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10  Compelling reasons to visit South America

I am Kranthi Kiran Chitithoti, a globetrotter with a bucket list that has every place on the map! I travel to spread happiness, share smiles and bring hope to humanity, despite differences and boundaries. I recently travelled to South America for a month, fell in love with Latin Americans, and discovered for myself many reasons to visit South America. During this trip, I carried a Fujifilm instant camera to give away pictures to all the locals. It was amazing to see how this simple act of sharing pictures brought joy and care. It forged new friendships and got people together. Travelling is to see yourself in everyone you come across. Travelling is living.

Here are some of the pictures from across South America; of Peruvian Cuisine, Colombian Culture and Argentinian Landscapes. If you need reasons to visit South America, here is not one, but 10 real reasons to ~


Expose your taste buds to a wild ride in Lima and experience the Pacific ocean on your tongue. Try the Ceviche, Tiraditos, Arroces, and have your friends for company to make it taste even better. Ceviche is what happened when the Spanish came in touch with Peru; they brought in the element of citrus into Peruvian dishes. The classic ceviche combines seafood with lime and spicy chiles, topped with a pile of tortilla chips – one of the plenty reasons to visit South America. Do not miss the native fruit of Coastal Peru, Lucuma. Life is a cocktail and in Lima, it has a name – Pisco Sour. Go for it. Top it all with Picarones. In short, try everything that comes your way, and your taste buds will thank you for it. Explore these culinary delights with our exclusive honeymoon packages and vacation packages, designed to make your trip to Lima truly unforgettable.

Pisco Sour
Pisco Sour
Lucama Chocolate
Lucama Chocolate

2. Trekking to Machu Picchu, Peru

What’s a trip to South America without visiting the Incan Ruins at Machu Picchu? But do not hurry it. Explore it the way it was discovered. Through the mountains, meeting the indigenous population, eating the potatoes of all kinds and taking in the coca leaves, sleeping under the moon and walking with the Alpacas. Do it the way it must be done. Discover Machu Picchu. Get lost on the way only to find yourself amidst the vastness of nature. The best journey is the one that brought you here and now.

img_6926 img_6098 img_6173

3. Contacting the un-contacted at the Peruvian Amazonas

Go and immerse yourself in the lap of the Amazonas Rainforest, home to the most exotic of species. Cruise along the world’s longest Amazon river and get amazed by the abundance of life all around. Go far and deep into the jungle and shake hands with the Indian tribes. Try their blowgun used to hunt the wild and mesmerize the tribes with your sharp shooting skills. Don the rubber boots and get carried away in the dense forests. Discover the Ayahuasca rituals and experience visions. Make friends with the mototaxi driver and see life from his point of view. Try the exotic amazonas cuisine, always fresh and cooked live – one of the compelling reasons to visit South America. Look back into the past, study the rubber trade and the war over the wood and laugh at the continuing greed of the humans. The nature of a human must be in sync with the nature that surrounds the human. We are losing contact with ourselves and our nature. Time to get back closer to ourselves.
dscn7392 img_6344

4. Pass through three countries at once in Tres Fonteras  

Take a 10 hour long boat ride with the locals from Iquitos, Peru to Leticia, Colombia and enter the borderlands. Center yourself in the center of the triangle of countries and show off your skills to the other travellers. Leticia ( Colombia ) on one side, Santa Rosa ( Peru ) on  the other and Tabatinga ( Brazil ) on the third side. Laugh at the borders that we have created on the maps and experience the convergence of it in the river of humanity called the Amazon. Freedom is in having no boundaries and going limitless. Once in Leticia, go climb the 35 meter high trees and get on the canopy. Experience how trees see and live in the rainforest. Take the zipline, go canopy hopping and understand evolution of humans from the apes. Make friends with the colombian at the hotel and share bollywood and yoga. Get out at 5:00 PM everyday and be amazed by the thousands of birds coming to show us what freedom feels like at the parque santander. Take the motorbike taxi and Cross the borders at will to experience the samba on the Brazilian side. End your day with caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil. Freak outboat rides,  at the freedom that this place offers.By the way, Do not miss the mojojoy’s, the fried worms. It can’t get as exotic as this.


5. Realismo Magico in the walled city of Cartagena, Colombia

First things first. When in Cartagena, pay your respects to the Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez at his resting place. Gabo, as fondly called by his fanatics,  has expanded the definition of reality to include fantasy and magic that is beyond the scope of human mind. To live upto 150 years or claiming to have 65 wives is not so uncommon in Colombia. Exaggeration is never underplayed, rather it is elevated to allow our minds to see and view this world in a larger sense. Experience the fusion of Caribbean, Amazon Indian and Spanish in the cuisine, in the color of the skin and in their fused approach to living. Buy a Caribbean Colombian straw hat and be larger than life yourself. Go mud bathing in the volcanoes and cleanse yourself of all the filth outside and inside. Get scrubbed by the local colombian women ( my friend was called Margarita ) and get your skin a glowing look. Surely one of the most fetching reasons to visit South America! Spend an entire day strolling around Getsemani, my most favourite neighbourhood in the world.


Get amazed at the larger-than-life art on the walls and in the streets. Go to Playa Blanca, the best white sand beach in the world and bathe in the tranquility of the turquoise waters of the caribbean. Walk all the way from the old city to the Castle of San Felipe to marvel at the underground passages and also take a picture of the  giant Colombian Flag. Take an off-the-beaten track and jump into the sonnet shoes of Don Luis Carlos Lopez. Meet the Locals and showcase that all humans are the same when it comes to having fun and sharing happiness. In Cartagena, discover magic that lies within you and around you. Magic is no more just a word. Magic is life itself. Real and surreal at the same time.

Note: Read “one hundred years of solitude” by Gabo before you venture into this land. Thou shall not experience magic or reality without this.


6. Narcos and Nightlife in Medellin, Colombia 

Notorious for being the heart of the cocaine trade and famed for being the city from where Pablo Escobar ruled his drug empire, Medellin is a city your curiosity will not allow to miss. Growing to be a global city, with tempting local cuisines, bandeja paisa being the most authentic of the Antioquian region and local handmade chocolate to tease your taste buds,  Medellin has many things to offer for a traveller. Take the Colombian Style salsa classes at Santo Baile and show off your skills in one of the many nightbars in Parque Lleras, my favourite being the most local La Ruana de Juana. Take a taxi and go all the way to the top to Pueblito Paisa to have a great view of the city and the green landscape that surrounds it. A trip to Medellin is incomplete without admiring the voluminous art ( fat figures ) of Fernando Botero in the museum dedicated to his work. Go find out the philosophy of Botero and understand the difference between “volume” and being “fat.” Well, I got my answers in my question itself.


Medellin  is a special place for me for having been a witness to the nationwide voting for peace treaty between the government and the FARC rebels. The nation voted against it but to be part of an almost historic moment is a special memory.

7. Rush your adrenaline in San Gil, Colombia

Rafting through the Suarez river with class 5 rapids is a near-death experience and is a strongly recommended activity when you are in San Gil. Clinging onto the raft as the waters splash all over you is something you must go through to evaluate how much you “let go” of yourself. Life is one balancing act and one must know how much to hold on to and how much to let go of. By the way, giving up is not the same as letting go. So just wear your lifejacket and move on. Explore the dark underground life in the caves and come face to face with bats upside down as you navigate through the smelly and chilly waters of Cave de la vaca. Try the “Hormigas Culonas” ( fried ants ) for snacks and forget your dinner for the day. As the nights begins, get out with your hostel mates and try your hand at the game of Tejo, Colombia’s national sport. Show some bollywood moves to add fun and flavour to the event.

Take one day out and go to Barichara, the world’s prettiest village. Admire the views from this place as you walk around the place and the dreamy atmosphere that dawns upon at the twilight hour.

img_7181 img_7193

8. Find Paradise on Ice in Patagonia, Argentina

Trek through the Ice on the most visited Perito Moreno Glacier and say to yourself, “ Yes, Peace is white.” Take a day out to the Upsala glacier and thank the Gods for creating magic in front of your eyes. Visit the Parilla and treat yourself to Grilled Patagonian lamb with french fries and the local patagonian wine. Patagonia is a white wonderland and fulfills your longing to discover magic. Yes, Magic is white too. Before you leave Perito Moreno, do not forget to bow down to the creator for the magnitude and grandeur that surrounded you all through your stay.



9. Chill out in El Chalten, Argentina

A quaint little town that encourages everyone to discover their own path and celebrate the freedom of not having anyone lead you on a known path. Find many ways to lose yourself and eventually discover different directions to the same goal – be it mount fitz roy or laguna del torre. Make silence your companion and let the serendipity excite you. Listen to the woodpecker making the cavity on the tree trunk. Let the cold breeze and raindrops express themselves on your face as you march forward into the unknown and unfamiliar. Discover the beauty of life in El Chalten. Discover you.


10. Two to tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

It takes two to a tango, but it takes one to start it all. So be that one. The one that takes the lead to connect with the other person and move along to the tunes of life. Go shopping for tango shoes and meet fellow dancers preparing themselves for the dance night out in one of the countless milongas in Buenos Aires. If your are feeling lazy, treat yourself to a late night tango show with the most tender beef steak and a bottle of red wine from Mendoza to accompany it. The city never sleeps so why should you? You are the city. Isnt it?


Home is wherever you are. Happy Travelling.

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