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Dubai tested its first autonomous air taxi and it looks amazing

Innovation is at an all-time high during the last few years and the recent unveiling of flying taxi in Dubai is just an icing on the cake.

The most ambitious city of Dubai on Monday carried out tests on its proof-of-concept autonomous air taxi service, which is also the world’s first drone taxi service. Referred to as the Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT), the flying taxi resembles a compact two-seater helicopter powered by nine independent battery systems and is environmentally friendly.

Fitted with 18 rotors on the top, the prototype version of AAT has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes and a maximum airspeed of 100 Km/Hr. Interestingly, AAT also comes with a lot of fail-safes which include backup batteries, rotors, and 2 optional parachutes just in case.

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Designed by a German drone manufacturer Volocopter in co-operation with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), the test run of AAT on Monday was inaugurated by Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed and the ride looked seamless.

After the remarkable success of the first driverless metro in the region, we are glad to witness today the test flight of the Autonomous Air Taxi.

This is another testament to our commitment to driving positive change. We are constantly exploring opportunities to serve the community and advance the prosperity and happiness of society.

– Prince Sheikh Hamdan said in a statement.

AAT was unmanned for the test run which lasted for about 5 minutes hovering upward at a height of 200 meters. Further, there are plans to make AAT available to the general public through a smartphone app which will let the users book the rides and track them in real-time.

RTA along with the city’s aviation authorities will now develop policies and laws for the implementation AAT and its services for the next five years which include flying routes, landing pads, and other safety protocols.

It is interesting to know the fact that Dubai also hopes to transition one-fourth of its passenger travel to autonomous transportation by 2030.

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