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5 best places to see the Northern Lights in 2024

There is no other natural phenomenon as striking as the Aurora Borealis or northern lights in our beautiful world. The dance of these lights on a clear sky is caused by the crash of magnetosphere charged particles and solar wind with the thermosphere (atmosphere’s high altitude). All science apart, the northern lights are something that is sure to take your breath away.

Meet the magical Northern Lights




Check out some of the best places in the world to experience the northern lights during the evenings and some exciting activities/places to explore during the day.


Where to see the northern lights in 2024?

1. Reykjavik – Iceland

Located at close proximity to the Arctic Circle, Iceland is one of the best places on earth to witness this incredible phenomenon. The country gives you the opportunity for adventures like snowmobiling or super-jeep safaris while chasing the northern lights.

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During the day, head out to explore the Golden Circle, and the island’s beautiful waterfalls. Soak up yourself in the warm Blue Lagoon or have the cold waters from the Hvita River splash your face as you go white water rafting. Some must-see’s are the Jokulsarlon lagoon Vatnajökull glacier.

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Best time to visit : November to February

2. Svalbard – Norway

Scientifically speaking, the best place in Europe for northern lights is Svalbard, which is a string of Arctic Islands in the Barents Sea (midway between Norway and the North Pole). The reason is as these island are located so hideously in the north, it registers aurora activity with the slightest whiff of geomagnetic activity.

Image Credit : visionsofthewild

During the day, activities include hiking, kayaking, exploring glacier caves and snowmobile/dog-sled safaris are predominantly done by most of the tourists. The Forlandet National Park is recognized for its fill of northern Stone Seals and common guillemot (Auk). While you are at it, a Norway road trip, perhaps?

Image Credit : Wiki

Best time to visit : November to January

3. Alberta – Canada

Home to the world’s two largest dark sky preserves, you can countless constellations and the backbone of the Milky Way at the  Jasper National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park. This apparition in the sky is soon joined by others to become a pulsating chorus of multicoloured light, waving, melting away, regrouping.

Image Credit : topwalls

The day time is best explored by hiking and trekking along the Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. Don’t miss out on taking a kayak on hire and rowing down the pristine emerald blue waters of the Moraine Lake.

canada 2

Best time to visit : September to April

4. Lapland – Finland

Positioned in Inari, Lapland – Ivalo is a beautiful village from where travelers can admire the northern lights. Enjoy the spectacular scenery by hiring an Aurora Hunter if you want to find the perfect spot to view the lights.

Image Credit : handluggageonly

Or better. . . how does dozing off under the lights sound? Rent an Igloo at the Kakslauttanen Village at the Saariselka fell area near Inari and marvel the lights through the thermal glass roofs of these igloos, as you are lying in the comfort of your bed. Here’s your perfect Finland itinerary.

Image Credit : visitfinland

Best time to visit: September to March

 5. Cherry Springs State Park – USA

Isolated from large cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, this park is specifically known for its darkest skies. Classified as a Gold Level International Dark Sky Park, the lights occurring during the summer paints the skies with a brilliant shades of pink, purple and red.

Image Credit : youtube

The park has 30 camping sites which can accommodate tents or an RV. The snowmobile trail is available for cross-country skiing, backpacking, hiking and mostly attracts  nature lovers and wild campers. When the northern lights are not visible, you may have a good chance of viewing the milky way.

Image Credit : deepuniversetruth

Best time to visit : April to December

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