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We dare you to try these extreme adventures in Iceland!

Adventures in Iceland

Nearly half of Iceland is mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes, interspersed with vast deserts, black sand beaches, and moss-covered lava fields. The perfect setting for adventure sports of different kinds. Here are 5 of the most exciting adventures in Iceland that are sure to get your adrenaline pumped! Kickstart your adventure with Pickyourtrail

1. Quad Biking

Quad biking at Iceland

Travel through Iceland at breakneck speeds, through terrains that untrod by most. Speed up a volcano, rush through a river or even ride up a glacier. The ATV lets you explore Iceland’s most difficult yet fascinating landscapes in an action packed adventure. The best part is, this activity is available through the year! Here’s where you can try out these adventures in Iceland.

Best Spots: Grindavik

2. Surfing in Iceland?!

Yes, you can! The North Atlantic ocean can throw up some rough waves, so be prepared for some extreme adventures in Iceland. More than cold water, Iceland’s winds can be tricky while surfing. But the awesome picturesque landscape would be totally worth the adventure!

Best Spots: Snaefellsnes, Garour, Hafnir, Sandvik, Grindavik or Porlakshofn

Preparing to surf in Iceland
Image credit – photocircle

3. River Rafting

Iceland has the best rafting experiences for both the adventure seeker and the family. Rafting in the East River can be quite an adventure as the scenic river is rated a challenging 4+ grade. And look out for the quirkily named rapids – Alarm Clock, Green Room, Commitment and the Screaming Lady! The West Glacial River is however classified into 2-3 grade and is ideal for the family.

Best Spot: Akureyri

River rafting at Akureyri
Image credit – nonnitravel

4. Kayaking

Kayaking in Iceland is rather different.  With many scenic fjords and bays, towering mountains watching over, kayaking is definitely the most beautiful way to get close to nature. If you want something more than calm kayaking, try out ocean kayaking or on some of the wild mountain rivers.

Best Spot: Isafjordur in West Fjords

Kayaking at Isafjordur
Image credit – aurora-arktika

5. Heli-skiing

So you’ve skied before? But have you tried heli-skiing, the most enthralling form of skiing, where you will fly a helicopter to the secluded slopes of a mountain. On the way look out for some scenic views as you cross the National Park of Thingvellir. Once you land, you begin your sky through pristine snow down the slopes of Botnssulur.

Best Spot: Botnssulur mountain range

Readying to heliski at Botnssulur mountain
Image credit – aurora-arktika

Excited? Get packing, Pickyourtrail will take you over to Iceland for the best time of your life! 

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