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Australian Holiday: 10 Must-See Places & Experiences

Beaches, cricket, more beaches. And, uh, cricket? There is more to Australia than this. But we all know that, don’t we? We’d love for you journey with us as we discover and pick out some of the very best of Australia. Capture the best of Australia with us! Want to discover more of Australia? PickYourTrail is the way to go! Meanwhile, here are some of our very favourites must-go-tos from Down Under ~

Sydney Opera House, Sydney –

A multi-venue performing arts centre, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most distinctive buildings in the world. Comprising of venues like Concert Hall, Joan Sutherland Theatre, Drama Theatre, Playhouse, Utzon Room and Outdoor Forecourt, several purposes are served under one roof. Housing cafes, restaurants, bars and retail outlets, there’s indeed something for everyone here. With white roof shell shaped sails atop a massive red granite, it is no wonder the Opera House has been internationally acclaimed as an architectural icon of the 20th century. The Opera House hosts over 1,500 performances and sees more than 1.2 million people attend them. The vision the Opera House poses is a dramatic and unforgettable one – therefore being the focal point of the Sydney Harbour.

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The Great Barrier Reef, Australia –

The world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef is a sight for sore eyes. The beautiful and diverse range of corals along with the variety of marine life is a crowd puller. And the diverse range of activities you have lined up to discover this variety is amazing. With over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands spread over 2,300 kilometers, there is so much to explore in the Great Barrier Reef. Set in the Coral Sea, you have access to some of the most gorgeous golden beaches in the world. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Barrier Reef is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. It is even visible from outer space! Snorkelling, scuba diving, helicopter tours, bare or self-sail boats are some ways you can explore the reef. For a more real-time experience you could sign up for glass-bottomed boat viewing, whale watching and, the all time favourite, swimming with the dolphins. The Reef awaits you!

Deep within - The Great Barrier Reef
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Harbour Bridge, Sydney –

Another piece of architecture that Sydney, even Australia is synonymous to. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, apart from, being a platform to some spectacular sights – read skyline harbour and of course the Opera House – has a colourful and historical significance. The steel through arch bridge that gives passage to rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between Sydney central business district and North Shore opened in 1932. Its design was said to be inspired from that of Hell Gate Bridge of New York City. Due to its arch-like design, it is affectionately also called The Coathanger. The bridge holds a lot of significance, especially, to the survivors of World War 2 who made it to Australia. Setting sights on the grand structure that Harbour Bridge is the immigrants found much respite from the memories of the war.

{7114B344-81B5-4E16-AFCD-D320C2CEC126}Sydney Harbour Bridge - Stock image

Ocean Road, Australia –

Connecting the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford, the Great Ocean Road runs along the south-eastern coast of Australia. Great is not a term conferred lightly. This 243 kilometers stretch of a road truly deserves this adjective for many a reason. The sights it grants is more than just breathtaking. From the iconic Twelve Apostles limestone stack formation to the several cliffs, rainforests and beaches line the road – the scenes will have you enraptured. Misty waterfalls and surf breaks are also lined to treat the adventure enthusiasts. To add a little more perspective to this spectacle – this road was commissioned in memory of the soldiers killed during World War I. The world’s largest memorial, you could say. Through the coast, there is a lot more to do than just sit back and stare – scuba diving, surfing and sea kayaking are devotedly partaken in.


Melbourne Museum, Melbourne –

Want a little more perspective into Australia? The Melbourne Museum is your guide to everything Australia. From social history to indigenous cultures to even science and environment, there is a lot you are exposed to. This natural and cultural history museum is located in the Heritage Site of Carlton Gardens. The museum is a great place for education, history, culture and society – for people to engage with each other in a contemporary setting. It is, in fact, the largest in Southern Hemisphere. With seven main galleries, there is a lot to explore for everyone. Among these, one is the Children’s Gallery. Sidney Myer Amphitheatre, The Age Theatre are additional facilities of the museum. A public research centre, called the Discovery Centre is located on the Lower level of the facility. If a little history is what you want to be exposed to, you must visit the Melbourne Story exhibition. Interested in the local Koorie culture? The museum celebrates it in Bunjilaka, Aboriginal Cultural Centre. It houses an IMAX theatre that screens a lot of 3D documentaries. For a laid back time walk into the museum souvenir shop and the cafe that serves some delicious coffee.

The Melbourne Museum
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Warner Brothers Movie World, Gold Coast –

Fancy taking a stroll with Marilyn Monroe. Let us correct that. Fancy taking a stroll along with a Marilyn Monroe look alike? Not the real deal but, hey, does satisfy that bucket doesn’t it? After a little tweak, of course. Welcome to the Warner Bros. Movie World! Just turned 25 years old, this movie based theme park is located in Gold Coast in Australia. There is much to explore and discover over here. Movie-themed rides and attractions are central to this place, of course. Stroll in the park and get an opportunity to meet, greet and take pictures with Batman, Austin Powers, Marilyn Monroe, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the ever-favourite Looney Tunes characters. Everything is a little bit more grander here. Street shows from skits to singing performances are a norm here. The All Star Parade showcasing characters alongside vehicles and movie-themed floats – positively do not give this a miss. Want to dig a little deeper? There are numerous active film studios within the complex – from Scooby Doo House of Wax to The Condemned, Ghostship and the 2003 Peter Pan movie. Like all good theme parks do, there is no dearth of coaster rides here too. From Lethal Weapon – the Ride to the Green Lantern coaster ride, the roller coaster will keep your spirits up and have you squealing – with joy, hopefully. Looney Toons Village is, for the classic Disney romantics, a must visit. Batwing Spaceshot, Arkham Asylum and Superman Escape are some of the crowd pullers. If a movie is love and movie is life, this, my friends, is your pilgrimage.

The Warner Brothers Movie World.
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Australian War Memorial, Campbell ACT –

Every country and continent has its own dark period of warring and the resultant mourning that lasts even longer the war. Memories of war are etched deeply into people’s minds, it is only acceptable that this mourning gets a tangible representation. Memorials around the world have different stories to tell. But they seem to glide and touch past the themes of bravery, of love of sacrifice, of pain, of loss of – sometimes – glory, misplaced might I add and of course of victory. And finally, peace because the deed is done and we can finally move on. Among the many memorials around the world, Australian War Memorial stands out. Dedicated to all the martyrs of the armed forces, it is considered the most significant of its type in the world. Located in Canberra, The War Memorial has a Commemorative Area –  the shrine, a Hall of Memory, galleries and a Research Centre and Research Centre. On the outside, the Sculpture Garden is set up to provide pleasing visuals.

The Australian War Memorial
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Adelaide Oval, Brisbane –

This one is for the cricket enthusiasts. If you are a self-proclaimed enthusiast – you probably agree with Aussies when they declare the Adelaide Oval to be the most picturesque cricket ground in Australia, if not the world. If you don’t, you really need to reconsider that. But if you don’t, hey, here’s a little bit more about that lovely cricket ground. Located between the central city and North Adelaide, the Oval made news for being the very first location to host a day-night test series match. A success it was! The stadium continues to be used for both cricket and football. But it also hosts rugby league, rugby union, soccer and concerts. It seats about 34,000 people and is under the management of the Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority. After the renovations in 2011, it is claimed as the “perfect piece of modern architecture that somehow maintains its contemporary character”. A lovely piece of architecture, indeed, this place is a must visit when in Australia.

The Adelaide Oval
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Infinity, Gold Coast –

Fancy being lost in a time warp? Maybe crossing over a bottomless chasm? These are not plagiarised plot lines from a sci-fi movie, we assure you. Step into Infinity in Gold Coast and know that you are in for a mind-blowing 40 minute experience. 20 futuristic mazes, that are filled with special effects, atmospheric sound fields and illusions that seem infinite. Expect some groovy music to set the mood. A good source for some family entertainment, many a maze experiences are on offer. Inter-Dimensional Space, to the Cyclotron Propel, Electron Maze, The Infinite Light Canyon, Laser Zone, The Infinite Light Canyon. Fancy names got you excited? Well, they got us excited too! What’s more – this is a first of its kind in the entire world. Unleash the exclusive sci-fi geekness, we say!

The Infinity at Gold Coast
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The Bellingham Maze, Sunshine Coast –

Fancy getting lost in a maze in a foreign country? Don’t be wary. It’s a lot of fun than it sounds. We promise! Made of 1,000 trees, the hedge maze is one among the many mazes designed by The Bellingham Maze. Led through a magic waterfall, a wishing well and then over a bridge and through a tropical rainforest garden will bring you to the hedge maze. Once here, you are required to travel to the mountain and locate the hidden fountain – by following the sound of watering pattering about of course. There is no dearth to fun here – every maze here is designed to keep you on your toes, thinking, analyzing and finding your way. From the tyre maze to the rope, mini puzzle – all are designed to systematically to get you lost and then, of course, find your way. There is also a Snow White themed dwarf-hunt where you can visit the wandering princess in her cottage and then set out to find the dwarves! A huge aviary, a cafe are other features this The Bellingham Maze offers. Fancy taking some of this adventure back home? Head over to the puzzle shop and stock your den. But, no matter, this is the place that you will keep wanting to come back to. Meanwhile, satisfy yourself with the little puzzles you have bought – the miniatures of your fantastic experience.

The Bellingham Maze
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Want to go Down Under, ay, matey? Forgive the fake accent. But here’s the message – want to discover these places and more for yourselves? Book Australia tour packages with us today!

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