as diving, kayaking and snorkelling will add more experiences to your camping.

Things to know when you are going for desert camping

  • Desert camping is not something you can just go on the flow with, but you have to make some preparations beforehand. 
  • Carry essentials such as food, water, battery chargers, torches, first-aid, tent, blankets, medicines etc. 
  • Assess your physical and health-related conditions before going for desert camping and take medication if needed.
  • Respect the environment while camping in the desert.
  • Remember to dress modestly and respectfully, as Dubai follows conservative cultural norms. Avoid revealing or overly tight clothing, especially when interacting with locals or visiting more traditional areas.

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If you are planning to visit Dubai, then having a desert camp in one of the sites mentioned before should be a must-to-do thing in your itinerary. Pickyourtrail will help you customise your Dubai tour itinerary and make a memorable Dubai tour package for you. Don’t wait any more, let’s roam the world with Pickyourtrail!

The desert camping packages start from AED 184 (4113.07 INR). 
Loose- fitting and breathable clothes, long sleeves and pants, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, closed-toe shoes, scarf or shemagh etc can be used while going for a desert camp in Dubai.  
Yes, desert camping in Dubai is generally considered safe. However, it's essential to follow safety guidelines, listen to instructions from tour operators if you're on a guided tour, and be prepared with necessary supplies and equipment. It's also advisable to check weather conditions and travel advisories before embarking on your camping trip. 
Yes, if you're camping in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR), you will need a permit. The DDCR is a protected area, and permits can be obtained through tour operators or directly from the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve management. 
Yes, it's possible to camp in the desert without a tour. However, you will need to have the necessary camping equipment, a 4x4 vehicle (preferably with off-road capabilities), and the appropriate permits. 
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