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Australia visa for Indians – How to apply, fees, and documents required

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect little girls..”

Remember this? It’s the intro to one of my favourite cartoons’ Powerpuff Girls. Every time when ‘Australia’ pops up, this is exactly what I feel about the destination.

“Beaches, outbacks, rainforests, and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect country – Australia.”

Notice the full stop? This is it. Australia is the perfect country.

Regardless of the type of traveller you are, Australia has something special for you. Wait, you haven’t still visited the country and are still stuck on the Australia tourist visa part? Then this article is for you.

How to get Australia tourist visa—top questions answered

1. What type of visa do you require to visit Australia on a holiday?

  • Tourist visa

2. What can you do and not with Australia tourist visa?

  • You can go on a vacation
  • You can visit your friends & family
  • You can go on a cruise
  • You can study or train for a period of 3 months
  • You cannot stay for more than 3 months generally and not more than 12 months in special cases
  • You cannot work nor undergo any medical treatment during your stay

3. What is the eligibility to avail Australia tourist visa for Indians?

  • You should be a genuine visitor who is interested only in a temporary stay
  • You or any of your family members should have cleared the debts with the Australian government if any
  • You should have enough money to cover your expenses in Australia. Approximately INR 1.5 lakhs per person
  • You should have a valid passport with more than 6 months validity
  • You should submit a proper proof of employment

4. How to apply Australia tourist visa for Indian passport holders?

You can apply for Australian tourist visa either online or offline.


  • Create and log in using ImmiAccount
  • Fill in the application and attach all the required documents
  • Submit the form
  • Pay the fees and wait for the visa to be processed


  • Prep all the documents required to apply for an Australian tourist visa
  • Plan a visit to any one of the closest VFS centres. They are spread across India – Mumbai (North & South), Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jalandhar, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, and Hyderabad. All of them operate from Monday to Friday – 9 am to 5 pm
  • Fill in the form and submit your documents along
  • Pay the fees and wait for the visa to be processed

It is mandatory that you attach two passport size (35 mm * 45 mm) photographs along with the form.

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5. What are the documents required to get Australia visa for Indian passport holders?

You can get the checklist of all the documents here.

6. What’s the validity of Australia tourist visa?

Generally, with a tourist visa, you can stay for a maximum of 3 months. And in special cases, you can stay a maximum of 12 months. If you are looking to get a visa extension then you have to apply for a new visa altogether.

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7. How much does Australia tourist visa costs?

It costs AUD 135 for each applicant. As of Jan 28, 2020, it equals INR 6498.20.

8. What is the processing time for an Australia tourist visa?

Australian tourist visa for Indians takes somewhere around 15 to 30 days to process. There is also a fast-track process for which you have to pay an additional AUD 1000 per application and the processing time for that is 2 working days.

Now that we have answered all the questions surrounding Australian tourist visa, it is time to fly. Book a trip to Australia tour from India.

Last updated: Feb 6th, 2020

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