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Top 10 reasons the Maldives is a fantastic destination for romantic getaways

Glaring with white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, the island destination of Maldives is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, especially by couples. Puzzled why it is the most preferred spot? Here are the top 10 reasons why Maldives makes a great couple holiday spot.

1. Just the two of you

Having a hard time finding the right place where you can be just by yourselves? Get away from the neon and the noise of the world, the tropical island of Maldives offers a perfect setting for romance.

No mobile pings to disturb the two of you. No nosy neighbours to bother you. And of course no workplace worries! You can just sit by the shore and discuss everything about life.

Here’s valuable tip-off that you’ll surely thank us for – How to choose the perfect destination for the two of you.

Make your dreams come true | @veliganduisland | ? @amileylala | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Gaze into the ocean aimlessly.

Honeymoon moments at @conrad_maldives #VisitMaldives ?☀? . ?: @hayleylarue

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Rent cycles and roam around in the sun.

Set couple goals. Strike up some romance by your villa.

All the escapes from your water villa ?? @veliganduisland #VisitMaldives ?☀? . ?: @tropicphoto_maria

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2. Amazingly wonderful resorts to choose from

If you are travelling as a couple, one of the first things that you will be worried about is finding a right place to stay. With Maldives, you don’t even have to worry about your stay. From floating villas to beach stays to spa resorts to guesthouses, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. And the most amazing thing about these accommodations is that they remain secluded but at the same time accessible.

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This is how your resort may look like. Tempting huh?

Unique view of a little patch of paradise by See from the Sky | Olhuveli Beach & Spa | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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A little closer look.

What about the views from your room?

Twilight, it’s when magic happens right at your doorstep. @fushifaru #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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And the number of amenities that these resorts offer is insane!

3. Food gets a new meaning

Your stay is sorted. The next question that might pop into your head is food. Food gets a new meaning in Maldives. Restaurants like the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island are bound to wow you. This is the world’s first undersea restaurant where you can dine with the sharks! If that isn’t exciting enough, pick the Anantara Kihavah Villas and its undersea wine cellar. Japanese, European, Asian – you name it and Maldives has a restaurant for you!

For all of Maldives underwater treasures: Ocean’s Five – Underwater Maldives

Happiness and the hammock.

Ultimate happiness starts here! | @discoversoneva | #VisitMaldives?☀?

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Breakfast right above the lagoon.

Perfect spot for an early morning breakfast! | @sixsenseslaamu | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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In the water.

“Breakfast in bed” is so yesterday ?? @clubmedkani @clubmed #VisitMaldives ?☀? . ?: @brooksabin

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How about under the water. 😉

Maldives, where reality is better than dreams! | @hurawalhi | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Dine under the night sky. <3

Romance is in the air. Private dining by the beach @bandosmaldives #VisitMaldives ?☀? . ?: @mkspeed66

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4. Go crazy with water sports

Done with that sun tan? Been binging a bit much? Take some time off your romantic schedule and try your hands at one of the many water sports activities.

Wroooommmm across the water.

Go fast and enjoy the sunny side of life… | @holidayinnresortmaldives | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Love is in the air!

Sunday adventure in Paradise | @niyamamaldives | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Click photos of sea turtles.

Chillin’ with some underwater friends! #CocoPalmDhuniKholu @coco_resorts #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Kayak in the azure, clear waters.

Tryout an alternative way to explore the crystal waters – glass bottom kayaks @anantaradhigu #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Go fly into the sky.

Swing into the crystal playground @anantaraveli #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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or become a Tarzan.

fun, sand and sea with @louise.thompson at @atmoskani #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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5. Revitalize your inner self

Holidays offer you the opportunity to unplug yourself from all the stress and come back as a refreshed soul. If your definition of having a perfect holiday is unwinding, then you can’t find a better fit than Maldives. Almost all the stays in Maldives come with spa option by default and the treatment that you get at these places is amazing. Honestly, you will feel lighter than air after a rejuvenating spa session.

Treat yourself to a complimentary @anantaraveli Signature Massage at SUNDARI Spa. #Spa #AnantaraVeli #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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And what’s more attractive is you have the option for couple massage as well.

A yoga lover? Here’s what you can do.

#Fitness at @Kandima_maldives #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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How about this pose?

6. Lots & lots & lots of photo ops

Plan a holiday, go to the destination, have fun, return, get back to what you were doing.. Earlier, this used to be the norm. But now the rules have changed. You can’t just go back to what you were doing. You have to upload your holiday pictures and make your friends jealous. With perfect scenery all around, your Maldives Honeymoon will surely give your friends a run for their money!

By holding hands.

Splish splash! Swing over crystal clear waters. #kickbackrelax #visitMaldives . Photo credits ?: @fascinantemundo

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Promise of a lifetime.

We’ll go wherever you lead us to.. | ? @ohhcouture | @fsmaldives | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Ah, the happy picture.

Life as in reflection.

When paradise defies all expectations. Welcome to the sunny side! @ooreethirah #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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7. Take advantage of the cheaper prices

The ultimate thing that decides the fate of a vacation is the prices. And there is this common notion that Maldives is expensive. But, no, it really isn’t. Maldives is comparatively a great budget-friendly destination. If you are a couple, then you have the chance to enjoy all the luxury at affordable prices. What more do you want?!

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You can stay in one of these without burning your finances.

*Ring ring*, Luxury is calling for you! | @kandolhu | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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Feel like flying rather than riding on a ferry? Hop on a seaplane.

8. Serene beaches and mesmerizing sunsets

Adorned with white-powdery beaches and cyano-blue waters, Maldives looks like a slice of paradise. The tranquillity on offer is unmatched. Go for a stroll across the beach hand-in-hand & gaze at the beautiful sunset that paints Maldives with its magic.

Discover the magic of Maldives.

Discover more of the Maldives with #Vilamendhoo! ??? #VisitMaldives ?☀? #sandbanks . Photo credits ?: @vilamendhoo

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Find catching a sunset from the beach too mainstream? Drift away into the waters on a ferry and lose yourself to the pristine views.

Sunset Cruise @lilybeachresortmaldives #VisitMaldives ?☀? . ?: @obofili

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Bored of walking on the beach? Go cycling then.

There are plenty of ways to discover Maldives and it’s beautiful beaches | @ooreethirah | #VisitMaldives ?☀?

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And yeah, the waters in Maldives glow as well.

9. Learn a thing or two about the vibrant culture of Maldives

While Maldives is a popular tourist destination, it still preserves the traditional culture. As a tourist when you visit Maldives, the authentic culture on usage is something that looks very inviting. Without further adieu, befriend a local and experience Maldives like the locals do. You will be surely amazed.


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Savour the delicious coconut water.

Ride on a dhoni.

Witness the traditional Maldivian folk dance of Bodu beru.

. @amarimaldives – Arrival Jetty with Boduberu team #culturalside #visitmaldives

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10. The incredible tropical climate

Thanks to its wonderful location Maldives boasts of a wonderful tropical climate with sunshine throughout the year. The warm weather along with the picturesque landscape makes for a great escape during your Maldives trip. While you can visit Maldives any time of the year, the Best time to visit Maldives is from December to April.

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All set? Book a Maldives honeymoon package now.


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