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Best souvenirs from Paris that will tell your wonderful story to the world

So, you are in the dream destination of Paris, practically enjoying every single moment of yours – stopping by all the grand attractions and clicking a million photos. But, slowly as you realize your trip is going to end, there is a hue of sadness that soon clouds your happiness. Break away from that phase and dance again, for it’s time to go shopping for the best souvenirs from Paris that will tell your wonderful story to the world.

Macarons from Ladurée

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One of the most famous things in Paris to buy are Macarons and the best place to get them from is Ladurée. Known for its world famous, colorful double-decker Macaron, of which fifteen thousand of it gets sold every day, Ladurée is a Macaron paradise.

Hand-printed Tote bags from Kasia Dietz

Crafted by a New Yorker – Kasia Dietz, who followed her heart to Paris, the hand-printed Tote Bags from Kasia Dietz are to die for. Inspired by the prints of Kasia’s mom from the 70’s, the Tote bags are versatile and will add to your style quotient.

Books from Shakespeare and Company

A book lover in Paris wandering around the streets wondering what to buy as a souvenir from Paris? Get what you love the most, books. Head to the world famous bookstore of Shakespeare and Company and surrender yourself to the love of literature. This is one of the unique gifts from Paris.

Truffles from La Maison du Chocolat

Founded by Robert Linxe who has dedicated his life to chocolate, La Maison du Chocolat is a French chocolate boutique that has branches all over the world. And do you know want is their best-selling concoction? No points for guessing. It is the truffles.

Stationery from LE BHV MARAIS

Okay, this might come in a little weird but who wants to buy Stationery from Paris you ask. Here is a suggestion for you, explore the department store of LE BHV MARAIS and find it for yourself. Painted in all colors, stationeries from LE BHV MARAIS will add a little splash to your life.

Cosmetics from Bioderma

Cosmetics are one of the top most things you must buy in Paris. While you have plenty of options to choose from in this regard, Bioderma offers some of the best quality products in Paris and you will literally feel the glow after using Bioderma. You can thank me later!

Sculpted Chocolates from Patrick Roger

While chocolates in itself are normally yummy, you are missing out on a lot if you haven’t yet eaten custom-made sculpted chocolates by Patrick Roger. When art, quality, and chocolate come together, it is magical.

Art paintings from Place du Tertre or 59 Rivoli

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Blooming with some of the best artists in the world, one of the best souvenirs from Paris that you can get are art paintings. Although, there are a dozen places to get that from, go for a walk along Place du Tertre in Montmartre or visit 59 Rivoli. They have a great collection of art pieces to choose from.

Candy & Caramel from À la Mère de Famille

Sometimes you get tired just by eating cocoa chocolates. No, I didn’t say that. But, it happens you know. So, if you feel like you are loading too much cocoa chocolates to your bag, mix it up with some Candy & Caramel from À la Mère de Famille.

Coffee beans from Belleville Brulerie

The French are known for their coffee culture. Are you also entangled in the coffee love? Get that same French aura right at your home by stacking your kitchen with Coffee beans from Belleville Brulerie. Overly seductive, the richness of the coffee will make you substitute it for water.

Tea bags and mugs from Mariage Frères & Kusmi Tea

If you’re not a lover of coffee and prefer tea instead, then you have two amazing tea manufacturers to choose from – Mariage Frères & Kusmi Tea. Each of them has their own story of legacy and you will be very happy if you can get both. Also, you can try their samples in the tea room before picking them up.

Scented Candles from Claude Trudon

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Paris is where everything gets aromatized and the best example for this are the scented candles that come in a wide range of flavors. Stop by Claude Trudon – the oldest wax producing factory, running right from 1643 and embrace the age of Renaissance with scented candles.

Perfumes and Scented Candles from Diptyque

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It would be an absolute crime to leave out on perfumes when you return from Paris. Get the best of the fragrances from Diptyque which perfects in scented candles, perfumes, and body care.

Hot Chocolate Powder from Angelina

Drinking milk every day is a huge struggle right. Don’t even get me started on that. But, what if you can turn it into a joyful affair. Enter Angelina. Hugely popular among the locals and the tourists, the hot chocolate powder from Angelina will literally make you fly. Sorry, Redbull you have a competition.

Mustard and Vinegar from Maille

En cette #journeedubaiser nous vous envoyons plein de douceur et de tendresse avec notre fameuse #moutarde au miel !

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Produced by combining some of the finest ingredients, excellent craftsmanship, and impeccable attention to detail, the exotic range of Mustard and Vinegar from Maile will make you go mad. While these unique French souvenirs might come in as weird to many, their out-of-the-world character will more than make up for it.

Fresh Goat Cheese from Androuet

Gratte paille, a very creamy cheese almost buttery ! Come and enjoy some ! #seasonalcheese #androuetlondon #cheese

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Are you one of those guys/girls who loves to put cheese on everything you eat? Do not forget to visit Androuet. Carrying some of one of the finest quality cheese with a ton of different varieties, the cheese extravaganza at Androuet is simply amazing.

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Ceramics from Astier de Villatte

Liberty’s new space #astierdevillatte #libertylondon

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Time for some fabulous China. Made in an antique workshop in Paris, the one-in-a-kind of brand Astier de Villate hand-crafts signature ceramics that will elevate the atmosphere of your kitchen. Make sure to pack them well to avoid any possible breakage.

Wine from Legrand Filles et Fils

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Romance is incomplete without wine and to take some magnetic romance back, fill your bags with a few bottles of wine from the legendary wine maker Legrand Filles et Fils. Also, check with the customs to understand the limit on alcohol while flying.

Anything and Everything from Merci

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Merci is a combination of a clothing store, a restaurant, a cafe shop, and a bookstore. So, basically, everything you need, put together in a single place. Discover the range of souvenirs from Paris that you can pick up and be sure to book an entire plane to carry all your stuff! Merci is one of the best souvenir shops in Paris.

Eiffel Tower Key chains

So, you are in Paris but still haven’t got Eiffel Tower key chains?! Like, seriously. Oh, you are doing it wrong. Grab a dozen Eiffel Tower Key chains and give them to your friends and family. They will love it. Eiffel tower key chains are one of the inexpensive gifts from Paris, perfect for remembering your France trip packages. So, this way you save money and gather some extra love. Totally a win.

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