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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on November 24, 2018 Share on

Osaka’s Sakura Delight: Free Things to Explore

From regal looking castles to wild party frenzied streets, Japan’s Osaka has it all. This is a city stalked by Sakura flowers(Cherry blossoms), so much that they flutter in almost every picture of it.  It is more of a miniature of Tokyo and an urban version of Kyoto. Fun has no end, kids will love the universal studios and adolescents will never get the end of anime-themed places. Throughout all this, remember to stay economical. Here are all the free things you could do in Osaka.


All the partying happens here. Nights come alive with nightclubs, arcades and streets full of neon lights. Take a walk here and you ‘ll come back the next night for more.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine:

This is one of the oldest temples in Japan, predating the Budha temples, from the times of folklore and myths. Pure Japanese architecture will delight you. The red bridge with tiny picturesque flowers creeping into the frame will make for a great Instagram picture.

Red bridge with Sakura #sakura #osaka #japan

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Kemasakuranomiya Park:

Cherry Blossoms everywhere you turn! If that’s an atmosphere you like, this the place you should visit. Osaka’s pink-white Sakura flowers(nearly 5000 trees) are too good to miss.

Nakanoshima Park:

? In an #romantic rose garden ? ? ? 今朝の #中之島バラ園 ?✨ 仕事の途中に少し寄り道? 遅咲きの薔薇が咲く淀屋橋サイドに行ってきました? 初夏のような陽気に白薔薇が映えて、美しかったです? ⑧薔薇の季節は毎日のように散歩してるのに、初めて看板の前で撮影しました(笑) ? 今週もどうぞよろしくお願いします? ? #フリル #チョーカー 三度目の試作でようやくバランスがマシな感じ? お目当ての白薔薇に合わせて白いコサージュに変更? ? #corgi#コーギー#happylife#flowerstagram#dogsofinstagram#doglover #dogcostume#goodboy#instapet#whiterose #corgisofinstagram#corgistagram #cutedog#corgivideo#dogvideo#doglife#pierrederonsard #薔薇#rose#happydog#doggy#中之島 #わんこ#bestwoof

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An elaborate rose park is how I’d describe this one as. The peony-kind roses and Black baccara are the most famous flower species here. Just look at how happy this Corgo is, amidst all the blooms.

Hozen-Ji Temple:

Meravigliosamente Osaka!

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This is a cute little, private temple that not many people may know about. The very sight of it is very happiness-inducing. It’s all green and aesthetically-pretty rock decors. There is a space where you pour water on the tree and the surroundings to get your wishes to come true.

Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street:

This shopping street is peculiarly dedicated to kitchen shopping. Each piece of crockery you find here is an intricate work of art. The patterns and moulds they are made with are unique to the street only. You even find good souvenirs to take back home.

Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi:

Imagine a hill full of flowers. An accolade of 9colours and visions. Imagine taking your dog for a walk in this. There is no better way to chill in Osaka, for free.

Universal City Walk Osaka:

This is one of the best Universal Studios out there. With famous cartoon characters and train rides lined up, the best element comes right at the end. There is a stunning and imposing model of Hogwarts, in life-size. There’s even Hogsmeade where you can catch a mug of butterbeer. A hard rock cafe is put up inside too.

Universal Studio Japan #universaljapan #universal #harrypotter #Autumn

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When you enter Shinsekai you will immediately be surrounded by an Anime world. This is what you call ‘nerdy paradise’.  Time freezes. You’ll never forget this place.

Minoo Park:

[Informasi Wisata Musim Gugur – Prefektur Osaka – Taman Minoo] . Taman Minoo merupakan hutan lembah yang berlokasi di sebelah utara Kota Osaka. Karena letaknya yang berdekatan dengan pusat kota, taman ini sering dikunjungi oleh wisatawan yang ingin menikmati rekreasi alam yang asri, apalagi ketika musim gugur. . Terdapat pula Air Terjun Minoo dan Kuil Ryuanji yang akan membuat kunjungan semakin terasa menyenangkan. Memiliki ketinggian 33 meter, Air Terjun Minoo merupakan daya tarik alam utama dari taman ini. Untuk melihat langsung keindahan air terjun ini, pengunjung harus berjalan kaki dengan waktu tempuh kurang lebih 45 menit, dimana pengunjung dapat menikmati pemandangan kuil-kuil kuno dan bangunan-bangunan tua yang juga tidak kalah mempesona. . . . Ikuti terus @jntoid untuk informasi liburan ke Jepang terbaru dan jangan lupa bagikan foto-foto liburan Anda di Jepang dengan #AyokeJepang untuk kesempatan difitur di sini! #jntoid #japanendlessdiscovery #visitjapan #autumn #musimgugur #minoopark #tamanminoo #minoowaterfall #airterjunminoo #ryuanjishrine #kuilryuanji #osaka . Image credit: Geoff Whalan (, Jennifer (, かがみ~ (, Sam Sheffield (, Fujimitsu (

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Enjoy beautiful waterfalls with autumn leaves falling everywhere. It’s all maple green and water until you reach the red bridge. That’s where the view gets too beautiful to handle. Do not miss this out if you’re in Osaka.

Osaka Castle:

This castle is one of the largest and oldest castles in Japan, so old that it could tell you tales of the country. It just sits there spewing grandeur all the time. The cherry blossom trees, of course, add to that effect.

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