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Written by Deepak K on October 11, 2017 Share on

Direct flights from Chennai to Paris 5 times a week with visa in just 48 hours!

Pride is what we felt when we got invited by the ambassador of France to come join them at their press conference held at Amethyst, Chennai today. The limelight of the event being the official announcement of direct flights from Chennai to Paris five times a week by Jet Airways, starting this October 29.

The move which has been in the loop for a while is now a reality. Thanks to the growing travel demands. Board the flight from the Chennai International Airport (MAA) at 1:30 am and you will be there at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), France at 8:00 am, local time. As for the aircraft, Jet Airways will deploy its Airbus A330 to serve the passengers travelling from Chennai to Paris, offering you comfort and a memorable travel experience at the same time.

Now you can have dosa for dinner and crepe for breakfast.

While you are still processing the fact that you can fly from Chennai to Paris non-stop, here is another great news!

Consulate General of France (Bureau de France) is now fully operational in Chennai and you can now get your visa processed in just 48 hours!

With the visa processing normally taking an average of 5-10 working days easily, the new 48-hour window is astonishingly fast. The news of direct flights from Chennai to Paris and the complete visa processing done in 48 hours now means, your trip to Paris has never been better. And, it’s not just Paris. You can easily get away to Norway, Iceland or Spain from Paris. So, basically getting to Europe is now easier than ever!

Both these announcements have definitely opened new doors as far as travel & tourism industry in India is concerned and it can only get better with time.

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