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6 ways to stay fit while travelling

Heading for a great vacation? Among stuffed suitcases, tasting new palates and lounging by a beach; we don’t blame you for not having health on top of your head. So, here are quick tips that will help you stay fit while travelling. After stayin’ healthy will make your vacation that much more fun!

1. Stay Balanced

While balanced diet would be the most obvious way to start. Monitoring your food while travelling may not be feasible – so plan at least one healthy meal per day and stick to it.

A healthy diet
Image credit – beginwithinnutrition

2. Think before you load the plate

Buffets are an amazing way to dine – so many options, so colourfully displayed. Mm. But this is also a great place to exercise restrain. Hear us out. Bloated stomachs are not a great way to go to sleep or wake up, we know. Little portions also lets you taste everything. Win-win, huh.

A buffet display
Image credit – rtoronto

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Alcohol, scorching sun and just general low key binges tend to use up your body’s water. Chugging 3 – 4 litres in a day is a great way to keep hydrated. If you are expecting to be on the move, a handy water bottle is advised.

Staying hydrated
Image credit – h2o

4. Pill pouches

This is, of course, a no brainer. It is advisable to pack them in an accessible bag that you don’t have to dig out from suitcase. So handy little medicine pouches are a must-carry.

A medicine bag
Image credit – letsroamwild

5. Think of your skin

Whatever skin care regime you have – follow that rigorously. It’s best to be prepared in a country with weather conditions your skin has never experienced. And keeping a hand sanitizer is always, always helpful. Happy skin = happy faces = great photographs!

Skincare for family
Image credit – annatarrin

6. Exercise

Before you squint your eyes and turn away from the screen, hear us out. Likely you are taking a vacation from everything. But, hey, exercising releases endorphins – feel good hormones. Don’t want to compromise on feeling happy, do you? Plus being fit will only help you partake in discovering the place you are at better. No more panting, and ‘wait up for me’s!

A great way to get some exercise while travelling is just talking a walk around the aisles, and maybe doing some chair squats in the restroom.

Yoga on airplane
Image credit – huffingtonpost

On ground, find your favourite workout plan and stick to it. If the hotel has no gym services, go ahead and use your room space to the maximum! A yoga mat is a great travel accessory to carry around.

Exercising in a hotel room
Image credit – livestrong

There you have it, folks! All you have to do now is have a stress-free and fun vacation. Wondering how to keep your vacation stress-free? Go Pickyourtrail!

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