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10 ways to kick up some fun in Australia

When historic traveller Ibn Battuta said, ‘Travelling leaves you speechless’, he must have just been to Australia. What Ibn Battuta never had was a marvellous trip planner like Pickyourtrail! Or knew how to kick up some fun in Australia with our Australia tour packages. We have access to both 😉

The massive country that it is, Australia gives a wild run to the imagination in terms of the adventure that is possible here. Vast and varied landscapes – some welcoming and some unfriendly – Australia is out there for all the explorers. Never a dull moment here, and we tell you 10 ways to bring out the Aussie adventurer in you! Read on:

Fun in Australia: Skydive, Cairns

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You are in an airplane looking at Australia’s picturesque landscape. The plane takes you over scenic beaches, the golden sands beckon invitingly, so also the sparkling blue waters. But you are not going to wade into those waters, you will do a more dramatic entry than that. Get ready to jump from the airplane, thousands of feet above the ground! This is when that wish to fly like a bird will come true.

Fun in Australia: Road adventure, Fraser Island

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Tour Fraser Island in a unique way. Get ready for the most exciting ride of a lifetime. The 4 wheel drive land cruiser doesn’t run over roads, it races through sand dunes, along the rainforests and into the jungles. Discover hidden lakes on the island, and climb hillocks for the best views of the shoreline. Look carefully and you will spot whales, dolphins and turtles on the shore!

Fun in Australia: Sea walking, Green Island

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Non-swimmers rejoice, you can explore the depths of the ocean in Australia. Sea walking the Green Island is a never-miss experience in Australia. Green Island is a 6000 year old coral cay that is part of the Great Barrier Reef and is a short distance from Cairns. The island is a unique experience as it has both a reef and a tropical rain forest. Don your diving helmets and be prepared to be swamped by the colourful tropical fish!

Walk through Australia

Great Ocean Walk, 12 Apostles, Gibson Steps, Victoria, Australia
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Australia’s spectacular landscapes are best explored on foot. What you will encounter – World Heritage Listed national parks, jungles, rugged coastlines and the iconic outbacks. For the uninitiated there are short treks while bravehearts can venture their way through the jungles on longer epic treks. One must-do walk would be the Great Ocean walk – along rainforests, remote beaches and cliffs and finally end up with the picturesque view of the Twelve Apostles. There is much history and magical tales you hear along the way.

Horseback across the Snowy Mountains

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Get to know what brumbies are. For the Snowy mountains are where they live. While you can’t ride these majestic wild horses, you can go horseback on trained horses and watch them from afar. The Snowy mountains are a private sanctuary for these brumbies and are part of the ‘real Australian’ adventures.

Fun in Australia: Stargaze, Victoria

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Tired after an epic walk? Travel to Victoria and pitch a tent under the sky, star-gaze and camp out in true Aussie style. If this idyllic picture is not what you are looking for, rise before the sun does and watch Victoria’s stunning landscapes from a hot air balloon. That is sedate adventure for you. Want more? Victoria’s golf courses are where you will re-discover your hidden talents, not to mention more awesome landscapes!

Fun in Australia: White Water adventure, Queensland

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White water rafting in Australia is not for the timid. The stunning course of the North Johnstone River takes one through ancient rainforests and volcanic gorges. The Palmerston National Park, through which the river rushes through is a place to look out for at night – luminous fungi make a surreal glow, and the fireflies do a gape-worthy glow dance too! Oh and yes how can we forget the most thrilling part of the adventure? Getting to the start of the course is no joke, a helicopter drops you off in the middle of nowhere! Fun in Australia guaranteed!

Fun in Australia: Kayaking, Coast

Kayaking from fun in Australia
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On the Gold Coast, the Currimbin Creek is a favourite among kayakers to have fun in Australia. One reason is that its waters have a soft surf break, another being that it starts with shallow lagoons and takes one to the lush jungles in the interiors. The stretch is a 24 km one that takes one from Palm beach to Mount Cougal. In the short kayak ride, you get to see Australia’s beaches, jungles and mountains! You have choice of a kayak, paddleboard or even small motor boats.

Fun in Australia: Sail, Sydney Harbour

Sailing from fun in Australia
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So you flew like a bird when you skydived. And you also dream of being a sailor. Australia is where you can indulge in some exotic hobbies, even if it is for a few days! While you may not be able to own a yacht, you can learn to sail over a weekend. Learn the language of the sailors  while you winch sails and steer the yacht.

Swim with the sharks at Ningaloo

Scuba diving from fun in Australia
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Ningaloo is the world’s largest reefs, stretching over 260 km off the West Coast of Australia. This part of Australia is where people come to swim with the whale sharks. Fear not! The whale sharks may look monstrous, but are harmless and feed on planktons. Adding some colour and variety to your underwater adventure would be the manta rays, turtles, dolphins and the dugongs. Get yourself into a whale shark expedition and have a never-before adventure and some fun in Australia!

All kicked to explore the outbacks and have fun in Australia? Plan your Australia vacation in just 10 minutes, check out Pickyourtrail’s Australia trip planner!

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