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10 Top Things To Do in Kuta On Your Bali Vacation in 2023

Kuta situated in the heart of Bali is an upstate paradise of everything the word Bali stands for. Brimming with soulful pubs, picturesque food, and travellers from all over the world, it will immediately capture your vibe and set your vacation in the most rightful flow. Kuta is primarily known for its beaches and long walks along the coastal trails that people take to get a glimpse of the extraordinary sunsets. There are many more to explore and below is a list of top things to do in Kuta.

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10 Best Things to Do in Kuta

1. Fantastic Beaches

Kuta Beach Sunset
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Kuta is fast developing and is advanced among its peers owing to its popularity amongst tourists. It is a mainstream beach destination and has so much to offer to urban jungle lovers. Everywhere you go you will find hundreds of tourists who are tuned in to Bali’s swaying culture and are highly adventurous. Every such street leads to a beach and you just can’t get enough of them. Parties ensue randomly in groups of strangers and the whole beach is a lit atmosphere. Crisp sand, sea turtles, coconut trees framing views, outlining rock formations and watery coves are characteristic of all the shimmering beaches of Kuta, visiting these beaches is one of the best things to do in Kuta.


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2. Turtle Walks

The west coast of Bali is a long welcome patch for marine life that comes looking for sanctuary. The island boasts of stunning photographs of people hanging out with large turtles. Some areas of Kuta are prone to turtle nests during nesting seasons. Local groups and Turtle Conservation and Research Centre put up searches in the nights to discover these nests and preserve the eggs. When they begin to hatch, an announcement is made prior to a day at least. People gather at these events and carry the turtles to the sea and release them thereafter. Watching these baby turtles paddle their way up to the waters for the first time in their lives is one of the best things to do in Kuta and it will definitely fill you up full of marvel.

3. Pubs and Buzzing Nightlife

Nightlife in Kuta
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Kuta has been a social hub for years and has gotten something of a reputation for its vibrant pubs and its brisk nightlife. Bars that are placed high in the clouds with glass-bottomed infinity pools have become a huge rage. There is always a fresh artistic place being set up. This makes Kuta the ever-evolving, ever-changing city that it is. Seaside pubs are one of the best things to do in Kuta as they offer you a broad view of the beautiful sunsets. Some notable ones are Sky Garden, Legian Kaja Boulevard. Bar hopping is employed to full effect in Kuta too.

4. Food That Will Make You Love Life

Lunch in Mount Batur
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Instagram loves its load of Balinese cafés. These are cafes that belong to every domain of food there is. Be it fresh out of a farm organic cafés, vegan, seafood, dessert bars, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Poolside cafes; there’s even a Pablo Escobar café. Fruit bowls with exotic tropical fruits, colorful pancakes, breakfast smoothie bowls, latte art and creamy desserts are some of the most Instagrammed foods. Have you ever seen wallpaper worthy foods? You will here. Cheap Warungs, fat chow, pork ribs and various types of Gorengs provide you a break from regular food in their bursts of flavours and exploding palates. One of the best things to do in Kuta is to explore some 60’s themed restaurants such as Nebula Restaurant and Cosmic Diner.

5.Temples and Balinese Architecture

Uluwatu Temple

Some scenic settlements in this region are left untouched and are preserved in their historic states. Such structures are intricate with many statues woven together in a single structure. These are old art forms and are some of the most beautiful in the world. Temples are a whole other thing when it comes to this. Bali will not be what is without these looming structures. One such temple is the Uluwatu temple that sits on top of a steep cliff. Every once a week, a ritualistic dance is performed that depicts an excerpt from Ramayana and witnessing which is one of the best things to do in Kuta.

6. Water Activities

Kuta Beach Surfing
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Wherever Beaches sit, people swarm to them bringing heaps of fun along. Especially when it’s a seaside paradise that Kuta is rightly named after, it sets high expectations. Scuba diving, snorkelling, Jet skiing are absolutely frenzied water sports in Kuta beach and are one of the best things to do in Kuta. WaterBom theme park in Kuta is a vast space that houses enormous roller coasters, water rides, high drops and oceanic pools.

7. Shopper’s Paradise in Kuta

Beachwalk Shopping Kuta
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Kuta thrives amidst busy lanes and intense street business. Lots of vendors set up stalls and booths of all kinds, having gotten accustomed to the growing rate of western consumers. Malls have stemmed out of this westernization and so have shopping avenues, beachside markets, weekend pop-up sales and lines of spice markets.

Kuta markets are always buzzing with endless items of all kinds on sale. Kuta Beachwalk shopping center is full of fashionable shops, tiny food joints, and dapper looking boutiques- all of these at affordable prices making shopping at the center as one of the best things to do in Kuta. Other famous ones you could visit are Discovery shopping mall, Mal Bali Galleria, Lippo Mall, Garlic lane and Kuta’s famous Art Market.

8. Waterfalls and Volcanoes

Kintamani Volcano in Mount Batur
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The Bali experience is nowhere near complete without getting dropped off right in the middle of greenery and mountains. Kuta exists as a stark contrast to the pastures of Ubud, being slightly more urbanized. But it doesn’t fall short of landscapes and breathtaking natural serenity. Kintamani volcano is situated in Mount Batur and is easily the most scenic in the province. So are waterfalls around Kuta like Teganungan waterfall and Blahmantung waterfall, witnessing which is definitely one of the best things to do in Kuta.

9. Starlight, Moonlight Sonata and other Soul Music

Hard Rock Cafe Kuta
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With clear skies forever and blazing sunsets, the Narnia lookalike is easily the finest dreamland that will want you coming back. The entire region suffers from minimal light pollution and the beaches at dusk are wonderful to witness. Long strolls, bike rides along the roads do so many great things to the heart and make you feel alright amidst all the chaos. The kind of music scene that surrounds Kuta is also an inspiring one. This acts as an excellent complement to the ongoing nightlife. There is always a new DJ coming up each week and the atmosphere gets livelier with each one. Famous bands come out to play during festivals, so do local bands that hold tiny concerts like carnivals.

10. Go Easy on the Pocket

Affordable Vacations
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Kuta attracts more people with each passing day as it becomes more and more famous. It is no secret that tourists flock to the town for the beaches, shopping, and the famous food. Growing tourism also accounts for the upsurge in the beach resorts, spas, and pubs. Kuta is also known for its cheap accommodation and affordable vacay-ing. Food is amazing everywhere you go. On the whole, Kuta won’t charge you a fortune but at the same time, it is classy enough to be the most famous location in the gorgeous Bali.

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